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Colangelo on Nets: If someone asks, he'll talk

Posted on: February 13, 2010 12:54 am
DALLAS -- Jerry Colangelo said Friday he's had no contact with the Nets about taking over their basketball operations, a move that could lead to his sidekick from USA Basketball, Mike Krzyzewski, joining him as coach. But if a team wanted to talk to him about getting back into the business of running an NBA team, Colangelo said he'd listen.

"I don’t feel compelled to do anything because I'm very happy with where I am in life," Colangelo said after a news conference announcing the 19 finalists for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. "That’s how I really feel. I've had a great run. I've been blessed with a lot of success. But I'm not compelled to do a thing other than what I really enjoy doing. And so I'm never out there soliciting or looking for anything. Whenever opportunity knocks at the door, I think it’s incumbent upon anyone to talk. But I couldn’t be happier where I am."

Yahoo! Sports and the Record of Hackensack (N.J.) reported Friday that Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, the incoming Nets owner, seeks to install the dream team of Colangelo and Krzyzewski to a franchise that is on pace to equal the worst record in NBA history this season -- the 9-73 mark established by the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers. The connection is easy to decipher.

After restoring USA Basketball to its former glory with a gold-medal performance at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Colangelo has the unwavering respect of Olympians from that team -- several of whom have the chance to become unrestricted free agents on July 1. The Nets are close to clearing enough salary cap space to sign two free agents to the maximum contracts allowed under the current collective bargaining agreement. At various times, the best of those potential free agents -- LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh -- have openly speculated about what it would be like to play on the same team.

As the architect of the Redeem Team last summer, Colangelo would be in a unique position to sell players on joining him in his next rebuilding job. Even as he assembles his roster for the World Championships in Turkey this summer, Colangelo won't have to solicit job offers from any number of cap-clearing teams. They'll come to him, for obvious reasons.

Speaking Friday at All-Star media day, Wade reiterated that he wants to stay in Miami and attract a second star player to join him. The Heat currently are positioned better than any other team for the 2010 free-agent bonanza, having Wade and enough cap space to sign another superstar. The Chicago Bulls are feverishly working on several trades that would put them on even footing with Miami and the Nets in that pursuit.

Prokhorov's possible interest in Colangelo has thrown team president Rod Thorn's future into doubt. The Record reported that Thorn's scheduled meeting with Prokhorov in Dallas this weekend was up in the air. By denying contact -- but not interest -- in the Nets' job, Colangelo left the door open to fielding Prokhorov's overture.

"In my career, I always had a little bit of an edge in my opinion because of my relationships with players," Colangelo said. "Why? I played. I coached. I was one of them. I remember a collective bargaining session and it was heated. The president (Patrick Ewing), he goes off on the owners. And I'm in the room there, in this conference room. He looks up and he sees me and he says, 'That goes for everybody except Jerry. He’s one of us.' Now that was a little embarrassing with the other guys there, but I always had relationships. I think my ability maybe with this run with USA Basketball was built on that. You can't demand respect. You’ve earned respect over a period of time, and usually it goes both ways."

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Posted on: February 15, 2010 1:06 am

Colangelo on Nets: If someone asks, he'll talk

I think that Jerry Colangeo would be willing to listen to any team but I really don't thnk he will take the worst team in the NBA, nor do I see Mike Krzyzewski leaving Duke where he is a legend and has everything he could really want as a coach. Krzyzewski has total control over the basketball operations at Duke and he is the coach of the USA national team, so why would he leave the Blue Devils?

As for attracting 2 of the big three it is not likely, Wade has stated more than once that he does not want to leave the Heat and wants another superstar to come join him in Miami. Lebron is going to go to New York if he is going anywhere, and I think if the Cavs win it this year Lebron will stay in Clevland and that leaves Bosh. Bosh is not going to the Nets! Bosh has made it clear he wants to play for a winner and well the Nets can not offer anything even close to that.

I think it would be great if Prokhorov can lure Jerry not Brian Colangelo and bring some excitement back to the Net's and the city of New Jersey but I think they are going to have to draft a couple of good kids out of college and then spend some of Prokhorov's billions.

Regardless I think it is extremely funny how the press keeps trying to find away to start rumors about how one of the big three are going to move, and where they are going. I believe the fact is no one is going to find out until July 1 and then let the bidding and trading begin. Should be an exciting summer for all NBA fans!

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Posted on: February 13, 2010 5:07 pm

Colangelo on Nets: If someone asks, he'll talk

whoa there Cletus, poutines are freakin awesome!

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Colangelo on Nets: If someone asks, he'll talk

Quiet down Pierre...get back on your reservation and have your poutine and red-wine!!

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Colangelo on Nets: If someone asks, he'll talk

Phew! As a Raps fan my first thought was Brian Colangelo bailing and taking Bosh with him as well as picking up Lebron or Wade.

After reading this, I can still cling to the hope that Brian Colangelo will hold onto Bosh and work his magic to bring in a high end swing man as well so we Canadians can finally get a taste of a basketball winner up here in the Great White North.

Oh and by the way, for you non Canadians who watched the Olympic Opening, just to let you know; we are not all French or First Nation up here.

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