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Posted on: November 17, 2009 12:50 pm
Edited on: November 17, 2009 3:44 pm

Allen Iverson in New York? There is legitimate interest percolating in Madison Square Garden, according to a high-level source familiar with the Knicks' front-office discussions. Before Iverson signed with the Grizzlies, the Knicks had flat-out zero interest in Iverson. So what's changed? That's the leading topic of this week's Post-Ups:

* Look at every box and put a check in it. The Knicks can't score (check), have a terrible point guard (Chris Duhon, check), are 1-9 (check), and have given their fans virtually no reason to be invested in the team before the roster is revamped next summer (check). The Knicks make as much sense as anybody. Besides, even at 34, Iverson would be the best offensive player on a roster that has been scaled down to the bare bones in preparation for the 2010 free-agent bonanza.

One caveat: Iverson's agent is Leon Rose, who also happens to represent a certain 2010 free agent who wears Yankees hats and loves to play in the Garden. Don't rule out the possibility that the Knicks are expressing interest in Iverson as a favor to Rose, who could use that interest as leverage.

More to the point, don't rule out an even more tantalizing possibility: With few, if any teams willing to take the plunge with Iverson given his recent history with the Pistons and Grizzlies, how indebted would Rose be to Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni if they opened the floor to the World's Most Famous Arena and let Iverson finish his career with some dignity? Very indebted, is all I'm saying.

* Don't be fooled by the Heat's 7-2 record to this point. Look at their schedule: The seven teams they've beaten have a combined winning percentage of .345 (19-36). Miami plays 21 of its first 33 games at home. The ugly flip side: 19 of its next 24 are on the road.

* After losing to the Hawks for the second time this season Monday night, the Trail Blazers are now 6-1 with a three-guard starting lineup that includes Brandon Roy and two point guards, Steve Blake and Andre Miller. The ball movement has improved with two point guards on the floor, and Miller no longer has to get exposed defensively because he can use his size to defend slower three-men instead of chasing quicker points. So the move by coach Nate McMillan has placated Miller -- for now.

But on Monday night, the Blazers closed the game with Miller on the bench, something Miller understands but isn't going to be pleased with long term. "As long as we're winning, that's all that really matters," Miller said." ... We're pretty much interchangeable."

But McMillan closed Monday night with Blake instead of Miller to improve the spacing and take advantage of Blake's shooting range. Look for two things to happen: The small starting lineup won't be a viable option when Portland begins a stretch of playing teams with more size, and Miller will want to close games, too.

"I don't really try to get too settled," Miller said. "Anything can happen. I was starting to get settled in Philadelphia, so you never know."

* The rookies who are commanding the most attention thus far aren't the top picks, but the ones from No. 10 on down, starting with Brandon Jennings, whose 55-point outburst against Golden State on Saturday night has become a YouTube sensation. But Jennings isn't alone. Denver's Ty Lawson (18th), Utah's Eric Maynor (20th), Sacramento's Omri Casspi (23rd), Dallas' Rodrigue Beaubois (25th), New York's Toney Douglas (29), and of course, San Antonio's DeJuan Blair (37th) have made big impacts. Among the next picks from the teens and beyond to start turning heads will be Indiana's Tyler Hansbrough (13th), who is off to an impressive start after missing time with a leg injury, and Portland's Dante Cunningham (33rd), who will see more time in the Blazers' deep rotation due to injuries suffered by Nicolas Batum and Travis Outlaw.

* Solid quote, by the way, from Dallas coach Rick Carlisle on Jennings: "Nobody had him in the top 10 of the draft. Nobody. And he was a guy that many people thought would slip to the lower first and maybe into the second. John Hammond and Scott Skiles deserve tons of credit for having the guts to take a chance on him."

* Greg Oden's sophomore season (if you remove his lost rookie season from the memory banks) has been an up-and-down experience. McMillan says Oden is experiencing the typically steep learning curve associated with all big men. At times, his defense at the basket -- and his enthusiasm, a rare sight last season -- have helped the Blazers become a more cohesive defensive team. But the big fella is still very much a work in progress. One scout on hand to watch the Blazers-Hawks on Monday night said Oden has a long way to go in two important categories: shot selection and basketball IQ.

* Sad news on Shaun Livingston, who is trying to come back from horrific knee injuries. He'll have his left knee scoped after experiencing swelling. The team says the knee is structurally sound, but it's a clear setback for a player everyone is rooting for to regain some semblance of his previous form.

* Since I don't do power rankings, I have no right to criticize those who do them. I'll just note how strange it is to see the Atlanta Hawks atop such rankings on and  Dave Del Grande of has the Hawks second, behind the Cavs. I'm not so much skeptical of Atlanta's current placement in the rankings, but it's disarming, to say the least. Hawks fans apparently agreed: Philips Arena was barely half-full for the Blazers on Monday night. Unless you're a Hawks fan, you can't possibly understand how it's possible to sneeze at their résumé thus far. It includes impressive wins over Portland (twice), Boston, and Denver, and Atlanta is 4-2  on the road.

* Gilbert Arenas' comment this week that he's become a "thinker" instead of a "reactor" only underscores the difficulty of his adjustment to Flip Saunders' offense. No conclusions can be drawn about the Wizards until they're healthy, but Arenas' identity crisis is something to watch.

