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Melo update: Underground talks could lead to deal

Posted on: January 11, 2011 10:06 am
Executives haggling over the potential blockbuster trade that would send Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey were underground Tuesday, creating a veil of secrecy that could create a more fertile environment for a deal, multiple sources told 

After a contentious weekend of talks marked by fury among Denver officials over persistent leaks about the discussions, it became clear that Nuggets executives Masai Ujiri and Josh Kroenke had taken firm control of the negotiations. 

While Nets GM Billy King, brought to New Jersey for his ability as a savvy deal-maker, has been the driving force behind the Melo-to-New Jersey talks since September, all parties with a stake in the matter are now taking their cues from Ujiri -- signaling a bold show of strength from the young executive who has been thrust into a franchise-shaping moment for the Nuggets. 

“Underground,” is how one prominent agent with ties to the talks described the state of negotiations. 

The secretive tone of the talks bolstered a belief among rival executives that the flurry of information that emanated from the discussions over the weekend was too detailed and public to represent the substance of a real, imminent deal. In fact, sources have told that Denver officials were not only frustrated with the public nature of the talks, but also felt pushed into a scenario they were not yet ready to act upon. 

Upon receiving word from New Jersey officials Sunday that Pistons president Joe Dumars had received upper management approval to join the potential blockbuster by sending Richard Hamilton to the Nets for Troy Murphy’s expiring contract and Johan Petro, the Nuggets did not view it as a defining moment in the completion of a deal. Instead, Ujiri and Kroenke informed the Nets that they were stiil deliberating several aspects of the situation, including whether a two-team or three-team deal was best for them. The Nuggets also wanted to explore whether they could achieve more savings in the deal by finding a taker for either Al Harrington or Renaldo Balkman, and obtain another young player -- perhaps by inviting a fourth team into the equation. 

The conflicting agendas represented a repeat of the environment that saw a four-team deal involving Charlotte and Utah fall apart prior to training camp. But with the Pistons solidly committed, having negotiated a second-round pick from the Nets for taking Petro, the Nuggets and Nets are left to try to smooth out their differences in an attempt to finalize the complicated trade. 

Ill will over the public nature of the weekend talks and external pressure Ujiri and Kroenke were getting will not be a deal breaker, one executive involved in the negotiations told And it became clear Tuesday that with Denver officials calling the shots and demanding discretion, it would give the discussions the best chance they’ve had to reach a conclusion. 

Meanwhile, though, Nuggets officials remain committed to exploring every potential offer from other teams, including the Knicks, who are Anthony’s preferred destination. With a meeting looming among Anthony, Ujiri and Kroenke to discuss the status of talks and his feelings about signing a three-year extension with the Nets, clarity should come soon.

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 6:25 pm

Melo update: Underground talks could lead to deal

"If you ask Carmelo personally who would have a more attractive team, after all these transactions, the Knicks would still be his preference. "

I love that you wrote that because about 6 months before "the decision" someone on here came in here and said the exact same thing about Lebron james wanting to play for the Knicks, ( "ask Lebron and he'll teel you he wants to be a Knick").  And we know how that worked out lol.

As much as you want to convince yourself that you know what Melo reality you have no idea.  None of us do, only Melo knows what he wants.  And maybe he does, but maybe he doesn't want to come to the Knicks.  If he signs the extension with the Nets we will know the Knicks were never a priority.

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 6:14 pm

Melo update: Underground talks could lead to deal

As a Nuggets fan, let me say if they can swing Melo into Favors and somehow get the Blazers involved and get Batum out of this I'd be thrilled.  What it sounds like to me is that the Nuggets want add the Blazers as the 4th team, and send Harris and Harrington to the Blazers for Batum (and of course whatever other small pieces are needed to make this work).  The Nuggets would end up with a starting lineup of Lawson, Afflalo, Batum, K-Mart, Nene and a bench of Carter, Smith, Forbes, Favors, Birdman.  Obviously that lineup wouldn't be great, optimisitically they would compete for the 8 spot, but it's extremely young and exciting, add in the 1st round picks, and a future of Favors, Batum, Lawson, Nene, and our potential 1st rounders and the new front-office would have gotten the best deal they could possibly get here, and it would frankly be quite the steal.

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 6:14 pm

Melo update: Underground talks could lead to deal

Age does matter! The Celtics are not winning anything this year! Age Matters when it comes to the most important position on the court- POINT GUARD! Chauncy Billups has obviously lost a few steps and Rip Hamilton has lost 10 more steps. If these two players had enough left to lead a team to a prestigious level, the Nuggets would make a push in the West, and the Pistons would be starting Hamilton in their own respective line up. You are completely wrong!

You're right that youth doesn't compare to a veterans game, but Felton, Amare, Chandler are all atleast 4 years of NBA experience- they are all heady ball players, with a lot of basketball knowlege. Landry Fields is a rookie, but well beyond his years. He is an example of why young kids should stay in college and play all 4 years (it also helps that he went to stanford).

If you ask Carmelo personally who would have a more attractive team, after all these transactions, the Knicks would still be his preference.

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 3:06 pm

Melo update: Underground talks could lead to deal

while in terms of basketball that makes sense, melo's desire for a trade has more to do with his location. he wants to go east, specifically NY, even though it doesnt make basketball sense on his part. i can't explain it other than the main thing s that his desire for a trade is not so much because he thinks denver cant win its that he wants to go to the NY area

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 3:01 pm

Melo update: Underground talks could lead to deal

If Melo is game....why couldn't the nuggets simply trade for Hamilton? They already have Billups....

