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Stop the Hype!

Posted on: January 27, 2009 8:56 pm

With all that the NFL does right, they do the Super Bowl wrong.  They have sold their game to corporate sponsorship.  And I'm tired of it.  I'm not going to pretend that it's okay anymore.  I feel this way every year when it comes around to the Super Bowl.  This has become such an inclusive, corporate event that most real NFL fans are the ones looking in from the outside.  I could care less about all of the storylines, give me the game!  And if I hear another person say that they like the commercials, I'm going to throw something!  When I watch TV, I avoid the commercials.  What makes the commercials during the Super Bowl any better?  They're still advertisements and something that takes us away from what the event is supposed to be, the culminating event of the season. 

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Posted on: January 30, 2009 2:55 pm

Stop the Hype!

While I do agree that corporate sponsorship within the world of sports has become outrageous, you most likely wouldn't even be able to watch the Super Bowl on tv without it.  So you have to take the good with the bad - you want to see the game on tv, you have to live with the commercials.

One of the reasons the Super Bowl is so popular is because it can be seen by people worldwide on tv.  Networks bid for the rights to the game.  They want to make money.  Companies pay lots of money for their commericals to be seen during the Super Bowl.  They want your business.   Take all that away and you wouldn't be able to see the game unless you are willing to shell out the big bucks for a ticket to the game itself.  

I just want to watch the game.  For that I'm willing to put up with commercials.  Or use my TiVo and run the game slightly behind so I can forward through the commercials.  The hype I can always ignore.



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Posted on: January 30, 2009 11:42 am

Stop the Hype!


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Posted on: January 30, 2009 10:43 am
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Posted on: January 29, 2009 8:28 pm

Stop the Hype!

Super Bowl Hype has you miffed?

Maybe you should be more concerned with illiteracy and the bastardization of the English language.

If I read your rant correctly, and I do, I believe you mean that you "couldn't care less about all of the storylines," etc.

Remember:  If you could care less, it really means that you care more than you might.

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Posted on: January 29, 2009 4:21 pm

Stop the Hype!

I think the NFL gets its right with the Super Bowl.  It has become not just a game, an event.  An event that can draw 100 million Americans to the TV.  Nothing else can match that in terms of ratings.  The commercials are great because they are fresh and that you know the people on Madison Avenue worked just as hard as any football player to put it together.  The Super Bowl gets people who could care less about football or sports in general to spend one Sunday doing what a lot of us like to do every Sunday in the fall. 

Yes, it is expensive event to attend, I went to Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville.  I took my father and it was an experience that I have forever.  It is what makes it a Super Bowl and not just a championship game.

I think the game has been sold more to corporate sponsorship in other things, like the PSLs, the overpriced luxury suites, merchandising, etc. 

It just amazes me that a league that is making hoards of money is laying off people, and can't get a decent care program for its former players.

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Posted on: January 29, 2009 8:21 am

Stop the Hype!

"It's the game, stupid."  You hit it right on the "money."  For me it is all about the game.  The rest is just filler.  But you know what....I enjoy it all.  I like the two weeks of constant attention, however mundane.  Although, this year has not been as much.  You do have it right with the corporate sponsorships.  The price of a ticket is $1000 face value, which is still a lot of coin.  It makes me laugh when I read that teams are laying off people because of the economy.  If there is one company that is not affected by a downward economy it is the NFL.  For me, the game will always take center stage, but keep the hype.

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Posted on: January 28, 2009 10:15 pm

Stop the Hype!

you have it all wrong, dont hate it because its a corporate event,  of course its an inclusive corporate event.. its a business. and 90 percent of nfl fans have to watch two "other" teams play wishing it were their team on the turf. hell, id love it if the jaguars were there but a 5-11 season just doesnt get it done. but ill still watch it and ill love it, and maybe you are just a little bitter and full of hate because the eagles got stomped. oh and i love the super bowl commercials...

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