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Bosh sign-and-trade done

Posted on: July 9, 2010 6:52 pm

The Raptors and Heat have agreed to the framework of a sign-and-trade arrangement that will complete Chris Bosh's departure for Miami to join Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, a person with knowledge of the deal confirmed to Friday.

"It's pretty much done," the person said.

Toronto will get multiple draft picks, including a 2011 first-round pick that was previously traded to the Heat, and a trade exception -- but no players. Bosh, who along with Wade committed to joining the Heat on Wednesday, will get a six-year deal as opposed to the five-year contract he would have been eligible for through a straight signing.

Agent Henry Thomas, who represents both Wade and Bosh, said there has been steady progress in contract talks with Miami for both players.


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Posted on: July 10, 2010 12:19 pm

Bosh sign-and-trade done

So is the pick coming back the one Toronto sent over to Miami a couple years ago? That would be nice because Miami's pick is going to be so low.

I for one am glad Bosh is gone. He is a great player but he doesn't do enough to win. Him being a 3rd option on a super team is about right for his skills. He doesn't have the ability to take over a game and will his team to wins. I was always a little confused why everyone was so worried about losing Bosh? The Raps have not won a series with him and rarely make the playoffs. They need to rebuild. I for one am hopiung this pick is the Raps pick and the Raps finish very poorly next year.

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Posted on: July 10, 2010 11:41 am

Bosh sign-and-trade done

This is a much happier ending for Toronto. To get draft picks which may or may not translate into future stars. That is the beauty of the draft, it's a crapshoot and it's practically impossible to predict. I would love for the Raptors to build a "team oriented" franchise. They need to be smart in not only drafting talent, but leaders with heart and who are capable of seeing the big picture when it comes to winning and leadership.

As far as those who say that NBA players do not want to play in Toronto, that in fact may be true. Toronto needs to do a better job at selling their city as a good place to play. Toronto is certainly not lacking in terms of entertainment, environment and so forth. Obviously, a drawing card will be assembling a team that is competitive.

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Posted on: July 10, 2010 11:27 am

Bosh sign-and-trade done

All in all, he may turn into the Heat's achillies heal. I have a bad feeling about Bosh. We'll see if myinstincts are right. If they are, Toronto is far, far better off without hm, and that is a heartfelt statement.

If his attidude is wrong, you can NEVER WIN! Better to get the picks and trade exception and build a team you can actually tnjoy AND win with.

Raptors win big here I feel, unlike Cavs who got crushed IMO.

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Posted on: July 10, 2010 10:30 am

Bosh sign-and-trade done

Thinger I agree with you completely. Bosh gave it all while a member of the Raps and he had every right to move on. The only upsetting part has been his role in the roadshow that has gone on over the past few weeks. He could have and should have carried himself better.

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Posted on: July 10, 2010 9:40 am

Bosh sign-and-trade done

I can't figure out why people would be upset with Bosh for leaving. He gave many years to the club and he wasn't going to win a championship here. He was a great Raptor, a great player for Toronto and did everything the team asked him to do for his time here.
He isn't the best player in the league but he is a very, very good player and with will be a nice piece with the other two studs in Miami. Personally I am happy for Bosh to get to play with his 2 close friends and hopefully win a championship or 3 assuming they all stay healthy. We watched him grow into a man and a leader and loved him for his will to win.

Thanks for all the great years, I for one will be cheering when yo return.

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Posted on: July 10, 2010 9:11 am

Bosh sign-and-trade done

- the Miami 3'egomaniacs have hurt basketball with this move. A Chicago/ NYC, Boston, Orlando, Miami rivalry would have been best for the game if Lebron had gone to Chicago or NYC. Lebron will never be respected now even if he wins 6 rings. He did it by stacking the deck in a way that has never been done before
In my opinion - If they were truly egotistical, they each would have wanted to play in a city where they did not share the spotlight. They gave up some money and some of the spotlight to play together.

 Competitively speaking, it was not the best move for the NBA, but it is not the job of James, Wade and Bosh to make the NBA more competitive. They have to make decisions based on what they think is best for them. Can you imagine a team passing on signing a player because it would make them too good.

The three of them playing together may draw some people to watch the NBA that normally wouldn't have. Golf ratings were never higher than when Tiger was dominating the game.

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Posted on: July 10, 2010 7:22 am

Bosh sign-and-trade done

Lots of uninformed comments here. Let's set it straight.

- Toronto is a huge market #4 in the league. Their problem is they failed to win

- Jose Calderon is working his way into being a bench player. He can not defend. Toronto is best to get rid of him

- Toronto's trade exception is huge- it could bring a star to Toronto later this year- someone under long term contract

- Toronto has enough talent- they will not be a bottom dweller but have some work to do to reach the playoffs

- The sign and trade is the best Toronto could do

- Toronto will never be great until they land or develop a top rate wing player. Having your offense run through a superstar post player has not worked for Bosh, Gasol in Mephis or Garnet in Minnesota

- Miami has no guarantees of rings: they need a stronger supporting staff and teams like Boston, or a retooled Orlando could knock them off in a 7 game series.

- the Miami 3'egomaniacs have hurt basketball with this move. A Chicago/ NYC, Boston, Orlando, Miami rivalry would have been best for the game if Lebron had gone to Chicago or NYC. Lebron will never be respected now even if he wins 6 rings. He did it by stacking the deck in a way that has never been done before

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Posted on: July 10, 2010 4:08 am

Typical ignorant American comments

  U gotta love reading some of these comments from dumb, ignorant Americans. No one wants to play in Toronto? Since when? Turkoglu went out of his way to sign in Toronto when he couldve went just about anywhere. Halladay signed extension after extension to play in Toronto, why? Because it is a huge, international metropolitan city. You can raise your kids in a non-violent country (compared to the USA) have all of the benefits of living in a huge city (nightlife, culture, arts etc) and best of all not have to deal with ignorant Americans (like yourself) The best thing about some of these hicks talking crap about Toronto is that they are probably living in some whitetrash little town in the states, population 75,000. Get out of the trailer park every once in a while guys. Go ahead and list the players that have left Toronto, Vince Carter? wow, hes done so much since, Tracy McGrady was just an up and coming player when he left for a bigger payday. Players end up leaving a lot of cities for various reasons. Look at LA, you could say Shaq, Horry left town, Orlando: Shaq left town, so did Vince Carter, Penny Hardaway. You could make a laundry list of players that left town for every team you morons. Get a clue.

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Posted on: July 10, 2010 2:49 am

Bosh sign-and-trade done

toronto needs to build a team of international players

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Posted on: July 10, 2010 2:42 am

Bosh sign-and-trade done

Toronto needs to get some international talent so they are more comfortable not playing in the states. They will be alright but they need to make some moves

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