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Super Bowl thoughts

Posted on: February 2, 2009 2:53 am

I watched the games with four of my good friends and unlike myself they all wanted the Cardinals to win. I'm not saying I wanted the Steelers to win, but what I am saying is that I think it is dumb for people to pick a team to cheer for when the Super Bowl comes around. I'm a Vikings fan and that's where it ends. Just because its the league championship doesn't give a fan the right to cheer for somebody else, at least not as passionately as people do during the Super Bowl. When Larry Fitz went to the house to give the Cards a lead late in the 4th my friends went absolutely nuts. If I didn't know any better I would have thought that they were die hard Cards fans and had been since birth. I understand it makes the Super Bowl a little more entertaining if you pick a team but come on going nuts for that team really seems wrong to me. When the Vikes have a bye week during the season I don't pick a team to cheer for that week, so it's no different to me when the playoffs roll around and the Vikes aren't playing. I don't just jump onto another team and hope they win, cause I'm a fan of one team and one team only so I can't get excited watching a team that is not "my team" win the league championship. I just hope for a good competitive football game to watch, and could care less who wins. It's no different for the Stanley Cup or World Series either. If the Blues are not in the cup finals then I want to see 7 great games of hockey, and if the Twins are not in the World Series then I want to see 7 great games of baseball. I don't want to pick a team and cheer for them. Truly upsets me. 

As for the game itself I thought it was extremely boring until the fourth quarter rolled around. I didn't even think it was a competitive game until the fourth because the Steelers were pounding the Cards and containing Larry Fitz amazingly. Then we all know what happened which is Fitzgerald took over and brought the Cards close to a title until Big Ben drove the field and Holmes made a great catch to finish up a solid game. Again, until the fourth quarter I thought it was a terrible game. Oh and the refs really wanted to be part of the game cause they called as many penalties as they could. Some calls were correct and some were not, but wow did they enjoy throwing flags. The final play of the game is something I will always be pissed about though. Why was that play not reviewed? I'm not saying it would have been overturned, but wow that was close to being an incomplete pass and should have been reviewed for a while. It's the frickin Super Bowl and they didn't take time to make sure they got the call right? It's the principle of the matter that upsets me. Anyways, good game when it was all said and done. The commercials really sucked though, and honestly I thought Wipeout on ABC was better then anything the Super Bowl halftime show had to offer.

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Posted on: February 6, 2009 10:53 pm

Super Bowl thoughts

The Steel City truly has some die hard fans, but I honestly didn't pay attention to ESPN's Title Town crap cause they don't seem to know much about sports except for The Yankees/Red Sox, Lebron/Kobe, and the NFL draft which they start covering right about now. So I didn't see who won that, but hopefully Pittsburgh was close to the top. Quick note pertaining to nothing discussed, but I've always liked that all of Pittsburgh's pro teams keep the same color scheme. The Pens, Pirates, and Steelers all rock the black and gold and I think that's awesome.

Onto your super bowl thoughts. Yes indeed they are biased but how could they not be? If you are a fan of the team that was playing in the Super Bowl and that team won then of course you are going to think it was a great game from start to finish. If the Viking's ever make it to the Super Bowl I don't know what I would do. I possibly would be too nervous to watch the game, so as a fan I can't imagine watching your team win the championship. That had to be awesome, and yes I agree that the fourth quarter brought some of the greatest super bowl moments EVER and that made the game worth watching. However I slightly dislike you cause the Steelers have now won two titles in four years and the Pens made it to the Cup finals last year. I don't really dislike you, I'm just jealous.

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Posted on: February 3, 2009 7:37 pm

Super Bowl thoughts

I can completely understand where you are coming from, who wants to watch one team single handedly control the tempo and pace of the football game until the fourth quarter? Who wants to watch Warner run around the pocket like a chicken with his head cut off?  Who wants to watch the fairy tail and "Destined" team finally crumble?  Who would want to watch Cardinal players get hit so hard one of my home theatre speakers actually blew out? Who would want to witness the longest play or greatest catch in Super Bowl history? I'll tell you who......-->This Guy<-- along with the entire STEELER NATION. As somebody born and raised in the city of Pittsburgh, somebody whos dad used to let him skip church and go tailgate at Three River Stadium at 10 a.m., somebody who was allowed to miss 3 days of school after the Steelers lost Super Bowl XXX against Dallas I can only offer my personal and biased opinion.  But my heart missed a beat at least ten times in the last five minutes of that game. Let's face it, no one expected the Cards to come back and pull ahead of the Steelers at the closing minutes of the game. In fact, no one expected the Cards to even be able to hang with the heavily favored Steelers ( admit it, even if you jumped on the bandwagon and REALLY wanted the Cards to win, you knew in the back of your head they were going to need a miracle). The media did an excellent job hyping up the game and making it seem like Arizona had a chance, but in the end the better team won the game. I personally thought the game was incredible taking me on an emotional rollercoaster reaching the lowest of lows (Fit'z TD) and highest of highs (Holmes game-winneing TD). Im proud to be from the City of Champions (ESPN's Title Town was crock of ****) and home of the 6X time WORLD CHAMPIONS

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