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Cub fans hated my fix this team...

Posted on: January 5, 2009 8:46 pm
I'm sure they're much happier with the signing of DH Milton Bradley. DH Bradley in RF will look fine paired with DH Soriano in LF.

Note to Hendry the Steroid Era IS over. Pitching and Defense win titles again. If you want to win - make that the cornerstone of your team and your scouting.

Bradley ? Really ?

DeRosa 505 ABs .285 avg 21 homeruns 87 rbi's 6 sb's 105 runs scored. Plays 6 positions.

Bradley 414 ABs .321 avg 22 homeruns 77 rbi's 5 sb's and 79 runs scored. DH and LF. Hasn't put in 100 games in the OF in 4 years.

He's been with 7 teams in 8 years so he must be a good club house guy.

10 million a year for Bradley and 4.5 million a year for DeRosa ?

Has anyone checked the Tribune companies books ?

This should guarantee a spot in CF for Joey Gathwright but it probably doesn't. Fukudome will move from RF to CF. Kosuke had a .980 fielding pct. as a RF (the place where teams hide the worst defender last year). His 12 steals suggest he doesn't have the speed for CF.

This team is going nowhere fast- luckily they play in the weakest division in baseball because that will fill the seats in Wrigley. They should lead start to finish. And bow out in the first round of the playoffs.

He does finally provide a Left Handed bat. But 10 million for a guy who played RF for 19 games ? a guy who hits .274 when asked to play the outfield ? a guy who struck out 112 times in 414 at bats (27% of the time) ? and maybe most importantly a guy who has seen the post season 3 times and the world series not at all ?

But he should play with some passion.

Bradley gives the Cubs a 32 million dollar OF. With a LF who had a fielding% of .975 and struck out 22.7% of the time. A CF with a .980 fielding% who struck out 21% of the time and a RF with a .939 fielding% who struck out 27% of the time.

(the Rays OF of Crawford, Upton and Gross who make less across the board - struck out 13.5% of the time, 18.2% of the time and 24% of the time - the 24% belongs to Gross - who pretty much slid into the 7 slot).

Hey - Phillies struck out a lot too but all the guys they had with high strike out % hit for more power than the cubs outfield - but that must be a factor of the not so friendly confines.

Other playoff teams like the Red Sox, Angels, White Sox, and Dodgers had 2 players or less with 20% plus strikeouts. Probably just a coincidence.

Then there's Aramis Ramirez at 3B - a .945 fielding %. the cubs overall of .947 was 5th lowest in the league. Worst in the league in LF. Middle of the pack at 1b, 2b, C, and RF, near the bottom in CF (and dropping) near the bottom at SS.

Pitching and defense win championships. Again. It went away for awhile but it's back now.

Did you know Bradley's slugging % and batting average have been higher against Lefties than Righties in 5 of the last 7 seasons ?

Most people would say Bradley has moved around because of his attitude and his incidents with teammates and fans - but it could be the guy doesn't have a position except DH and the Dodgers, Padres, Rangers, A's, Expos and Indians didn't think a guy who wasn't playing the field was worth 10 million.

Seems to be a lofty investment. The next move for the Cubbies is pretty obvious - Manny Ramirez !

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Posted on: January 17, 2009 7:21 pm

Cub fans hated my fix this team...

you talk about how you dont want dh's in the outfield but then you go and say you want to get manny ramirez?  Have you ever seen him play the field??  I can recall a few Boston games where i was just laughing out loud at what manny did.  O and if you didn't notice, soriano did have a good arm from lf even though he had trouble catching the ball.

I will agree with you on something, getting rid of derosa was dumb. the only reason i would be happy with that trade would be if the cubs got peavy using the prospects they got from the derosa deal.  But do you really think derosa is an everyday of??? he's an utility player and the cubs wouldve had to get an of even if they kept derosa.  they will just end up platooning hoffpair/johnson out there with bradley so he gets rest and can stay healthy.

Ok and joey gathright does not deserve to be a starting of for the cubs.  dont get me wrong i love the guy but no, just no.

