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Cuban would support Seattle return

Posted on: February 19, 2012 6:54 pm
NEW YORK -- Mark Cuban always holds court with the media when his Mavericks make their annual visit to Madison Square Garden. On Sunday, he said he'd support Seattle's efforts to return to the NBA.

"As long as it’s not an expansion team, yes," Cuban said. "... I voted against the move because I thought it was wrong to leave Seattle. I’d be all for a team going back to Seattle. But it would have to be a team that moves. I’d be against any type of expansion."

Plans for a $490 million arena aimed at attracting an NBA and NHL team to Seattle were unveiled this week, with a $290 million commitment from investors led by Seattle native and hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen. The balance of the funds would come from tax revenues generated by the building and rent paid by the teams, according to the plan.

But with the NBA already in a state of overexpansion, the irony for Seattle is that its path back to the NBA would have to entail doing what Oklahoma City did to Seattle in 2008: luring a team from somewhere else. The likely suspects are Sacramento and New Orleans, where both NBA teams are facing uncertain arena situations.

"Teams go in cycles," Cuban said. "When you're at the top of the cycle, like Sacramento when they were winning, they were selling out every game and it was one of the hardest places to play. But it’s really how the market supports the team when you suck."

A vote by the Sacramento City Council is expected by the end of the month on a funding plan for a new downtown arena for the Kings. Sources say the NBA has narrowed its list of potential buyers for the league-owned Hornets to a handful of groups -- possibly two -- that would keep the team in Louisiana. The announcement of a purchase agreement could come soon after All-Star weekend, pending the resolution of talks between the league, Gov. Bobby Jindal's office and the Louisiana legislature on a new arena lease.

"We continue to work with the Hornets to reach a long-term leasing agreement," Frank Collins, Jindal's press secretary, said in a statement provided to

Cuban also weighed in on the new collective bargaining agreement, which he helped negotiate as a member of the owners' labor relations committee. Asked when it will be known whether the owners got a good deal or a bad deal, Cuban said, "We'll find out over the next three or four years. We’ll see what happens when we have a chance to opt out of it in six years.

Asked what criteria should be used to evaluate the new CBA, Cuban said, "Are all the teams making money? ... If all the teams have a chance to compete, then you have a better chance of making money. If you have a better chance of retaining your star players, you have a better chance of making money. So they all go hand in hand."

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Posted on: February 20, 2012 1:14 pm

Cuban would support Seattle return

Who actually cares what Mark Cuban thinks?  David Stern is suppose to do what he thinks is for the good of the league.  The last time I checked there were more teams in the league other than Boston and the Los Angeles Lakers.  As a Sooner, I am happy that OKC has the team-formerly-known-as-the-Seattle-

Sonics.  I rooted for Downtown Freddy Brown and the Sonics, back in the day.  To take pot shots at Clay Bennett is cowardly, who cares how he got money?  Unless he stole it, why do you care?  The politicians in Seattle doomed the team, not Clay Bennett.  My guess is that Mr Bennett agreed to take the fall for the move.  All of us in OK knew the team was coming here.  The way I see it, if I by a pro franchise, I can move it anywhere I want.  As long as I can make it work in the new city, who cares?  I don't understand why certain cities get chance after chance to support a pro team-how many teams has New Orleans had?  Los Angeles has had how many NFL teams?  Remember the New Orleans Jazz?  Now the Hornets have no owner.  Either there are too many teams or some cities do not deserve teams.  Move the Kings to Seattle?  You mean the Kansas City to Omaha to Sacramento Kings? The Charlotte to New Orleans Hornets seem to be the better choice to me but my phone hasn't rung yet!  I am going to see the Thunder-Hornet game tonight and see the Lakers on Thursday.  If not for Clay Bennett, I wouldn't get a chance to do so, Thank You Mr. Bennett!!

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Posted on: February 20, 2012 9:01 am

Cuban would support Seattle return

UWDAWG-I do hope you get a team, but if the city accepts the current proposal which is basically the same as Bennett's I'd be surprised.  But if they do-they could have done it before the Sonics moved and kept the team then-period.  They didn't.

Also remember OKC had the Hornets for 2 years and the people knew they were moving back.  They supported the Hornets with sellouts and excitement-without that OKC wouldn't have been considered.  Fact-Seattle didn't support the Sonics.  If they had Starbucks man would still own the team and you would be in a new arena.  ADMIT IT.
No, they wouldn't. Howard Schultz got sick of owning the team and made the fatal error of selling to some backstabbing rich guy from Oklahoma. (Who didn't even earn his own money, I might add. But I digress.) He could've sold it to a local buyer, but didn't. So no, you cannot equivocally say that if "they had Starbucks man would still own the team..." and be 100% sure about it. 

