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Bulls in mix for free-agent duo

Posted on: June 24, 2010 6:35 pm
NEW YORK -- The Bulls have been talking about trading Kirk Hinrich since the February trade deadline, for obvious reasons. Shedding his $9 million salary for next season would seriously enhance Chicago's already strong hand in the free-agent chase that begins July 1.

That plan came to fruition Thursday when Chicago agreed to send Hinrich and the 17th pick in the draft to the Wizards, which means they're now riding shotgun with the Knicks as the two teams with the most cap space for the Summer of LeBron.

By ridding the '10-'11 payroll of Hinrich's salary and the $1.3 million they would've had to pay the draft pick, the Bulls are now hovering around the $30 million mark in cap space -- second only to the Knicks' approximately $34 million. The Nets ($27 million) and Heat ($26 million) are in the back seat in terms of sheer cap room.

Those numbers could change between Thursday night and July 8, when teams can begin consummating trades and officially signing free agents. The Heat, for example, have been very active in recent days in their efforts to unload Michael Beasley in a cap-clearing move. But that scenario is complicated, one rival GM said, because of Beasley's status as a former No. 2 pick. They can't just send him to a team with cap space and take no players back, as the Bulls did with Hinrich. "They have to get something for him," the GM said.

The Nets, owners of the No. 3 pick (for now), also have been involved in various conversations about moving Devin Harris -- with the latest buzz centered around the Pacers in a swap of the third and 10th picks that would send Danny Granger to New Jersey. The Pacers have been actively discussing the 10th pick with numerous teams, but president Larry Bird and GM David Morway have long been opposed to dealing Granger. Asked if the Indiana-New Jersey scenario had legs, one person directly involved in the discussions said, "Nope."


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Posted on: June 26, 2010 2:34 pm

Bulls in mix for free-agent duo

Der Berger...cheese berger, cheese berger, cheese berger, pespi, pepsi

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Posted on: June 26, 2010 1:01 pm

Bulls in mix for free-agent duo

I have been a BULLS fan since my dad let me watch TV.  Although I am not to interested in the NBA's growing pains ans it's new identity, "Thugs and Clubs" I am very interested in Lebron James.  He would be instantly an icon in the city and hopefully put in the same shoes as Jordan.  Hard to compare jordan to anybody but I meant off the court prominence.  Hopefully his statue someday will be on the opposite side of the United Center.  Dreams are what we make them right???

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Posted on: June 25, 2010 11:28 pm

Bulls in mix for free-agent duo

I really, really hate this deal for a couple of reasons.

One, that Kirk Hinrich was the heart of the Bulls' defense. We go out and get a defensive-minded coach...check. We have Kirk tutoring Derrick Rose, which everybody agrees he needs, in defense...check. We've got a mix of young and veteran players who need maybe one or two free agents to put them into another realm entirely...check.

And then we gut the defense of this team in the hopes of getting LEBRON JAMES? Who couldn't play defense if someone walked up and drew him a PICTURE of it?

Two, that I'm getting more and more the feeling some of us have expressed--that LBJ's playing the league. He's getting the wining and dining and the big parties, and in the end, he's gonna make a heartwarming speech about being from Cleveland and wanting to bring a trophy home to his people, and he'll stay there. They'll make him an offer--whether it means going out and getting Bosh, or whatever they perceive they have to do--that he can't and won't refuse. His people will spin it as if this wasn't his plan all along, everyone will congratulate each other and commiserate on how it was "so close," and...what will we be left with on opening day in United Center? A third-year guard trying to carry a team--with no mentor around anymore to help him do so.

Or worse...LBJ could decide to COME to Chicago. At that point, the ball leaves D Rose's hands pretty much forever, as does the team. The young stud that management swore up and down they were "building the team around" will suddenly be Robin to LBJ's Batman--and we'll never, EVER know how good Rose could have been. Not just because James will steal the ball, the spotlight, and all the adulation he can lay his hands on...but because if we DO win a championship with LBJ, the entire sports hose community will anoint him the Savior of the Chicago Bulls, and no one presently on the team will be considered anything but an also-ran who "helped" him. no, this isn't Michael and Scottie all over again. Michael made everyone around him better; LeBron just makes everyone around him stand around and watch. Not even close to the same thing.

If I'm D Rose's people and LBJ comes in and sweeps the court with his entourage, I call my agent and demand a trade to a team that actually WILL build around me, rather than just promising to do so and then reneging when the next "bright shiny object" comes along.
The Bulls don't deserve to keep D Rose around, if this is how they're going to treat a "franchise" player.

Either way, the Bulls management has taken a terrible gamble, and I'm not sure they'll come out with any chips left at the end.
Like I said, I hope I'm wrong. But Hinrich was not the man to move. Not for Rose's sake, and certainly not for the franchise that built championships on defense as much as any championship franchise ever did.


