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Who's in your 5 ? Quarterback

Posted on: February 21, 2009 2:16 pm

My top 5 at each position in will vary greatly from the experts and the draft order but here's a first installment and the reasons behind them. 

1. Nate Davis, Ball State.  Nate Davis comes in at 6'1" and 220. That's an inch shorter than Matt Stafford or Mark Sanchez. Davis has the best feet of the 3. He's also been in a position where he's been the undisputed leader of his team. Davis hasn't been surrounded by the bevies of 4 and 5 star recruits the more highly touted QB's know. But he won. He won a lot. And this year he put up outrageous numbers while his battery mate WR Dante Love was out. Strong Arm. Good Feet. Ability to Improvise. That puts Davis on top  my list of QB's. 

2. Chase Daniel, Missouri. Daniel is too small to play in the NFL. That's the league's story at least. the 6'2" twin towers of Stafford and Sanchez tower over this guy. But he always seems to get the ball where it needs to be. System QB, you say ? They said the same about Drew Brees. Can't throw deep ? How'd Jeremy Maclin end up with 1st round credentials then. The guy spreads the ball around very well. Finds his passing lanes and gets the ball where it needs to be. If a QB can do that he can be successful. 

3. Matthew Stafford, Georgia.  Its hard to argue against Stafford. He had a nice 3 year career at a high-profile school. I guess my biggest complaints are against Georgia's history and Mark Richt's quarterback record in the NFL. Stafford reminds me of David Greene. Greene had a stellar SEC career and not so much in the NFL. If you look at the records for each at UGA- Greene had 42 wins in 52 starts. Very similar to Stafford. Could any college level QB have put up the same ?  I'm gonna say maybe. (Greene was a 3rd rounder) 

4. Mark Sanchez, USC. Nothing really not to like about Sanchez. He's a nice QB. Makes good decisions. But so was John David Booty. Ever hear of Matt Lienhart ? Sanchez had so many four and five star recruits around him at USC the boosters nearly ran out of Malibu Beach houses. What's he gonna do in the NFL where the talent levels are generally pretty even ? How about level out and be say Kyle Orton. A nice game manager, who wins, puts up good stats and doesn't offend any one. (Orton a 4th rounder) 

5. Is it Josh Freeman, Kansas State ? Freeman is the physical prototype for QB's. Just like Byron Leftwich was. Just like Duante Culpepper was. Just like JaMarcus Russell was. Pat White, WVU ? the best multipurpose QB since Seneca Wallace. John Parker Wilson ? He's just a guy. Record Setter Graham Harrell ? A QB from Tech that would be a first.  If healthy it could be Stephen McGee. Go ahead laugh. McGee had a nice TD/Interception rating at A$M under franchione. Showing he makes good decisions. He hasn't had a lot of WR's to throw to. He had some coaching from a pro in Mike Sherman. McGee could surprise. 


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