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Gerhart for Heisman

Posted on: November 29, 2009 2:02 pm
Edited on: November 29, 2009 2:04 pm
I'm not a writer, So I can't vote for the Heisman in really any way that affects the voting, but without a doubt I believe Toby Gerhart deserves to come back from New York with the trophy. He has been absolute money throughout the entire season, culminating in a 205-yard 7.9 yard-per-carry average, 3 rushing TDs and a gutsy passing TD to lead the Cardinal over Notre Dame for the first time since 2001. Realistically his only competition is Colt McCoy due to Tebow being KO'ed for a few games, darkhorse favorite Case Keenum's Houston squad fading from the Top-25, and Mark Ingram's "game" against Auburn. Ingram should never have been considered above Gerhart in the first place anyway due to Gerhart having more yards, touchdowns and a much higher yards-per-carry and I don't care about how tough the SEC defenses are, a good running back can put up monster numbers in the SEC (see Knowshon Moreno) However McCoy and Gerhart are going neck and neck to the finals after both singlehandedly getting their teams the win, both on national TV. My main argument is the incredible consistency of Toby Gerhart. His worst week statistically was week 2 when he had 82 yards and no touchdowns in a loss to Wake Forest, however he still had a 4.9 average, which is double of Ingram's performance against Auburn. His last four games have been incredible 223, 178, 136, and 205 with 3,3,4, and 3 touchdowns (not counting a passing TD) against Oregon, USC, Cal, and Notre Dame respectively. Those are obscene numbers for a running back, and they were done against (except Notre Dame) teams with pretty good rushing defense. Say what you will about USC but before Stanford forced an identity crisis, their d held Ohio State running back Boom Herron to only 44 yards and a 2.4 average, Brandon Saine had one carry for 2 yards. Thats a tandem now that has rushed for 100 yards each in multiple Big-Ten games this year and are an integral part in Ohio State's Big-Ten championship (due to Pryor being completely rubbish) With his second worst performance being a 96 yard two touchdown performance at Oregon State, Gerhart proves his consistency. No one means more to their team than Toby Gerhart and with this being Stanford's breakout year, I believe he's done enough to win the Heisman.

If Colt won the Heisman I believe it would be more of a lifetime achievement award. McCoy, now D-I's most winningest quarterback ever, has had the benefit of playing on great teams and has been given incredibly talented receivers (see Jordan Shipley) and while he's had a pretty good year, he's down in every major statistical category from his previous season. (except wins) Now no offense to Colt, but I believe giving him the Heisman in a year which has not been his best statistically would be an insult to his great career. If he should have won it any year, it should have been last year. Colt has also had his own stinker game, I specifically remember the OU game. When the game was said and done and Texas eeked out a win I remembered thinking Colt's Heisman race was over. I'd never seen him throw so many short hop balls and terrible overthrows in his brilliant career. He looked like Terrelle Pryor. No knock on McCoy but enjoy your chance at at National Title rather than an individual award.

I'm not a writer but...I can still technically vote for the Heisman

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