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Posted on: June 25, 2010 4:34 pm

Bulls in mix for free-agent duo

I am a Bulls fan and would LOVE to see LeBron sign with us, but I think people overestimate the whole "market" thing, at least in his case.  The fact is, Lebron is a glabal superstar.  You see a ton of people walkig aroung Chicago with LeBron jerseys on. ESPN makes a big deal out of whatever he did every night already.  He doens't really need more "exposure".  In the case of Johnson or Bosch, maybe playing in a big market might make them some extra money.  In Jame's case, I don't think which market he plays in will factor in much one way or another, othere than the fact that he will sell a ton of jersey's with whoever he decides to sign with.

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Posted on: June 25, 2010 4:05 pm

Bulls in mix for free-agent duo

July 1st will be a great day to be a Bull's fan.  We have young talent with tons of cash.  In 2000 the Bulls did not have a young talented group compared to what they have today.  They have made the playoffs two years in a row.  And how is this line up for you.  Rose at PG, Deng at SF, Bron Bron at SG, Bosh at PW and Noah at C.  Possible 4 Allstars in one line up.  Personally I think Noah should have made it last year but that is a different discussion.  Regardless the Bulls are going to be good no matter how this plays out.  We have the coach that all of top free agents like and the money with a gigantic market.  Any other team except for Miami has no young talent and would be a process to become championship good.  If the Bulls has James and Bosh they are golden and righjt away contenders for a championship and maybe a record in alley-opp dunks.

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Posted on: June 25, 2010 3:25 pm

Bulls in mix for free-agent duo

It's Lebron choice if he wants to stay with Cleveland and probably win the division again he can do that but if he wants to leave and pursue other things outside of Bball then he will sign with N.Y. for those reasons. I will not let myself fall victim of high hopes of getting LJ or Bosch or even Wade. Past has made me wise to these sitations!

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Posted on: June 25, 2010 3:21 pm

Bulls in mix for free-agent duo

Akron Buckeye what you wrote is the dumbest thing I have ever read in my life.  Who is Cleveland going to give up for Paul?  Mo "i sucked last year" Williams?  Sorry buddy Lebron isn't coming back to Cleveland.  I'm not saying he's goin to the Bulls (although it sure looks that way) but he will not go back to Cleveland.

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Posted on: June 25, 2010 1:23 pm

Bulls in mix for free-agent duo

My thought in all this isn't about Cleveland specifically.  Lebron in New York, Miami, or Chicago is a huge market jump.  The exposure is that much greater.  Being able to offer certain royalties from jersey sales or the fact that Lebron will be the big man in the big city too.  No offense to Cleveland but they pale in comparison to the other three I mentioned above.  Time will tell.  If I was a top 3 pick last night I would've traded any of those picks to try and get Chris Paul from New Orleans.  It seems they were just trying to see if one would bit at the opportunity. 

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Posted on: June 25, 2010 12:36 pm

Bulls in mix for free-agent duo

James and Bosh in Chicago could end up being a more consistent version of the Celtics Big 3 minus the Ray Allen. While I'm not a James fan, and don't really want him on the Bulls because he complains too much, but I think that would make the Bulls automatic favorites for the title. Rose is more consistent than Rondo and has a better jump shot. James and Bosh are younger than Garnett and Pierce. This allows Rose some more breathing room. He can drive to the basket if that doesn't work then dump it off to James or Bosh. They got their post player they desperately need in Bosh. I would love to see it, yet hate to see LeBron in a Bulls uniform.
Another thing helping the Bulls land James is getting Thibodeau as their coach, as he is the one coach who knew how to stop the Cavs and LeBron. In the playoffs when it mattered he could come up with plays and schemes to stop one of the two. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Plus Bosh will want to play with LeBron. 

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Posted on: June 25, 2010 12:15 pm

Bulls in mix for free-agent duo

Slow Roaster, you obviously don't understand the NBA salary cap and the "Larry Bird" rule.  A player's current team can pay him more than any other team can, which is why Kobe gets more than the FA maximum.  In other words, the Cavs can pay LBJ more than any other team.  However, before you think that guarantees he will stay there, you have to consider income from other sources, and this is where Chicago and New York become players - marketing income (TV).  Here are the numbers:  the maximum money a team (other than his current team can pay a FA will be about $16 million.  With slightly more than 30 mill, the Bulls could sign LBJ to a max contract and still bring in Bosh for slightly less than the max.  If that isn't enough for Bosh, it is pretty much a given that Joe Johnson wants to sign with the Bullsssssssss.  If you add LBJ and Bosh/Johnson to the Bullssssss, I think they are the favorite in the East.

No one knows for sure, but I think LeBron will be a Bull next season.

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