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Forgetting the Past

Posted on: September 11, 2009 8:48 am
I think the consensus is that Aikman and Johnson are good analysts, but Irvin and Smith have turned their championship rings into analyst jobs and have shown themselves to be pretty pathetic.  To me the biggest difference between the 2 groups is that Aikman and Johnson have put away their playing days while Irvin and Smith still think they are players. 

First there was Irvin influencing Jones into signing TO, and we've seen where that has gone...  Now I hear Irvin talking about the inclusion of Vick being a potential problem.  Wow, what an insight!  Of course there is the potential that things could turn sour.  But not even Donovan appears to be threatened by Vick.  Vick appears contrite and eager to help the team.  He also has a short leash (no pun intended) with Commissioner Goddell and one of the greatest advisors in Dungy.  I think that Irvin needs to forget about how spineless the Philly fans were when they  cheered at Irvin's apparent paralysis.  This mob move by a bunch of low-lifes does not represent the actual feelings of many Eagles fans during that incident.  But thank God Irvin was fine.

Now I read this about Emmitt Smith's comments on the upcoming Cowboys season.

Anyone still ticked about not wearing the star for his whole career?  Emmitt needs to let go and find new interests.  Carefully crafted thoughts are much more helpful for all fans than emotional tirades.  It's time for Irvin and Smith to either forget the past or get out!
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