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Posted on: July 4, 2010 5:57 pm
This is absolutely outrageous that Votto has not been selected for the All Star game.  I honestly think that if an MVP for the NL were to be selected today, Votto would have to be considered as a top canidate. Granted Pujols is a annual selection for 1st base and will likely not be overthrown on votes for a while, Votto still should have been the number two.  AS OF JULY 4th.

Stats: Joey Votto - Average .313 4th NL, Home Runs 19 2nd NL, RBIs 57 4th NL, Slugging .579 1st NL, Runs 53 4th NL, Total Bases 162 3rd NL, On Base .415 2nd NL

If this doesn't spell domination in a league that has been dominated by pitching (Carpenter, Wainwright, Josh Johnson, Jimenez, Gallardo, Garcia, Halladay, Hudson.....) I don't know what does.  I understand that every team needs to be represented but this is unacceptable.  Votto is not a one time All Star (like Aurilla, Hillenbrand....)  He is a future star in this league and this is just the beginning.  He has missed time in the past seasons due to off the field issues and has been overshadowed by Griffey and Dunn as well.  Now that he, and Rolen and Phillips, are the vocal point for the Cincinnati offense, he is shining. 

Here are the stats for Fielder, Pujols, and Gonzalez (the current selections) in the respective categories.

Prince Fielder: Average .266 50th NL, Home Runs 18 4th NL, RBIs 36 49th NL, Slugging .488 20th NL, Runs 50 11th NL, On Base .390 5th NL

Albert Pujols: Average .306 9th NL, Home Runs 20 1st NL, RBIs 60 3rd NL, Slugging .571 3rd NL, Runs 47 22nd NL, On Base .415 1st NL

Adrain Gonzalez: Average .295 29th NL, Home Runs 16 8th NL, RBIs 51 16th NL, Slugging .524 12th NL, Runs 35 43rd NL,  On Base .390 5th NL
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