It also doesn't matter if the Hornets played in OKC during the hurricane. So what? The NBA needed a city close to New Orleans to hold the Hornets and OKC was a better choice than other area teams. Just because the fans showed up during that little bit of time doesn't mean it's a beneficial long-term investment. Part of the reason the fans showed up is because OKC was a town with no professional team and they knew they would leave again- it was either show up or not go and risk never seeing a pro game in your hometown, which contributed heavily to attendance, I'm sure. 

Seattle didn't wholly support the Sonics, true, but only on a political level. I'm sure there were a few citizens who weren't in public office who didn't support the team either, but that's not the major gripe. The main gripe is that Bennett and ultimately David Stern did not make a good-faith effort to keep the team in Seattle. The fact that emails from one of Bennett's partners stated clearly (paraphrasing), "When can we get out of the KeyArena lease so we can leave for OKC?" showed as much. I wish the lawsuit had gone through to its conclusion and we could've seen the judge's ruling.

I also want to mention that it's in pretty poor taste for the new fans to bash the old ones given the nature of how you got the team in the first place. It's like stealing a car and driving by the guys' house you stole it from everyday just to be a dick about it.  

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Posted on: February 20, 2012 3:17 am

Cuban would support Seattle return

This is to wereaweiner or whatever the hell your name is. Detroit fans are solid! All three teams in this city sell out all their games exept the Pistons now because they suck bad right now. With Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe and a high draft pick this year that will be changing. The Pistons sold out for years straight until the last couple when they sucked. This area stands behind all it's teams even during this horrible economy except when they put a subpar product on the floor! People are die hard fans but they are not stupid. You put out shit then you get shit crowds. Expect the Pistons crowds to grow next year as they get better.

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Posted on: February 20, 2012 3:00 am

Cuban would support Seattle return

Maybe because you are a Husky fan and thus had a poor education UDAWGS66 but Starbucks has been doing just swell before, druing and after the departure of the Supersonics (check CNBC if you don't believe me). There is little such thing as "belong" when it comes to sports teams because if they were any good, in a business sense, the team wouldn't have moved. Basketball is a business and there is more to it than just winning games. The product has to be entertaining and watchable. Most importantly, the fans have to care BEFORE the team moves. Furthermore, the media deal is waaay more important than attendance, because that is where the money is. Seattle isnt the largest market in the nation and Portland is relatively close by. Unlike Sacramento, Seattle also has two professional teams already based in the city. If the city gets a team, there will be a feel good period and they might make more money than where the team left, but it will never be an extremely successful franchise from a business standpoint

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Posted on: February 20, 2012 1:41 am

Cuban would support Seattle return

Mark Cuban is beautiful.  What a lovely way to stick to Comm Stern who is searching all over to find a sucker to but the N.O. team.  Moving the current team to Seattle would only prove that the commish medling in the trade was just a silly sham.  Does anyone really believe-except Stern that N.O. can really support a team.  It is smaller city than it used to be-a real shame- and all of its sports spending is for the Saints.  Let the team go to Seattle-it is a  city of young affluent people who love sports all year round.

Go Sonics!

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Posted on: February 20, 2012 1:21 am

Cuban would support Seattle return

My comment was for by the way.

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Posted on: February 20, 2012 1:19 am
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Cuban would support Seattle return

Starbucks has been losing a ton because of their business vie...totally saturating the country with starbucks coffee had to end. That's why they were losing money...not because of the Sonics. Like I said before  attendance in the NBA is cyclical....they were down , but then they get better and the attendance rises...fact!!  My big beef is with Stern and how he did not REQUIRE Bennett to make a good faith attempt at keeping the Sonics in the City of Seattle where they belong.

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Posted on: February 20, 2012 12:54 am
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Posted on: February 20, 2012 12:49 am

Great call on Sacremento

California has long been known as a bunch of front-runners.  They couldn't even keep an NFL franchise in Los Bleeping Angeles.  Sacremento fans are like millions of fans all over: they only support their teams when they are playing well.  What's really sad is that all they are doing is guaranteeing that their team will move.  

For a city that does not have fair weather fans and supports their teams through thick and thin, look at Detroit.  The Detroit Lions were the worst franchise in the NFL for all fifty years of William Clay Ford having enough brain cells left to take an active role in running the team.  For around 30 years, the Red Wings were called the "Dead Wings" and were the worst franchise in hockey.  The Tigers were terrible during the "post-Sparky depression" years.   And the Pistons were the worst franchise in the league for almost fifty years before winning the first of three NBA Championships in 1990.

Still, fans kept going to the games and buying merchandise.  Even in the state with the worst economy in the country, they still got fans to go to Lions and Pistons games with nothing resembling a championship in sight.  

That is what Sacrmento has to do.  It's either go to the games and support their team or be known as "Suck-remento" after that team leaves for greener pastures.   

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