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Agent fires back at Stern over 'greed' comment

Posted on: November 14, 2011 12:11 am
Angered by commissioner David Stern's assertion that greedy agents are imperiling the possibility of reaching a collective bargaining agreement, high-profile agent Mark Bartelstein fired back Sunday night -- telling that it is the owners, not the agents, who are being greedy.

"The greed that's being exhibited in this negotiation is strictly on the part of the NBA owners and nowhere else," Bartelstein said. "When the union has shifted well in excess of $3 billion over the course of this deal from players to owners and that's not good enough for the owners, that's the definition of greed."

In a phone interview with the Association Press, Stern said this weekend that agents appeared to be engaged in an "orchestrated" campaign to conceal details of the owners' latest proposal from their clients and are choosing instead what he called a "losing strategy" of decertification.

"By some combination of mendacity and greed, the agents who are looking out for themselves rather than their clients are trying to scuttle the deal," Stern said.

(Mendacity isn't the same thing as asshattery, but it's close. Google says it is the act of being untruthful.)

Bartelstein, one of the most powerful agents in the NBA with dozens of clients, also is among a group of seven influential agents who have collected around 200 signatures on decertification cards to be submitted to the National Labor Relations Board in an effort to dissolve the union in response to what they view as a decidedly one-sided negotiation favoring the owners.

"If the players are going to make the concessions to address over $300 million a year in a shift in revenue from the players to the owners, the one thing the players should get back is flexibility, freedom, freedom of choice and a more vibrant and free-market system, because it's a zero-sum game," Bartelstein said. "Instead, they're ratcheting down the system in the name of competitive balance, and that's completely disingenuous.

"A negotiation is supposed to be about making trades," Bartelstein said. "The biggest part of any negotiation is the dollars. That's the biggest part of this negotiation. The players are giving the owners the dollars. If the owners are concerned about competitive balance, it can absolutely be handled through revenue sharing. And the myth they're putting out there that they can't share losses, there's no truth to that argument whatsoever. Revenue sharing has nothing to do with sharing profits and losses. It's about making sure low-revenue teams can have more revenue so they can be more competitive and you can have a better product. That should be done through revenue sharing, not through getting concessions from the players."

Bartelstein said he has spoken with union executive director Billy Hunter in recent days to share his thoughts about the state of the negotiations and the options at the players' disposal. Hunter convened a meeting of the players' executive committee Sunday night in advance of a meeting with player reps and potentially other players at 9 a.m. ET Monday in Manhattan. As was the case last week, the player reps will decide whether the owners' proposal should be presented to the full body for a vote, or whether it should be rejected or sent back to the league with suggested amendments and a request for further negotiation. Stern has said the league does not plan to revise the proposal again, and that it is the last one that realistically could provide the players with a 72-game season starting Dec. 15.

It also is the last one that would give the players a 50 percent hare of revenues. If the players reject the offer, Stern said the owners' negotiating position will shift to an offer in which player salaries would be derived from a 47 percent share of revenues with a hard team salary cap and rollbacks of existing contracts.

As of Sunday night, no final decision had been made on when the players would file a decertification petition with the NLRB, but there is widespread assumption in the agent community that the players will not accept the league's offer or put it to a vote. Also, there are indications that the decertification movement could push forward early this week regardless of what the player reps decide to do with the proposal.


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Posted on: November 14, 2011 4:59 am

Agent fires back at Stern over 'greed' comment

Let's see...If I tell my boss that he isn't paying me ennough, he is gonna tell me to go find another job.  That's how it works in the real world.  The football players had a better argument of monopolies because there isn't any other place to play footbaall.  The owners in this case are still writing the checks.  The basketball players have Europe and China to fall back on, so go get your piece of those pies.  This was the first article I have read about the contract negotiations because I am sick and tired of the "elite" athletes getting their way.  I have decreased my bball watching over the years due to the bad seeds that have been planted.  It seems there is no respect for the game or fans anymore.

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Posted on: November 14, 2011 2:01 am

Agent fires back at Stern over 'greed' comment

Stern is Greedy ? The greedy ones are these crybabies that are getting paid tens of millions of dollars to play a game , and they are still not happy !!!!

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Posted on: November 14, 2011 1:27 am

Agent fires back at Stern over 'greed' comment

Alot of lying happens in negotiations for players...That lying is mostly done by the agents.....

To me, the older I get, the more I detest 'unions' and 'agents'.....They just seem to ALWAYS exaggerate reality...

How many times have you heard nonsense during elections from unions, about how every person is going to not afford to live if this or that isn't past....Ofcoures it isn't true...The poor will no longer eat, the firefighter will live in a cave, ect, ect, ect...And it's mostly lies.

The NBA union is showing to America that Unions are now holding back progress, not helping it...

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Posted on: November 14, 2011 1:26 am

Agent fires back at Stern over 'greed' comment

Rangerfanatic I agree that this is out of control.

One reason that players can demand to see the books is because although they are employees, they are the product.  Nobody pays to see the owners.

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Posted on: November 14, 2011 1:15 am

Agent fires back at Stern over 'greed' comment

This is getting competely out of control.  It's like a bunch of five year olds in kindergarten arguing over a class project.  It amazes me how they can't come up with some of the few percentage points seperating an agreement.

one thing i don't understand about these guys is that if a normal joe like myself were to go fritolay and ask them if they can open up their books to show their bottom line.  They woud tell us to F Of adn your fired!  they are the owners and they should be abe to what THEY want!!!  they picked up the assets that made the NBA great!  now the players are trying to redo the NBA .  NOT GONNA HAPPEN

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