RF definately is not where you hide your worst defender, i mean, we are talking about major league hitters here so im pretty sure if they knew kosuke couldnt field, then they'd try to hit the ball at him all the time and they clearly didnt do that.  O and you dont have to be fast to play cf, you just need to be able to get good jumps on the ball and know how to play of (example - Jim Edmonds).

I'm pretty sure the NL West is the weakest division in baseball if you look at their records, by the way. and losing in the first round can happen to any team if they a) slump or b) run into a team who is playing ridiculously good (example- Arizona Diamondbacks and LA Dodgers).

I dont know if you've seen bradley play or not but he can hit the shit outta the ball, he just has to stay healthy and the cubs staff feels confident he will be able to after having him work through a daunting workout regiment. 

and so what if the cubs have players who struck out a decent amount, you even said it yourself that the phillies went through the exact same thing and look what they did this year, they won the world series.

you are just talking nonsense when you say the cubs dont have pitching and defense.  i mean, have you seen their rotation??? its one of the best in baseball.  are you just throwing out random positions and saying that they didnt have good defense there last year?? some of the positions you listed are just rediculous to see up there.  and im pretty sure dlee is a gold glove 1b and aram has been improving every yr defensively so you can talk bad about them all you want but i think they've performed pretty well for us. 

i cant beleive cbs put up this nonsense after reading it.  it might have been the worst idea for an offseason that i have ever seen.  i couldnt even imagine doing something that would be this bad.  O and you said the rays have all young players but if you look they've had the best farm system for years b/c they always would get the 1st pick in the draft.  they were able to get really good, young guys and they were able to put a young team together.  so by all means, we should definately be like the rays, we just need to lose for years upon years until we have enough good young talent to compete, GOOD PLAN.  why dont you go cheer for your rays you warm weather fan.

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Posted on: January 13, 2009 1:59 pm

GM or Dream M


All of these moves you speak of are so unrealistic that I can't even think of an anology wild enough to address it.  We wanted to get more left handed and needed to free up money up to do it.  Move DeRosa and insert Fontenot equals left handed hitting.  We couldn't afford the lefty outfielder we needed without moving cash around.  DeRosa provided us with a valuable asset both on the field and in the market.  His skills on the field didn't help us win a title.  It was time to use one of the few mobile pieces we had to get better.  Time will tell but Bradley can play.  I don't care what his past is.  All the issues he had are passion based.  We needed a pulse on this team other than Big Z's 5th day drama.  Now we have it.  EVERY player is an injury risk.  They all get hurt.  It's just dumb luck.  Noboby is worth $30M but that is where the market is set. 

The one move I want to see is a package to obtain Peavy and Adrian Gonzales for D Lee and any minor leaguer they want including Micha, Cedeno, Pie, etc.  Those two guys added to this team equal post-season bliss.  D Lee has been a staple here for years now and will be tough to move with his salary.  Not to mention San Diego knows just how good Gonzo is.  They want to move Peavy and get young talent bad enough that an agreement may be possible.  They have to realize they need somebody w/ some experience in that clubhouse.  I believe D Lee lives on the West coast so he may agree to that trade. 

More pitching, more lefty bats, and more wins.  More realistic than moving the 3,4,5 hitters for Ty Wiggington and Eric Hinske.  Jim Hendry...I think you hear me knockin'....I think I'm comin' in.

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Posted on: January 7, 2009 5:27 pm

Cub fans hated my fix this team...

Here is my way of fixing the Cubs.

1.  Trade Soriano and Lee to the Orioles for Roberts and a couple of minor leaguers.  We over pay but the key here is to get rid of salary to sign other players and a replacement for Derosa and a lead off man.

2.  With the salary you just cut off the books sign Manny to play LF and Dunn to play 1B.

3.  Go get Peavy, trade all the pitchers you got in the Derosa deal, Vitters, and anyone else in the minors.

Now you have a starting rotation of Zambrano, Dempster, Peavy, Harden and Lilly  (WOW)

Your lineup:  Roberts (2B), Theriot (SS), Manny (LF), Ramirez (3B), Bradley (RF), Dunn (1B), Soto (C), Reed (CF)  (WOW)

Bench:  Pie (defensive replacement), Fukodume (same), Gathright, Fontenot, Cedeno, etc

If you can't win with this lineup and starting pitching, then you will never win.

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