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Rose denies saying PEDs 'huge' problem

Posted on: May 22, 2011 2:16 pm
Edited on: May 22, 2011 6:17 pm
MIAMI – Derrick Rose may not have been clear what he was being asked when he told a reporter from ESPN The Magazine that performance-enhancing drugs are a “huge” problem in the NBA.

"Regarding the quote attributed to me in ESPN The Magazine, I do not recall making the statement nor do I recall the question being asked," Rose said Sunday in a statement released by the Bulls. "If that was my response to any question, I clearly misunderstood what was asked of me. But, let me be clear, I do not believe there is a performance enhancing drug problem in the NBA.”"

For a feature in the May 16 issue of the magazine, Rose was one of several professional athletes asked, on a scale of 1-10 with one being, “What are PEDs?’” and 10 being, “Everybody’s juicing!” how big of a problem is illegal enhancing in your sport? Rose’s response:

"Seven. It's huge and I think we need a level playing field, where nobody has that advantage over the next person."

Bulls spokesman Tim Hallam told that Rose told him he would “never say anything like that.” Sources said Rose may have thought he was being asked how important it was for sports to be PED-free. A person close to Rose told the Chicago Tribune Sunday that Rose believed he was being asked, "How big of a problem would it be if steroid use were rampant in the NBA?"

League officials were made aware of the matter Sunday and were looking into it. 

Though the comment was more than a week old, it did not begin widely circulating online until Sunday morning – hours before Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Bulls and Heat, and after Rose and the rest of the Bulls had completed the media availability prior to shootaround at American Airlines Arena. As reporters were gathered in the interview room for sessions with Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and Dwyane Wade, a post by began making the rounds on various smartphones in the room.

Other athletes were polled for the magazine piece, including baseball player Andruw Jones (who gave his sport a five), and NFL player James Laurinaitis (who ranked his sport as a seven on the 1-10 scale.) It is not clear which ESPN the Magazine reporter conducted the interview with Rose; the piece did not carry a byline.

Asked about Rose’s comments, Wade said Sunday, “Haven’t seen nothing, haven’t heard nothing.” Asked if there’s a steroid problem in the NBA, Wade said, “No. I just don’t think there is. It’s nothing I’ve ever experienced in basketball. Never seen it. It’s nothing that I think takes place.”

We may not hear from Rose on his comments until the media access period prior to Game 3 Sunday night, so stay tuned.

NBA players are subject to four random drug tests between Oct. 1 and June 30, and can be tested more frequently if an independent expert rules that reasonable cause exists.

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Posted on: May 23, 2011 9:24 pm

Rose denies saying PEDs 'huge' problem

"I really think those 5 NBA Players take steroids..."  Consider adding Carlos Boozer. this guy got mad because he didn't end up with team LeRoids and had to go to Chicago.  First thing he does, once officially a Bulls player, is punch a wall and break his hand.  Totally out of control.  You be the judge.........
 As for PEDs not being a huge problem, maybe its not if everyone can use HGH.  No testing whatsoever.  After all, that is a level playing field, who can complain about that. 

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Posted on: May 23, 2011 3:49 pm

Rose denies saying PEDs 'huge' problem

What Rose said (or didn't say) is a non-story.

