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Nets, Nuggets, Pistons close in on Melo deal

Posted on: January 9, 2011 7:14 pm
Edited on: January 10, 2011 2:18 am
UPDATED 2:18 a.m. ET

Carmelo Anthony "does not need to be convinced" to sign a contact extension as part of a blockbuster, three-team trade that would send the three-time All-Star to New Jersey, league sources told Sunday night.

One executive involved in the trade talks called Anthony's stance on an extension with the Nets "a non-factor," because the teams involved "already know it won't hold up the deal." The tipping point in moving Melo toward giving up his preference to wind up with the Knicks was the involvement of the Pistons, who would send Richard Hamilton to the Nets to help Anthony with his reclamation project in Newark, N.J., for the next year-and-a-half.

That key component was close to agreement Sunday night, with the Pistons poised to send Hamilton to New Jersey in exchange for Troy Murphy's expiring contract and Johan Petro -- who may go to the Pistons or somewhere else, sources said. Hamilton, who has two years and $25 million left on his deal, was the key cog in a broader plan to entice Anthony to give up his resistance to extending with the Nets instead of insisting on a deal to his preferred destination.

The other part of that equation involves Chauncey Billups joining Anthony and reuniting with Hamilton in New Jersey, sources said. The principle pieces New Jersey has offered to the Nuggets all along -- Derrick Favors and multiple first-round picks -- would still go to Denver in this three-team scenario. The involvement of Billups, who has stated that he wants to retire with the Nuggets, necessitates the Nets sending Devin Harris to the Nuggets. 

Though Billups would prefer to stay in Denver, a person with direct knowledge of his thinking rejected the notion of the Nets buying him out this season if he is sent to New Jersey in this trade. "Highly unlikely," the person said.

Numerous other players -- for a total of as many as 15 in the eventual deal -- are being discussed as the Nuggets finally have begun to push forward amid pressure from Anthony's representatives, Leon Rose and William Wesley of Creative Artists Agency, to put an end to the uncertainty over Anthony's future. 

The deal is so complicated, with so many agendas to satisfy -- from the three teams involved to the cadre of high-profile agents roped into the talks -- that plenty could go wrong. One executive involved in the talks told Sunday night that the deal was not imminent, while others said discussions were continuing and players were being added and subtracted from the deal. According to rival executives who've negotiated with the Nuggets on other Anthony scenarios, Denver should heed of the dangers of killing another good deal after a four-team trade involving New Jersey, Utah and Charlotte fell apart amid indecision and overshooting by the Nuggets.

"Eventually, they're going to have to say, 'This is the best deal we're going to get,'" one of the rival execs said. "Last-second ramming guys in and out is not going to fly."

One last-minute change he Nuggets were believed to be seeking was having New Jersey take more salary off their hands. If that sounds familiar, that is exactly how the Utah-Charlotte deal fell apart. But in this case, the third team, Detroit, believes it has its part of the deal solidly in place and is more motivated to gain the savings from moving Hamilton than Utah and Charlotte were to participate last time.

One person with knowledge of the talks said Al Harrington, whose name has been included in previous incarnations of a straight-up Denver-New Jersey deal, had not yet been brought into this three-team version -- but the names were still changing overnight, sources said.

The Nets have been proceeding for months with the understanding that Anthony would sign off on a three-year, $65 million extension without which the above talks would die an immediate death. Their optimism is understandable, considering Anthony's agents have been the driving force behind several trade proposals that would send the three-time All-Star to Newark for a season-and-a-half before the team finally moves to Brooklyn -- Anthony's birthplace -- in 2012. 

"He wants the money and he wants to be from New York," one rival executive said in explaining Anthony's apparent rationale. "He gets the city he wants for the money he wants."

With the Hamilton component essentially agreed to, according to one of the executives involved, Anthony is as close as he's ever been to the moment of truth. Despite repeated assurances from Anthony's camp, the Nets did not yet have approval from Anthony's mouth as of Sunday night, according to one person familiar with the situation. 

Last month, a person directly involved in Anthony's decision told that the only team he'd agree to an extension with via a trade was the Knicks. There have been no indications from Anthony himself that he has changed his stance. However, given the perceived risk of leaving tens of millions of dollars on the table with a punitive new collective bargaining agreement looming -- and with the addition of Hamilton and Billups meaning Anthony wouldn't have to go it alone in Newark -- the Nets and Nuggets are convinced the contractual issue won't blow up the deal. 

In the sort of delicious irony that often is the hallmark of major NBA trades, one of the key sticking points was which team would take Petro, who has two years and $6.75 million left on his contract. As the Record of Hackensack, N.J., first reported, the Nets initially tried to get the Pistons to absorb Petro's contract and fork over their 2011 first-round pick in the process. Pistons president Joe Dumars flatly rejected the invitation, but sources said the enormous savings from dumping Hamilton -- approximately $17 million -- was enough to entice the Pistons to absorb Petro as long as they don't have to surrender any picks in the process. Still, the Pistons would prefer if a fourth team could be found to take Petro, an option the Nets were aggressively exploring.

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Posted on: January 10, 2011 7:10 am

Nets, Nuggets, Pistons close in on Melo deal

Hey, did you even read the article?  No where in the article does it say that Melo has signed the extension.  What it says is that whether he signs it or not will not hold up the deal.  You should read before you speak.

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Posted on: January 10, 2011 3:41 am

Nets, Nuggets, Pistons close in on Melo deal

@Rockchalkfan89 did you even read the article?  There is no trade unless Melo signs the extension which according to ESPN is all but agreed upon....I dare you to go bet the house that Melo will not sign extension, go'll be homeless with in a few days.  This deal is done. Melo (signing the extension), Billups and Hamilton are all on their way to Brooklyn...or New Jersey for now...the Funny part is they could have had all these guy's in Detroit when the Pistons had a chance to take Melo but took Darko Milicic...Yikes!  This makes NJ an instant #6 in the East. Lopez at Center, Humphries at PF, Melo at SF, Billups PG, Hamilton SG...6th  man Outlaw.  The Knicks just took another screw job.

