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Where the hells Don Fehr on this one?

Posted on: December 29, 2008 2:06 am
I'd like to hear the players union jump in on this Mark Teixeira deal to the Yankees.  For years the union has been jumping in, pressuring various free agents to take the best possible deal, sticking its nose where it has no business.  Now Teixeira not only snubs the Nationals better offer to sign with the Yankees, but never even gave them the chance to up their offer, which by all accounts they clearly would have.   Let someone like Tim Redding or Willy Tavares sign for even a few less bucks, and Fehr will be screaming bloody murder. 
Actually, I'm sick to death of hearing Don Fehr's rantings about all the injustices of a group so pampered as the MLPA.  If only we could all be so deprived.  Yet when he has the opportunity to jump in on the issue he's been so militant about, he remains strangely quiet.  This is more proof that the MLPA caters to its select few superstars, ignoring the wants and needs of its majority. 
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