However, I've been railing on this for  years (emailing on Chats, emailing analysts, Mike and Mike, etc.), wondering, why I've listened to many years and countless hours - literally hundreds of hours - of talking, specualting, arguing about PEDs in the NFL and MLB, why no one - not a single analyst, host, guest, caller - have ever mentioned PEDs and the NBA.  Not that I suspected they are rampant, but I have a now-raging curiosity as to why/how PEDs can be discussed, including countless wonderings on the double standard - why in baseball you're blacklisted as a despicable cheater yet in football it's "when will he be back for my team", yet no one has ever mentioned NBA?  How about just mentioning the NBA's testing policies, penalties, etc?  Nope, never heard'em, don't know'em. It boggles the mind - it's almost like a conspiracy to keep NBA out of the PEDs talks.  I once got an email back from Mike Golic, that stated "The type of body needed for the NBA isn't suited for PEDs".  Really?  You need to be big, strong, fast, agile.  How is that not an exact fit for PEDs?  Baseball was the one sport, where there is so much relying on eye-hand coordination, where it was thought to be PED-proof to some extent, and look where that head-in-the-sand stance got us.  Finally, I read that OJ Mayo got busted for something, and I believe he got 10 games.  Never heard it discussed by anyone, strangely.  No idea what he tested for, no idea what happens if he gets caught again.  Anyone know?  Please enlighten as to the NBA specifics, as well as the phenomenon of no NBA PED talk???

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Posted on: May 23, 2011 2:55 pm

Rose denies saying PEDs 'huge' problem

This is just somebody trying to make a story.  Rose obviously was stating that he thinks PED's are a huge issue, not that they are a huge issue in the NBA.  If you look at his response he was obviously responding that he things PED's are bad and that dealing with them is a huge issue.  He never says that they are a huge issue in the NBA, or that they are rampant in the NBA.  He was simply stating that he thinks that the use of them is bad and is a huge issue if you are taking them.  Sometimes the Media boggles my mind.  News must be really slow right now.

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Posted on: May 23, 2011 1:34 pm

Rose denies saying PEDs 'huge' problem

Are you serious, "HateBoston&LA"?? That list is extraordinarily dumb. Kevin Durant?? Have you seen him? He's a very skinny guy. The dude could stand to gain 30 pounds. And Garnett is definitely not on roids - he's ridiculously lean, and not at all big and bulky. Also, why would you think Kobe's on steroids? He's so good because he hits ridiculous shots, not because he's so much bigger and stronger than everyone else. As for LeBron, he's a naturally big dude. He slowly got bigger over his first few seasons, and you can see it if you look at progressive pictures of him.

That list is honestly just stupid.

Hate Boston&LA
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Posted on: May 23, 2011 1:16 pm
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Posted on: May 23, 2011 1:05 pm

Rose denies saying PEDs 'huge' problem

So Sman, your Lakers get whooped so now you still have to spend time taking shots on the Heat??  Maybe I'm giving you too much credit but even you shouldn't think that Wade's ex-wife(who is so wacko she lost custody of the kids) and a bitter ex-business partner are credible??  
You are just bitter that Kobe and the Lakers are home, while the Heat continue on a path towards a possible championship...  If someone was using unsubstantiated things to take shots against your idol Kobe, you would be be on here stamping your feet and holding your breathe like a little kid.... Yet, there is nothing credible against Wade & Lebron otherthan they are in great shape but you just run with it...

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Posted on: May 23, 2011 12:21 pm

Rose denies saying PEDs 'huge' problem

I'm not surprised Rose answered the question wrong.  He had someone else take the SATs for him.  I don't know why he would care about cheating in the NBA, since he cheated to get into college, costing his team and former teammates a final four banner.  Cheating and reading comprehension are obviously two things Rose has been associated with, and should try to distance himself from in the future.  Can't he have someone esle take these questionaires for him? 

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Posted on: May 23, 2011 11:48 am

Rose denies saying PEDs 'huge' problem

Such a joke, he said exactaly what was quoted and the NBA went bezerk about it and he all of a sudden "forgets" what he said. What a loser. He played like one on Sunday too. I guess it rubs off.

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Posted on: May 23, 2011 10:12 am

Rose denies saying PEDs 'huge' problem

IN MY OPINION,YOU'RE ALL SO WRONG ABOUT PEDs AND SPORTS.  these are grown men and if they want to use PEDs, let them.  Athletes are NOT role models and if you teach your kids they are, you probably need to learn better parenting skills

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Posted on: May 23, 2011 9:19 am
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