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Walk Softly

Posted on: April 14, 2010 4:13 pm
Walk softly, knowing you carry the biggest stick.

Whichever metaphor you want to put to the phrase or however your mind wraps around the concept understand this.

The short little Irish Catholic man that runs the Steelers has no problems with letting it dangle, he just doesn't talk about it.

There's no denying that the trade of Santonio Holmes was a non-verbal, non-physical slap upside the head of the Steelers' locker room. If the Jets had not offered up a 5th round pick for 'Smokey' Holmes he would have been cut, plain and simple.

The message is an easy read. It's time to start doing things the Rooney way or you will all be finding new homes.

It's about damn time IMO.

I've listened to some people spout off about how a 5th round pick was inadequate compared to Santonio's value, and it's hard to disagree. However if you put it in the context of zero return or little return it makes a great deal of difference. If Holmes was released he could of signed anywhere with no return on the Steelers investment of drafting, training, educating and preparing Santonio to be a NFL caliber receiver. A fifth round pick is a decent return on a player that you would have otherwised gained nothing from in releasing. Remember, the Jets will be without Homes for the first 4 games of the season so a higher draft pick would have been out of the question. Add to this the proximity to the draft and how little time there was for negotiating and the Steelers made out very well for a player they wanted rid of.

I agree with the trade 100%.

The question now will be whether or not the rest of the club understands the message.

With a quarterback that is as dumb as he is gifted the clock is ticking on his tenure in the 'Burgh'. If Ben Roethlisberger doesn't keep his nose out of the 'pile' there won't be anyone left to wash his face.

In Ben's first podium speech pleading his innocence in a sexual assault incident, yeah there's more than one, Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin stood by his side in a show of support. This time he stood all alone.

That shows exactly what the front office and coaching staff think of Ben's behavior.

Tick, Tick, Tick...

I find it hard to believe that Mr. Rooney won't suspend Ben for a minimum of 2 games. 4 is the number that comes to mind, but will Roethlisberger continue to behave in a juvenile manor? IMO it's only a matter of time until he strays from the straight and narrow and finds himself on a bus out of town. Believe it or not there is a possibility of Ben being moved on draft day, it's been reported (Ed Bouchette 1250AM) that the Rooney's, after hearing the Georgia D.A.'s press conference, are so disgusted that the talk of moving Ben began immediately after.

So what if Ben was to be traded? Would you have a problem with it? If he came to your favorite team, would you cheer for him?

I guess Ben should have looked the history of the Steelers over a little better.

Maybe he could have kept his stick from dangling in public, then he wouldn't have to talk at all.


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Posted on: April 30, 2010 2:01 pm

Walk Softly

Today it's being reported that Santonio Holmes was taken off an airplane at Pittsburgh International Airport after he refused to turn off his iPod and was disruptive.
The guy has a ton of talent. It's too bad he can't keep his act together off the field. He's blowing it.
The same can be said for Ben Roethlisberger at this point, though he's only on strike two. 
Remember what Mike Tomlin told the team his first season as coach. There always seems to be "that guy" in the headlines for the wrong reason. "Don't be that guy!"

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Posted on: April 30, 2010 8:16 am

Walk Softly

So what if Ben was to be traded? Would you have a problem with it? If he came to your favorite team, would you cheer for him?

I'd be pissed if the Patriots got Ben Roethlisberger and that would obviously be assuming Tom Brady was out of the picture.  Heck if Brady cries all year like he did last year I'll be ready to see his arse go, not that I don't appreciate all that he did for the team.  Honestly I wish the Pats had dumped Nick Kaczur after he got busted with drugs and ratted out his dealer to get out of it.

People like to make sports stars out to be more than human.  I love to root for my team as much as anybody but I realize a lot of those guys aren't great guys.  The smart ones do a good job of hiding that and in the end I'm fine with that because ultimately it's a business.  By the same token, for as much money as they make I feel like I deserve to at least have them hide it if that's the best they can do.  I have no right to dictate what they do in their private lives but those lives are only private if they take extreme caution to keep it that way and as the customer I feel they owe that to me.

I could name a buch of athletes past and present that I am a big fan of but very few that I admire.  However Chris Spielman is a guy I do admire.  He gave up his profession and what he loved at his peek to take care of his wife and be there for his family.  It's not a common thing to see anyone, let alone an athlete with lots of money, do the right thing like this.  The most overlooked part s by doing that he accomplished far more than he ever could have on the field.  That's a guy I really wish had played for my team.  He got some media coverage for what he did but if he had been arrested and missed that time on the field he would have gotten 20 times more.  It's where we've moved to as a society.

I love to root against the Steelers.  Much to my chagrin, they are often a good measuring stick in the NFL.  After you play them you get a feel for where your team really stands.  They are also a team that will hit you in the mouth from start to finish on the field but will also represent the game as well as any team in the league off the field.  I give Rooney credit for making some tough decisions but remembering what's most important in life and making the right ones.  Santonio's behavior that led to his supension was terrible but his actions toward the fans after were absolutely unacceptable.  He's another guy I want nowhere near my team's roster.  He's a perfect example of a spoiled athlete.

As for Ben,  I hope he didn't do what he's accused of because the last thing the world needs is another assault on a young lady but I think he at the very least crossed the line.  If that is the case the only bright side to the story is that he will be forced to get help.  It may or may not work but it's better than nothing.  The guy is a great QB, hopefully he can learn to be a better person.  I'm sure a lot of people will continue to support the guy but growing up looking out for 2 older sisters, I have a lot of bad feelings about him.  The one thing I can say though is I can trust the Rooney family to do the right thing.  More organizations should pay attention to them and take notes.  They not only produce a great product but also one that they can always be proud of.  They understand that money is only part of the equation.

Good blog Ironman.  I'll catch you again next time.  Take care.

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