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Patience, Patience, Patience...

Posted on: November 24, 2008 12:48 am
Edited on: November 24, 2008 12:49 am

I'm not a writer, but...

I'd like to acknowledge the new trendy idea in college football, impatience. ADs simply don't give their coaches enough time to build their own team. The Ron Prince/Bill Snyder hiring kind of spurred this thought upon me, but K-State isn't the only team guilty of this, and I'm sure by the end of the season more teams will be too.

Nowadays ADs and university big-wigs simply aren't realistic with their goals they set for their coaches. Syracuse dumped Greg Robinson, Ty Willingham was run out of town---again. Wyoming fired their coach, San Diego State's coach, gone, Tennessee dumped Phil Fulmer. The Notre Dame Holymen are soaking their torches in oil, ready to run the "prodigy" Charlie Weis out of South Bend.

Now two things concern me about all these firings. One that they are occurring mid-season. Seriously can you not wait until everything is said and done before you put the kibosh on your current coach. It's not only unfair to the coaches, its unfair to the players. How can you possibly focus on a game when the guy who convinced you to spend the next four years of your life at a specific college gets chased out of town midseason?

Two: The majority of coaches who have been fired have three seasons under their belt. Three seasons? That means they couldn't even graduate their inaugural class! These completely arbitrary and ridiculous contract extensions coaches sign don't mean anything anymore. Charlie Weis is supposed to be signed to Notre Dame until we find an alternative energy source and it seems like just the other day Robinson signed an extension and was given a "vote of confidence" from his AD. Well, he's out the door. The ADs are basically saying we'd rather pay you 5 million dollars to leave than have you coach us for another year. Wow that's gotta hurt the old ego.

In all fairness to Wyoming they gave their coach 6 years and it didn't seem to work out. O.K. that's fair. Also Fulmer was around at Tennessee for quite a while and led the Vols to the SEC title game last year, but they weren't enjoying the amount of success that the University of Tennessee is accustomed to, so Fulmer's gone. Thats' fair if that's why he was booted, but let the guy who won a national title for you keep his dignity for the remainder of the year. Announce it after the season has officially wrapped up and save your players from dealing with it midseason.

Also colleges need to remember not everyone can be a powerhouse. Sorry Syracuse, you're a basketball school. Sorry, San Diego State you won't ever be as good as Cal or USC, or even Stanford. Try to be reasonable here...

I'm not a writer, but...sometimes I feel one...

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