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Back to the NFC Championship!

Posted on: January 13, 2009 12:57 pm
Wow. Seriously, wow... can we all just take a moment to appreciate what has unfolded for the Eagles in the last 3 weeks? The sheer unbelievableness of the path they took to make their 5th trip to the NFC championship game in the last 8 years is, well... unbelievable. While you'd think the luster of this game would be lost after having been there so many times, there is something special this time around. Where in previous years, a trip to the NFC championship was nothing short of expected, this season finished with an against-all-odds, Rocky Balboa flight into the playoffs, where I don't take a single game for granted.

Don't get me wrong... this team is good. They were good going into week 17, when they needed a handful of miracles and an act of god to make the playoffs, because you just knew that if they could somehow get into the postseason, they'd make some noise. It's saying a lot when a 6-seed is a favorite on the road in the conference championship game. This team is not the '07 Giants, because they've already earned respect despite their Wild Card status, and because they've already beaten 2 of the last 3 teams remaining in the playoffs, and because they've essentially been playing for their playoff lives since week 13... and of course, they're not the '07 Giants because the vast majority of those guys will be watching the remainder of this year's playoffs from their couches.

It's so interesting now that the Eagles will face the Arizona Cardinals as the last roadblock between them and the Super Bowl, in a rematch of that Thanksgiving night thrashing when the Birds pummeled the other birds 48-20. The very game that righted the sinking ship that was the then-5-5-1, nearly playoff-eliminated cesspool of a team that had just tied the Bengals and got beat up by the Ravens. A fitting rematch, no? Make no mistake about it though, the Eagles are not taking this squad lightly, as the Cards seem to have no found new life since they entered the postseason.

Nevertheless, I think Arizona will find that this team aint no Falcons and they aint no Panthers. Frankly, that brutality that took place in Carolina a few days ago showed me more of how bad the Panthers were rather than totally convinced me of how good the Cardinals are. The Cards' newly-improved D will have its toughest test of the playoffs against McNabb, Westbrook & co., and their hot passing game will have to find a way to get past Asante, Dawk, Sheldon & Mikell, no easy task. I think it'll be a tough, much closer game than last time, but I think that it's one that the Eagles can and should win. I'm not discounting how hot Arizona is right now, but we're even hotter. This defense is playing lights-out, and honestly, I think the Cards' D will be a bit of a breather for the Eagles O after facing the Vikes and G-men the last 2 weeks.

Word on the street is that Eagles fans are flying out to Glendale in droves, so hopefully we can look forward to hearing some E-A-G-L-E-S chants on TV this Sunday. I'm hardly counting this game as a cakewalk, but I'm optimistic that Philly has a very good shot at making it back to the Super Bowl. The playoff experience on this team is aplenty, and I think if they can make it to Tampa (same place the Phils started their World Series thumping... just sayin..) they can make something happen there.

Later in the week, I'll take a look back at what went right in the Giants game, and more importantly, look ahead to some factors to watch for in the upcoming game at Arizona. Fly Eagles fly!!
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Posted on: January 16, 2009 11:08 am

Back to the NFC Championship!

Eli Manning won a super bowl MVP.   He sure looked good last Sunday. 

Superbowl wins?   When was Arizona in the Super bowl?


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Posted on: January 16, 2009 6:22 am

Back to the NFC Championship!

Every team plays 16 regular season games and the Eagles (like the Giants last year) did enough to make the playoffs.  Who cares about what order they won or lost those 16 games.  Point is they qualified for the playoffs.  The Cardinals final regular season record was only a half game better than the Eagles.  The Cardinals Regular season record isn't wowing anyone either.

The real point is that going into the playoffs the Giants were the hands down favorite.  Last weekend the Eagles destroyed the Giants.  Yes, destroyed.  Anyone who watched the game saw that.   What does that tell you?  The Eagles will beat the Cardinals on Sunday.  The Cardinals are not in the same class as the Eagles and Giants.  The second best team in the NFC (the Giants) is sitting home on Sunday.

Hey it's football.  Anything can happen and this is why they play the games, but any knowledgeable football analyst can tell you that the Eagles should be (and are) the favorites.

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 7:31 pm

Back to the NFC Championship!

Has McNabb won a Super Bowl or ever a Super Bowl MVP. NADA, NOPE!!!

So how can you guys think Warner cant handle the Eagles defense?

The Giants with Plaxico Buress were almost last in YAC. Without him, the Giants SUK.

So in other words, The Eagles beat a pathetic ONE DIMENSIONAL Giants team, yet all you frostbitten East Coasters think the Eagles defensive is great. HAHAHA ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 3:17 pm

Back to the NFC Championship!

you can be serious klone....

That doesn't even sound like an educated guess.

If anything Philly could rack up the points on offense...

Cardinals have a decent offense...but Kurt is gonna have some trouble with this Eagles defense this weekend.

I think the game will be much closer than anyone thinks.    Im predicting Eagles 27 Cardinals 20


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Posted on: January 15, 2009 12:14 pm

Back to the NFC Championship!

Bold prediction, klone, care to say why?  As good as the Cardinals offense is, I have a hard time believing that the Eagles defense, playing as badass as they are right now, would give up 41 points to ANYONE.

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 12:04 pm

Back to the NFC Championship!

Arizona 41-10

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Posted on: January 14, 2009 6:07 pm

Back to the NFC Championship!

The eagles are the superbowl champions. Beat the Giants two times this year Steelers, Vikings and Cardinals and the cowboys in that massacre. Thats how i am sure they are used to competition.

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Posted on: January 14, 2009 3:51 pm

Back to the NFC Championship!

hahahah, miraculous run...are you kidding. They back doored into the playoffs. They needed the sky to fall and oceans to dry up to earn a playoff spot and they got that. A miraculous run is what the Giants did last year. I'm not a Giants fan either.

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Posted on: January 14, 2009 3:46 pm

Back to the NFC Championship!

The Eagles have to pplay good to win. The Cardinals have a dynamic offense and that passing game is the best in the league. I am not scared of the passing offense, but it is more unpredictable with the emergence of a running game in Edgerrrin James. Westbrook has to be able to touch the ball 15-20 times for at least 80 yards. That should open McNabb for some strikes and with an upbeat Eagles team playing I see them winning 28-18

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Posted on: January 14, 2009 3:43 pm

Back to the NFC Championship!

The game is actually at 3pm EST, or 12:00 PST (or 1pm MST, I forget which time zone AZ is in).  I'm sure the cross-country flight won't exactly help them, but I think they can handle it... I agree that they need to play their best though, mistakes will be the difference between a W and a L.  Overall though I feel pretty good about the way this team has been playing- the offense has been a little flat to start out the last 2 games, but they persevere and find their way by the 2nd half.  I also think the Cardinals D will be quite a bit softer than the Vikings and Giants' was, which should help the O and give them some confidence.

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