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Wizards, Magic in serious talks about Arenas

Posted on: December 17, 2010 11:51 pm
Edited on: December 18, 2010 12:33 pm
The Magic and Wizards are discussing a blockbuster trade that would send Gilbert Arenas to Orlando, a person with knowledge of the talks confirmed to Friday. 

The person characterized the talks as “serious,” with definite interest on both sides to make the deal happen. 

UPDATE: League sources say a third team is involved, with the Suns possibly contributing Hedo Turkoglu to the equation. The Magic, trying to make a bold move to close the gap with Boston and Miami, would wind up with Arenas and Turkoglu, who would return to the team he led to the NBA Finals before a frustrating year in Toronto. Magic center Marcin Gortat is "100 percent involved," though it's unclear whether the Magic would be sending out Rashard Lewis, Vince Carter, or both. reported in October that Orlando and Washington discussed an Arenas trade over the summer, but at the time, it was scuttled by financial concerns on the Magic’s part. Orlando has a league-high $94 million payroll, and Arenas -- owned $62 million over the next three seasons -- is coming off two injury-plagued seasons and a 50-game suspension for bringing firearms to the Wizards’ locker room last season. As previously noted, Magic GM Otis Smith has a strong relationship with Arenas and has always been the most likely executive in the league to take another chance on him.

But according to a person familiar with the situation, Smith faces two significant obstacles in bringing Arenas to Orlando. The first is Magic coach Stan Van Gundy, who has told friends he is extremely reluctant to add Arenas to the roster. The second, and even more important impediment, is Orlando ownership, which has serious reservations about absorbing Arenas' contract. Arenas has one more year left than Lewis and two more than Carter -- essentially three more with Carter's partial guarantee in 2013-14. Turkoglu's contract could ease some of that pain, as the Turkish star agreed to accept a reduced guarantee in '13-'14 as part of his trade from Toronto to Phoenix.

In the first six weeks of the season, Arenas has quelled some doubts about his health and explosiveness while the Magic, according to sources, have concluded that they need to make a significant trade to justify their payroll. Orlando has lost five of its last six and is looking to significantly upgrade its backcourt. Yahoo! Sports first reported Friday that the Arenas-to-Orlando talks were reignited in recent days. 

“They need to go make a deal,” a person familiar with the Magic’s plans told “They’re not in the same class as Boston or Miami With a $94 million payroll, they didn’t do that to get out of the first round. The window has closed up a bit.” 

The motivation is equally strong on the Wizards’ part. Injuries and a young roster built around No. 1 overall pick John Wall -- with Arenas uncomfortably lingering as the team’s former franchise player -- have conspired to produce a 6-18 start. Arenas is said to be eager for a fresh start, and a person familiar with the Wizards’ plans described the parting of Arenas and Wall as “inevitable.” 

“This is John’s team,” the person said. 

The specific pieces involved in the potential trade are still in flux, but it is likely to include the $17 million essentially expiring contract of Vince Carter, who has only $4 million guaranteed next season. If not, smaller contracts could be combined to make the deal work, starting with center Marcin Gortat, who has been the subject of trade talks between Orlando and other teams, including Portland. 

The Magic, according to a person familiar with their plans, are continuing to engage in trade talks with multiple teams with the goal of deciding if adding Arenas -- who, when healthy, would add the missing element of a perimeter player who can create his own shot -- is the best alternative.

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 2:37 pm

Wizards, Magic in serious talks about Arenas

A lot of peopled wondered why Gilbert wasn't moved in the offseason, well for one...too large a contract for an unknown, now that the league has seen him play again, and not be a problem ...his value has gone up just like a crappy it's time to sell....Didn't make a lot of sense to have the golden boy John Wall, along with Hinrich & Arenas all at the PG position, something had to give.

Turkoglu is a bum, pure & simple...stupid signing by Toronto in the first place, but in there defense they weren't the only team after him at the time, I wish Portland had signed him instead, regardless....what do they think , he's going to shine for The Magic again? maybe they should trade for Grant Hill, bring Shaq back at center....hell, bring Penny Hardaway out of retirement while your at it.

