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Possible Coaching Vacanticies

Posted on: December 20, 2008 3:44 pm
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Ok I have never done a blog before and this is my first entry of a blog post ever.  So much talk and wondering about where Bill Cowher will go, will Marty coach again, will Holmgren and Reid work together and rebuild the 49ers?  Here is my novice guess of what head coaching openings there will be when the season ends.

AFC East:  Buffalo Bills Dick Jauron, I think the losing streak they got on once they started divisional play will cost him his job.  If you cannot beat the teams in your division, why even be there? 

AFC South:  No openings there.  Sure some will think Jack Del Rio is in hot water.  The Jaguars will have to pay him around $10,000,000.00 to cut ties with him.  That alone should make him safe.  Tony Dungy could retire, I highly doubt he will.  The Colts have too much potential for him to hit the road at this time. 

AFC North:  Romeo Crennell is gone for sure after this season.  They went from double digits in wins to double digits in loses within a year, he shows no emotion on the sideline during the games now, and his overall record with the Browns is well below .500. 
Marvin Lewis,I think he is out as well.  Even though they only had Carson Palmer for about four games this year, and the team is still playing hard, it's hard for me to see the Bengals keeping him with their record continuing to get worse every year. 

AFC West:  Herm Edwards will probably be going out the door, as "You play to win the game," and that has not been happening for the Chiefs.  They will also have a new GM next year and doubt the new GM will want to retain a coach who at this time has lead the team to two wins this year.  Tom Cable with the Raiders will also be shown the door, but may get to stay in Oakland as a coordinator.  With Al Davis, he may bring Art Shell back again.

NFC East:  Unless the Redskins get Cowher, Snyder has been courting Cowher behind the scenes since he "retired" from the Steelers Zorn should be safe.  I believe even if the Eagles get into the playoffs Andy Reid leaves on his own.  Rumor is Mike Holmgren will take over as GM of the 49ers and Andy Reid is his pick to become head coach.  However as you will see later on in this blog, I think Singletary stays with the 49ers as head coach.  Reid may want to take a year off or move on to another team as there will be openings.   Wade Phillips probably just earned his pink slip after the game vs the Ravens.  Not only did his team lose their last ever game at Texas Stadium, but the defense allowed two runs longer than 75 yards for touchdowns near the end of the game.  A coach who's background comes from the defensive side of the ball does not allow that to happen.  New stadium for the Cowboys in 2009, along with a new coach.    

NFC North:  No brainer, new GM for the Lions, with their record still at zero wins, new coach coming in. 

NFC South:  Unless one of the coaches in this division resigns, the coaches with their respective teams should return next season.

NFC West:  Holmgren has retired and Mora takes over for the Seahawks next season.  Mike Singletary has done a fine job after taking over the team midseason.  His first couple of weeks were rocky, but the defense has improved and their team has played solid.  He should be back with the 49ers next year.  Jim Hasslett is probably out with the Rams.  They played well for him for the first couple of weeks after he took over, but have been the "Same old Rams" ever since. 

It will be a few weeks before we know if I am right on or way off on these picks.  Like I said this is my first blog so please take it a little easy on me this one time.  Finally hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Possible Coaching Vacanticies

Good job on your first blog!

I have to think that Herm Edwards is going to be around next year with the Chiefs.  Wtih their  GM stepping down, I think Herm gets one more year.  That said, if next year gets off to a rocky start he is going home early in the season.  I also wouldn't be surprised if Norv Turner in Charger land isn't in hot water two.  I think it depends on how these last two games go.  If the Chargers get help from the Broncos in week 16, Norv could win the division title and be off the hook.  If he splits these last two games, then he may be in the same boat as Herm Edwards.  - Boozers

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