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How will Nuggets' shakeup affect Melo?

Posted on: November 9, 2010 3:04 pm
The ouster of adviser Bret Bearup from the Nuggets' basketball operations was a long time coming, according to rival executives who have dealt with the team's dysfunctional front-office structure for years. But the real question is: How will the latest shakeup in Denver affect Carmelo Anthony?

Answer: Too early to tell, but it certainly doesn't make it more likely that he'll be traded.

Let me explain.

Bearup, an unofficial adviser to outgoing owner Stan Kroenke, is said to have been a proponent of trading Anthony rather than losing him as a free agent after the season and getting nothing in return. So Bearup has been an active voice in trade discussions, sources said, seeking out potential suitors and scenarios even as newly hired GM Masai Ujiri was preaching patience.

So it's significant that Stan Kroenke's son, Josh, who has been handed nearly complete control of the organization, was able to move Bearup out of the picture. Sources say rival executives had been told in recent days that Bearup was no longer authorized to discuss the team's personnel decisions, a stunning development to teams that had become accustomed to Bearup wielding significant power due to his close relationship with Stan Kroenke.

When I caught up with Stan Kroenke in September after a Board of Governors meeting in New York and asked him for his thoughts on trading Anthony, he said, "That's going to be Josh's decision." The fact that Stan had handed that much responsibility to Josh at such a critical juncture for the organization may have been the first sign that Bearup was on the outs.

"I think with Josh taking over, he was able to start with a clean slate," said one executive who has dealt with the Nuggets on personnel issues in the past.

But will this shakeup, first reported Tuesday by Yahoo! Sports , ultimately determine whether Anthony is traded or not? That's a stretch. One thing for sure is that the Nuggets' brass will now operate more secretively and from a unified power source, which has not been the case in recent years. The lack of clarity rival executives ran into this past summer in communicating with Denver officials was nothing new; it dated back to the awkward duo of Mark Warkentien and Rex Chapman, who did not get along and were ultimately let go in the first phase of this purge.

One thing to remember in all of this: Ujiri was stung by Chris Bosh's departure from Toronto as a free agent and clearly wants to avoid a similar situation with Melo. Whatever the Nuggets do, they're likely to be more transparent about it than they have in the past. If nothing else, when GMs call Denver now, they'll at least be able to figure out who's making the decisions.



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Posted on: November 10, 2010 6:30 am

How will Nuggets' shakeup affect Melo?

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Posted on: November 10, 2010 3:07 am

How will Nuggets' shakeup affect Melo?

WHO CARES!  Carmelo "I don't play defense" Anthony, is not a player you build your team around.  He hasn't won anything in the NBA and he doesn't deserve all the attention he is getting.  He definitely isn't going to be worth the money he is going to get or the players some stupid NBA team is going to trade for himi.  He can't win a game by himself, he can't take over a game, and he doesn't make the players around him better.  Why, becasue he isn't a complete player.  He is a shooter who can score at an above average level and that's all.  Teams that want to win in the NBA need only to look at the last two NBA champions we have had in the Lakers and Celtics.  Do you see those teams with a Carmelo Anthony type player, no.  They have at least 3 all around players that are great or above average on both sides of the ball in their starting five and the other players are only their to compliment and help out when the great players are off their game.   It amazes me that a man like myself can see the obvious, yet these hundred million dollar companies will still go and trade key players they already have and spend millions of dollars on one man that will never bring them to their ultimate goal, which is winning.  Winning is what makes fans by tickets, which brings them to the arenas, which in turn gets them to spend money on jerseys, hats, shirts, other worthless crap, pay $10 for a 12oz beer and $5 for a hotdog, all the things owners want so that they can turn all the invested money they put into buying the team into a ton of more money so they can eventually say they are bigger, better, and richer then the fellow billionaires they are competing against.  It's just boggles the mind that these owners have gotten to where they are, only to totally forget the smart business decisions they made to get there.

Some team is going to trade away some decent players for Carmelo Anthony, way overpay for him, and unless that team is the Lakers or Celtics they will not win a NBA Championship with him.  Bet on it!

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Posted on: November 9, 2010 8:01 pm

How will Nuggets' shakeup affect Melo?

Good article.

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Posted on: November 9, 2010 7:33 pm

How will Nuggets' shakeup affect Melo?

Contact: good points- there are risks/ rewards for Denver no matter what happens. My main point is though that you can not assume as the article does that you get nothing in return if Carmello does leave. It could happen but sign and trade is just as likely. You do assume this will be New York but lots in play yet to work through this.

My belief is yes trade but only if there is a really solid offer on the table. Don't give away an asset because of fear of losing that asset.

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Posted on: November 9, 2010 7:27 pm

How will Nuggets' shakeup affect Melo?

You're assuming that a sign and trade is in the best interest of the team getting the free agent and the free agent himself.  Just becuase that was the case in Miami, doesn't mean that that will be the case in New York.  Additionally, the new CBA could alter that even more.

I could see Melo taking less than Max money - like Wade, James, and Bosh to make sure a team like the Knicks have flexibility to sign another star later.  Once Curry comes off the books there might not be any reason for a sign and trade with Denver, and certainly no reason to give them any draft picks.

I think Denver is losing value everyday this gets closer to free agency.

Since: Dec 10, 2006
Posted on: November 9, 2010 6:31 pm

How will Nuggets' shakeup affect Melo?

The assumption that you receive nothing in return for these superstars when they leave as free agents is not altogether true. Both Cleveland and Toronto ended up with huge trade exceptions and if I recall some draft picks? The trade exception could come into play for both teams as the year unfolds and each team could pick up a solid player or players with multi year contracts. Also the team does have their largest salary coming off the books which does open the door for further signings.

Does this mean that waiting is a better option than trading the star? No, but trading in desperation and taking scraps from another team is no better than waiting and losing the player to free agency. So if a trade that brings in reasonable assets is offered, that is likely the best option but the second best option is to pick up the trade exception and draft picks. The last option is to trade for far below the market value of the player.

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