From what I have read though it's Jason Richardson / Hedo Turkoglu for Gortat & Carter.......not really sure what to think of that, I know Gortat has wanted out of Orlando since the Magic deicided to match his offer from The Mavericks, it wouldn't be a bad deal for Phoenix..good young center, plus a huge expiring return for two bad contracts.Then it's Rashard Lewis to Washington for Arenas???.

Source :

"Full deal: Phx sends Hedo/J Rich/Earl Clark to Orlando for Vince/Gortat/Pietrus, 2011 first round pick and cash considerations, sources say"

Washington deal with Orlando is close and will be Rashard Lewis for Gilbert Arenas straight up, sources big going from Wiz to Orl"

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 1:17 pm

Wizards, Magic in serious talks about Arenas

koalaman84, it's not that we haven't tried to get Lewis into the action. The problem is the guy is just way too soft to play his position. The only time he looks even the remote bit decent is at the small forward and then he's a huge defensive liability. He camps at the 3 point line and is scared to go inside or take the ball to the basket. I'm not much of an Arenas fan, as I feel he tries to hog the ball too much. However, let's be honest here. I'd take Arenas over Lewis any day of the week. We sorely lack a guy that will just take over the ball and try to score with it. So what if he takes a few bad shots. That's what we have the best big man in the game for. I felt like Dwight played better when we didn't heavily rely on him offensively anyway. When he was able to just roam around and set screens and look for offensive rebounds the offense clicked much better than it does with 4 guys camped at the 3 point line trying to get him the ball down low. The only guy I hope is not involved in these talks is Brandon Bass. The guy is a beast and is easily the best value player on the team. I like the time he gets on the floor with Dwight. I think it seems to take a little pressure off Dwight to swallow every rebound.

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 12:38 pm

Wizards, Magic in serious talks about Arenas

The Wizards can not pass on moving Gilbert. As the source said, "this is John's team." I was dissapointed that the Wiz did not move Gilbert in the offseason, but I understand why the Magic weren't willing to pull the trigger. Character and injury questions kept this deal from happeing. NOw though it is clear that the Magic are just a 1/2 a step behind Boston and Miami. They need more scoring out of their backcourt and Gilbert gives you that. It is not all about his shooting percentages, he's a big pg who can drive, attract defenders, get into the lane and shot lay ups or dish it to a big like Howard. Arenas has never played with a dominant big like Howard, I believe that would be an almost unstoppable combo. Gilbert has also been known to hit big shots when needed and that is something that the Magic have lacked since Turkoglu left. If the Magic could somehow get Turkoglu back as well then I'd have to put them as the favorites to win the Eastern Conference and maybe win it all. This would be a great move for them.

As far as the wizards goes this is a young team now and it does not need Gilbert's salary nor sometimes bad shot selection holding them back. What they do need though is more size and toughness inside. I pray that if this deal goes down the Wiz get Gortat. I've wanted us to get him for years, even dating back to when Butler and Jamison were still on our team. We need a big tough guy who can rebound like that. McGee is developing nicely, and Armstrong has been ok but the C position has needed to be upgraded since we traded Haywood. I don't mind taking on the contract of Carter or Lewis but we need a draft pick or Gortat along with that. Neither of those guys is any kind of solution to the Wizards in the future but Gortat or the draft pick would be.

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 12:37 pm

Wizards, Magic in serious talks about Arenas

I like the idea.  Although Carter is playing MUCH improved this year, I would welcome the idea of having Arenas at the two with Turk at the 4 as long as we keep Lewis.  This creates the mismatch that had so many teams at a disadvantage belore. Lewis and Turk are very good together but just average without the mismatch they create when they are on the floor together.  Starting lineup would be Nelson, Arenas, Turk, Lewis, and Howard.  My only concern is Arenas' ability to play defense.  I would say that Otis should do the deal.