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 2:51 pm

Melo update: Underground talks could lead to deal

Hope this deal gets done. I'm no Nets fan but I would like to see some exciting Basketball in Brooklyn when they move over.  With the Addition of Melo, Billups and Rip the Nets will be a much better team.  Heck if the addition of Amare and Felton can make the Knicks better think what Melo, Billups and RIP will do for the Nets.  Also age has no restrictions here, Billups and Rip are clutch players.  Just look at Boston they won big the last few years with Old KG, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce...experience in the NBA wins over youth.   A toast to the Brooklyn Nets welcome to NYC!!!!!

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 2:11 pm

Melo update: Underground talks could lead to deal

The funny thing is that no one is talking about the present NY Knicks team. All they are talking about is what happend since Ewing left? What have they done? blahh blahh blahhh... The Knicks have always been in contention!!! Always!!! From 2003 til 2009, the Knicks were rebuilding(fixing the mistakes they made).

Someone said something that it will take the Knicks 3 yrs to develop their young players- seriously? lol That's an idiotic statement! This team is ready to play with the best teams in the league now. We smacked Chicago twice this year; we smacked the Spurs; we should have beat the celtics; the Knicks are 19-7 since they started 3-8. This team is very good, and you must not over-look them.

"The only reason why the Knicks got Amare is because Bosh and Lebron didn't want to come to NY". hahahahahahahahaha..First off, you need to have the right "wiring"/"character make up" to play in NY and be successful in NY. Both of those players don't have it. Lebron is softer than a pillow and Bosh is weak! Lebron went from being the King of OHIO to the QUEEN of South Beach. Amare is wayyyyyyyyy better than Chris Bosh- its not even close! The biggest steal in free agency was the signing of Raymond Felton-All American Point Guard from UNC, who was hand-cuffed by Larry Brown last season. He is a gritty, "ballsy" point guard who isn't afraid to lead a team- he is a star in the making.

I find it hilarious that when the Heat started off slow, everyone had an opinion on why they won't succeed. Now that they have won 21 of 22, eveyone is "sweating" them like they are some unstoppable force. COMEDY!

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 2:01 pm

Melo update: Underground talks could lead to deal

Who cares--about as exciting as watching LeTool on his big decision "show"

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 1:58 pm

Melo update: Underground talks could lead to deal

I love how there are still NY haters!!!

First off, Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton's best days are behind them- Billups is turning 35, while Hamilton is turning 33. There is no way in hell that Billups, Hamilton, and Lopez will be a better core for Melo, than Felton, Amare, Fields, Chandler, and Gallo- NO WAY! You either hate the KNICKS a lot; Hate NY a lot; or have ZERO basketball knowlege. Brook Lopez is a big, slow, mess! The only reason why he puts up good numbers, time to time, is because of his unorthodox play.

Someone said something about the Nets owning the Knicks over the past 6 or 7 years??? Yes, your right! For the first time since the Nets were in the ABA, they weren't the laughing stock of basketball. They had Jason Kidd, Kerry Kittles, Van Horn, Kenyon Martin, etc... They had a squad. Unfortunately, they don't have one player from that era left on that team. The Nets are miles behind the Knicks in skills, coaching, heart, fun, and growth. The Knicks are this good 36 games into the season. Can you imagine how good they will be 70 games into the season? This team is young, determined, and smart. Right now, the Knicks shouldn't give up their young studs for Carmelo. If he was smart, he wouldn't sign an extension with anyone, and hit the free agent market. Yea, there are rumors about a lockout, but it won't last. The owners need the players, just as much as the players need the owners. If you add Carmelo to the core the Knicks have now, it will be over, in the EAST! If he chooses to sign somewhere else, the Knicks are still in a great situation/position: they have the most money entering this summer's free agency, and could be in contention to get Dwight Howard in 2012.

You have to understand... as appealing it is to play in a brand new stadium in Brooklyn, Madison Square Garden is the most electifying venue in all of basketball. When the Knicks are good, there isn't a better place to watch basketball. Carmelo Anthony knows that! He also knows if he is responsible for bringing a banner to the Garden, with Amare's help, there will be statues of both him and Amare at the corner of 33rd and 34th, on 7th avenue. This Brooklyn arena has ZERO tradition; just a cool owner in Jay Z, who will be Carmelo's friend no matter where he plays.

The Knicks are a solid big man away from being a dangerous threat in the league(with the core they have now). Even when they aren't shooting great, they give up too many points in the paint. If they get a Marcus Camby, Marc Gasol, etc..., this team will be dangerous! Stop hatin and enjoy how good the NBA is this year!

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 1:44 pm

Melo update: Underground talks could lead to deal

1)  no one wants to play for the Nets
I wouldn't be so cocky. How successful have the Knicks been since Patrick Ewing left town?  Not very.......  your last championship was when exactly?? And aside from deadbeat useless aging and overpaid veterans, how many top free agents have signed in New York the last 10 years?? Not many.....   yeah, you just got Stoudemire.... but that's only because Lebron and Bosh said no to New York......

Not trying to get on you but until your team wins at least a couple of rounds in the playoffs, I wouldn't talk if I was you......

Melo doesnt want to be on a team that'll take atleast 3 more years to develop IF THEY ever do

Every team takes at least 3 years normally... sometimes it can be faster but 3 years isn't a lot. 

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