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Can the Gators or Sooners beat the lowly Lions?

Posted on: December 29, 2008 3:01 pm
Could the Sooners or Gators (assuming that their entire rosters is healthly) beat the 0-16 Detriot Lions. There are plently of future stars on the both the Sooners and Gators but could they match up against an NFL team as bad as the Lions?

Oklahoma: Sam is an eligible sophomore. He plays QB for Oklahoma. In just 2 years he has shown that he has the ability to take over games and become a superstar in the NFL. Sam is 6'4", 220 lbs and he runs between a 4.5-4.6 40 yard dash. His ability to throw his passes accurately and with power on it gives him the chance to be the #1 QB taken and maybe for the Lions the No. 1 pick in the Draft, top 3 pick

Comparison - Eli Manning

Reggie Smith (CB) - Smith is an outstanding athlete who covers a lot of ground in the secondary. He's a versatile defender who can play corner or safety at the next level, 1st rounder

Nic Harris (CB) -Harris is a big-time safety who has the skills to play in coverage or in the box and defend the run. He has great awareness and positions himself well to make plays, 1st rounder

Malcolm Kelly (WR) - Kelly is a big, physical vertical threat who possesses game breaking ability when the ball is in his hands. He gets a quick release off the line, uses his frame to his advantage, and has the ability to make acrobatic receptions with his tremendous athleticism. 1st or 2nd

Other drafties - Juaquin Iglesias, George Robinson, Phil Loadholt, Curtis Loften, and Lendy Holmes.

  Side Note: DeMarco Murray - 3rd most yards from scrimmage in the NCAA this year but is out for the national title game.

Florida: Tebow is one of the best college players ever, wining the Maxwell Award twice, the Heisman, and a National Championship as a freshman (with Chris Leak.) He will probably enter the draft this year because next years draft will be stacked with McCoy, Sanchez, Stafford, etc...He is very physical, makes smart plays, but his slow release is what may hinder his success as a pro. ( 2nd or 3rd round)

Percy Harvin: Percy Harvin, junior, Florida, has been selected AP All-American Second Team for the 2008 college football season as voted on by The Associated Press. The versatile Harvin is averaging 103.0 all-purpose yards per game for the Gators and has scored 16 touchdowns in 2008, nine rushing and seven receiving. He has scored a touchdown in each of the last 14 games he has played in, which is the best in the nation. He has rushed for 538 yards on just 61 carries this season, averaging 8.8 yards per rush, second best in the nation. Harvin leads the Gators with 35 catches and 595 receiving yards, averaging 17.0 yards per catch (1st rounder)

Brandon Spikes: He is just a great linebacker, period. Spikes hits like a ton of bricks and has nice size at 6' 3" 240 lbs. He recorded 87 tackles, 8 TFLs, 2 sacks and 4 INTs in 2008.

Other drafties: Carlos Dunlap, Louis Murray,

Now compare: The Detroit Lions struggle @ virtually every position with the exception of Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith being a few of the bright spots. Both the Sooners and Gators put up points in bunches which could make the game a shoot out. With strong offenses, it helps to cover their slightly suspect defenses. I just saying this would be a good game to have national broadcasted. Picking up what I'm putting down.


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Can the Gators or Sooners beat the lowly Lions?

The USC trojans last night sure looked like they would put up a good fight against the Detroit Lions... Too bad for them they don't get a shot for the national championship.

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Posted on: January 2, 2009 10:54 am

Can the Gators or Sooners beat the lowly Lions?

No Way...neither of these college teams possess enough NFL level talent to ever beat any NFL team. I will say to those that stated that no college football team could ever have beaten any NFL team I say that the 2001 edition of the Miami Hurricanes could beat this years Lions team maybe 1or 2 times out of 10. That team had 15 players on it that are currently on NFL rosters, plus 2 that would be if not for being shot (Sean Taylor and Jerome McDougal). That team would line up with guys like Andre Johnson, Clinton Portis, Ed Reed, Jeremy Shockey, Jonathan Vilma, DJ Williams, Bryant McKinney, Vince Wilfork. The big difference between college and Pro is usually in the O and D lines and UM had 3 NFL players on each line.  

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Can the Gators or Sooners beat the lowly Lions?

Every year this crap argument comes to play, why?  100% of the Detroit roster is made up of guys in the NFL, about 20% of the OK and FLA rosters are made up of guys that might play in the NFL.

Why bring up ridiculous arguments?  Shouldn't we talk about things like "Whose team colors are more festive?"  That is just about as revelant.

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Can the Gators or Sooners beat the lowly Lions?

I disagree.  You are giving the Lions the benefit of the doubt as to the ability of their roster.  I don't believe they have 10 players on their roster that could make any of the other teams rosters, so your argument of a Lions lineup of stars is ridiculous. 

Add to that, their total lack of committment and poor coaching, I believe that OU, Flor., or USC could give them a fair game and have a remote possiblity of winning.

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Can the Gators or Sooners beat the lowly Lions?

jeez lightn' up foottesties, this is supposed to be fun, so lets have fun god dammit!

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Can the Gators or Sooners beat the lowly Lions?

Theres no chance the Lions would lose to a college team. Even if Detroit played their worst game they would still easily beat any college team. The Lions are full of extremely talented former college players, while college teams have a few players that will make it to the NFL at best. And even fewer of those players are likely to be successful in the NFL and start on a regular basis.

Besides the Lions are not the worst team in the NFL, while their record shows that they are the worst I still belive they could beat the Chiefs, Rams, and maybe the Raiders on a decent day.

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Can the Gators or Sooners beat the lowly Lions?

No not even in basketball. I dont care who is on UNC they will not beat an NBA team. Its a different level of competition. These guys are the best of the best. Lawson would get abused by any PG in the NBA. Look what happened to Felton the first two years of him coming to the NBA. It's a different level that needs time to adjust.

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Can the Gators or Sooners beat the lowly Lions?

It would be fun to watch, but there is absolutely no chance that any college football team could beat any pro football team, ever.

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Can the Gators or Sooners beat the lowly Lions?

The differences in talent aside (where it is already lopsided in the Lions favor), there's also the coaching to consider. The NFL coaching schemes are far more complicated than any College scheme. The various blitz packages, coverage patterns, offensive routes, blocking schemes and so on would be enough to confound any College coach or coordinator. The college coaches are used to adhereing to one principle philosophy and they purposefully recruit their players who fit that philosophy. The NFL game is different. The upper management decides what players to get and the coaches are the ones that have to adjust their schemes around those players. This is why a lot of college coaches have a hard time adjusting to the pro game and gets washed out after a few subpar years (see Steve Spurrier and Pete Carroll). Yet when they return to the college ranks, they excel.

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