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Posted on: January 10, 2011 2:19 am

Nets, Nuggets, Pistons close in on Melo deal

Good post roadsteel. I had no clue the Nets had FIVE first round picks. Thats almost unheard of. Hell, If you draft right you could draft your entire future starting lineup in 1 year....nobody wants to play in new jersey...and carmelo is not gonna sign a extension. So...they better get that Championship while hes there or youll be seeing another long rebuilding process when they already had the pieces to turn it around.

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Posted on: January 10, 2011 2:11 am

Nets, Nuggets, Pistons close in on Melo deal

  Seriously this is just getting really annoying now and its not carmelo's fault at all. NOBODY wants to play in NJ. Billups already stated he wants a buyout if traded, RIP is past his prime, and who's gonna help Lopez??? Yea ok its time to put down the pipe. If you watch the the Melo  interview he looks pissed at the notion he is going to NJ. They seriously think now he is going to sign an extension with them. Also the Nets have to seriously stop being desperate and ass****s of the NBA because they want to the Knicks to land Melo. You have Harris and 5 FIRST ROUND picks. You can essentially draft a college all-star team and build a solid contending team and attract other players. How stupid do you have to be that nobody wants to play in Newark, and gutting the roster isn't going to solve anything.

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Posted on: January 10, 2011 1:46 am

Nets, Nuggets, Pistons close in on Melo deal

Let me get this straight, the Nets end up with Billups (34 years old) and Hamilton (33 years old) to go with Lopez (who has been awful this year) and Carmelo. And the Nets think this is progress? 
First off the Nets are buried this year so we can actually add a year to both Billups and Hamilton ages when evaluating their impact.So the real benefit is in 2012-2013. Does anyone think Hamilton or Billups are viable assets next year at that advanced age?Is that team a #4 seed? No way. #7 seed? Maybe.
It can't be to boost immediate attendance because no one, and i mean NO ONE, goes to Nets games in Newark.Not even to watch Carmelo. 
The point I'm getting at is the Nets are gutting their team, giving up #1 draft picks, and they still don't have a team as good or as young as the KKnicks. And they are so obsessed with keeping Carmelo from the Knicks that is has blinded them from that reality.Why aren't they continuing to build with those picks? Like Oklahoma did? 
The Knicks today have a starting five of 24 yr old Chandler, 26 yr old Felton, 28 yr old Amare, 22 yr old Fields and 22 yr old Gallinari.And they have 24 yr old Douglass off the bench along with 26 yr old Williams. And they are winning already.
Do they need additional pieces? Of course. But they aren't about to gut their winning roster to do that.Or take on large older contracts (Hamilton, Billups, Harrington) either. They already went thru that hell before.
They will use their chips (Curry's huge expiring deal, Randolph, their remaining max deal spot) to add a center, a backup PG, another shooter etc but while keeping the young core intact and not going down that bad contract path.
I love where they are and Walsh should be given a medal for what he has accomplished in 2 years, given the dump fire Isiah left behind.
So Nets fans, no this move does not bother Knicks fans. If it was LeBron you were trading for, that's totally different.Carmelo isn't LeBron. By a long shot.
Nets might get spunky in 2013 with Brooklyn name. And they might get a #7 seed next year.But does this make them relevant vs the Knicks in NY? Not by a long shot.Particularly since it doesn't make them even better that NY's current squad, before any improvements.

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Posted on: January 10, 2011 12:23 am

Nets, Nuggets, Pistons close in on Melo deal

Favors is going to be a beast!   I really do not want the Nets to part with him, but, it seems they are facsinated with getting the big name player.   To me, we are giving up WAY too much, for a team that knows their best player is not going to sign an extension.  Favors, Devin Harris, Anthony Morrow and two first round picks are a nice compensation prize to receiving nothing when he bolts this off season.  Besides, Anthony is a nice player, but, he is not Lebron, Wade or Howard. 

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Posted on: January 10, 2011 12:14 am

Nets, Nuggets, Pistons close in on Melo deal

Hey Knicks fans,

GET OVER YOURSELVES!   You guys have been horrible for over 12 years now!  Not too many free agents come flocking to the self proclaimed "mecca".  Yes, you have had a good season, but, Knicks fans act like they are the Lakers, Spurs or Celtics, when they are not even Mavericks. 


A NETS fan

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Posted on: January 10, 2011 12:13 am

Nets, Nuggets, Pistons close in on Melo deal

The trade will only go down if Melo signs an extension, which doesn't seem to be a problem, & since Billups already went back on his recent buyout threat, I see no reason why Melo won't go back on his Knicks-only threat, especially considering that the Knicks have no one to trade.  Anyways, as much as I want Melo to go to the Nets/not go to the Knicks, the Nets are gutting there roster to get Melo, which would make the Nets a serious contender when combining them with the other pieces in this trade for the Nets as well as some of their young guys like Brook Lopez & Kris Humphries

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Posted on: January 10, 2011 12:11 am

Nets, Nuggets, Pistons close in on Melo deal

Mello proving to be the biggest dueshebag of them all....

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Posted on: January 9, 2011 11:58 pm

Nets, Nuggets, Pistons close in on Melo deal

Im gonna laugh when this trade goes through and Melo still doesnt sign an extension.
He could still end up a knick without them having to give up anything.  If he really wants
to go there, why would he sign an extension with the Nets?

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