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 12:06 pm

Wizards, Magic in serious talks about Arenas

Actually Redick's contract is pretty decent because it progressively gets smaller in the 2nd and 3rd years. Our only REALLY bad contract is Lewis'. Even Gortat's isn't that bad because you can always find a team willing to overpay a serviceable center

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 11:54 am

Wizards, Magic in serious talks about Arenas

couldn't agree more, i see Lewis pass up shots all the time. i think that the magic will still not be on miami and boston's level even if they get arenas. i think the only guys that could push them over those two teams levels would be chris paul and melo. and let's be honest, they don't have the pieces to get either. orlando is stuck in a very bad situation of being an above average team with a ton of bad contracts. the bad contracts make them unable to improve. some of the worst contracts :J.J. Reddick - $7 mil. Rashard Lewis -
$22 mil. Vince Carter (though his expires) - $17 mil. Martin Gortat - $6 mil. awful contracts, the front office has to catch some heat for that. The bottom line is, the magic are almost in a permanant state of being the 3 or 4 seed. Too many bad contracts, and too many shooters (Lewis, Reddick, Q. Richardson) , not enough playmakers.

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 11:44 am

Wizards, Magic in serious talks about Arenas

Gilbert Arenas: Current season shooting percentages .394 FG%, .324 3FG%; Career shooting percentages .424 FG%, .356 3FG%. Rashard Lewis: Current season shooting percentages .419 FG%, .367 3FG%; Career shooting percentages .455 FG%, .391 3FG%. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily against a Lewis for Arenas swap (especially if we've got a second deal going down involving Carter+Gortat) but by what stretch of the imagination is Arenas a better shooter than Lewis? Not only does Lewis have better current season percentages and career percentages but there has literally never been even one individual season where Arenas has had better shooting percentages than Lewis. Arenas is a decent shooter who takes too many bad shots while Lewis is an above average shooter (most of the time) who actually passes up too many good shots. That's my beef with Lewis. Lewis can be a very effective offensive player but he's been too timid the last season and a half and we haven't tried to post him up enough or work him into the flow of the offense to get him going. 

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 10:55 am

Wizards, Magic in serious talks about Arenas

Arenas could be a nice fit for the Magic offense, Reshard Lewis was never a great player and very much over paid as well as Arenas, but Arenas is the better shooter with his sweet form. Arenas can knock down huge shots and be a pure shooter on DWIGHTs team. Dwight will post up draw 2 or even 3 defenders at times and thus create an open shot for Arenas. And when teams catch on to that they will defend arenas well opening up a shot for Riddick one of the best shooters in the league. I think for this trade to happen Lewis needs to be shipped out good landing spot i think would be for the knicks or charlotte

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 10:44 am

Wizards, Magic in serious talks about Arenas

I don't think we're getting Melo at this point. NJ can offer the best deal and the Knicks are trying to move some things around so that they can offer a great deal too. I think we could get Paul if NO decided they were willing to shop him but I don't think NO is going to shop him at all anytime soon. Remember, Paul can't opt out this summer, it's next summer, so he's still under contract for at least another year and a half. NO doesn't have to rush into a deal. I would LOVE to see us deal potentially deal with PHX or Charlotte (like some rumor mills are stating). Not that I'd be super in love with taking on Hedo's contract, but if it brings PHX to the table to give us JRich and Frye, I'll take it. Some of the stuff I've read about potential deals with Charlotte include Jackson and Wallace. They'd make our already stellar defense even that much better and while Wallace isn't exactly a 3 pt specialist, he's no slouch out there either (especially in the corners) so those 2 would still allow us to play our 1 in 4 out style. I just REALLY REALLY REALLY hope we don't end up with a Carter+Gortat swap for Arenas and some pieces. That would be a disaster

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 10:24 am

Wizards, Magic in serious talks about Arenas

Here's where it gets good. I will take Mello all day 

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