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 12:53 pm

Weekly Post-Ups

Find a former player that has played with Iverson that does not respect or like him, maybe Stackhouse but thats because A.I got into his face about dogging it on the court.  I have never seen Iverson give anything but max effort, and he is one of the only guys you can say that about.  This is a time in pro sports that the fan cares more about the outcome then the players on the field, court, or ice, and A.I is the one guy you could tell cared every bit as much as the fans.  Iverson is a good father and husband, more then what you can say about half of the guys in the league, the last time he was in the news and there were 30 different charges against him the judge threw it out in five minutes, he was cleared of everything.  Its hard to break into a building you own and an apartment you pay rent on.  His first year he got caught with a little smoke, big deal I am willing to say ninety percent of the players in the league smoke, those numbers are just a guess but the fact that everybody I know from teachers, doctors, lawyers, and just your blue collar guys like myself like to smoke a little to take the edge off.  There is one guy who said Iverson did not do any charity work, He never allowed cameras to follow him, he always said he wanted to do it, not because he had to do it, and when people take camera crews with them to do there charitable work it gives the impression that your there for your image not for the benefit of whoever your there to see.   

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 12:34 pm

Weekly Post-Ups

it would take THAT for you to write the knicks off this year???  seriously????  the franchise itself wrote themselves off LAST year when they dumped any "talent" that they had so they can get a player that they don't even know is going to come to them anyway!!!!  And honestly I don't think he will.  He said that winning is most important to him...well going to the knicks is not going to a winner.  Even if they sign another big name free agent to go along side LeBron...would this improve the knicks?  absolutely.  But would they be able to beat the powers that already be?  absolutely not.  they don't have the supporting cast to make themselves more competitive than the situation he's already in.  If he goes anywhere at all it will not be NY...and if he does then all this "winning means more to me than the max contract" is a bunch of b.s.

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 12:12 pm

Weekly Post-Ups

I am suprised you havent already written them off, If Iverson plays with the knicks he could still score 25 a night and dish out 6 or 7 dimes, remind me again you the knicks have that can do that, wait a minute they dont have a guy like that, good luck knick fans you are going to be seriously disappointed when the prince doesnt sign with you next year.  Remember basketball is a business first, and iverson would put more asses in the seats.  I am pretty sure you have not talked to thousands of fans because I dont think you could find a thousand people to admit to being knicks fans right now. 

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 11:29 am

Weekly Post-Ups

Ha. Thanks i appreciate it.  I was hoping someone got the reference that man is a walking thesaurus.

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 9:27 am

Weekly Post-Ups

What I'm saying is why would he want to go thru that again? And play in that dump known as MSG?Because NY has better nightclubs???
Why do people refuse to understand that the endorsements Lebron would receive in New York, Miami or California far exceed anything he'll ever see in Cleveland?  Do you guys know anything about marketing? Ever take any courses?

Seriously. One of the reasons I get fired up about stupid things like this and insult people is because people act so naive it makes me sick.  They believe players when they say "money isn't everything" and that's laughable.  Money isn't everything only applies to players that aren't capable of making the kind of money Lebron is.  Of course a guy like Chris Bosh who is a fantastic player might turn down a few extra million overall in Toronto to win somewhere else even if he doesn't make squat in endorsements compared to Lebron.  So for him money isn't everything because he can only make so much.

Lebron has UNLIMITED potential that won't be reached in Cleveland...... that's the bottom line.

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 1:01 am

Weekly Post-Ups

ImmoKnight, I totally agree with you.  Allen Iverson isn't going to be balling like he was in the hey day with the 76ers but he is DEFNITELY an upgrade over Duhon.  He still has some flash to him and can score the ball.  Sure someone else said he's not the consumate teammate...just ask Carmelo Anthony who he'd rather have AI or Chauncey Billups...well...let me tell you...there's no need to even ask that question...there's very little doubt that everyone would choose Billups at this stage.  But we are talking about who is available as a free agent right now...and, suprisingly enough, Billups isn't available but AI is. that point let's get AI in the Garden and have him run the floor in D'antoni's offense and get some passion back on the floor.  I'm all for that...

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 12:42 am

Weekly Post-Ups

What a great deal for NYK! AI would help them to sell some Tickets. LOLCoolTongue out

And AI is almost free as you won't lose anything.

Jennings is outstanding.........come on I can't believe on it (he only play 7 games and a 55 point issued).

If Jennings keep growing and Redd comes back ...........This bucks could make playoffs (why not)

Hawks is one of best, No doubt about it. Everybody's health this could be the best year for this young team.

Heats not that good as Hawks, C's, Magic and Cavs are, which we all know about it............. but expect a surprise.......

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 12:13 am

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Iverson is nothing but a thug. Always has been always will be. This franchise has been a joke since Isaah was put in here to ruin it. It will take more than LBJ to turn this team around. Iverson has always been a selfish player and nobody but Rose wants to play with him

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Posted on: November 17, 2009 11:34 pm

Weekly Post-Ups

I think there is some confusion here.  If the Knicks thinks that stars put fans in seats they are missing the other part of the equation.  Winning is the ultimate fan base booster.  People will pay more for winners than they will ever pay to see losers.  Allen Iverson used to put butts in seats because he was captivating to watch AND he won games!  He took a team with an old Mutombo, Greg Snow, and whichever McKee didn't play for the Pacers to the NBA Finals.  It was one of the best individual efforts I've ever seen.  He cannot play like that anymore and cannot carry a team like he once did.  New York needs to stop trying quick fixes.  Develop a team from a young core and stop blowing money on aging big names.  Lebron James might solve a lot of problems, but they will still need the role players and Scottie Pippen types that take a team to a champion level.

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Posted on: November 17, 2009 11:10 pm

Weekly Post-Ups


What I'm saying is why would he want to go thru that again? And play in that dump known as MSG?Because NY has better nightclubs???

We'll see what happens. I just think it'd be hilarious if he shocks everyone and signs with a team other than NY. Here they're busy clearing cap space for him.....then he says "I don't think so". That'd be absolutely hilarious!!!!

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