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Letter to Crabtree; Niner fan must read

Posted on: October 7, 2009 8:07 pm

A Nice letter from Niner fan to Mr. Crabtree

by 49er Faithful

Dr. Mr. Crabtree

As I write this I hope that you are enjoying a nice clam chowder bread bowl and taking in the beautiful scenery of what will be your home for the next six years. Yes, after months of holding out you decided that 17 million dollars guaranteed wasn’t so bad after all for the guy who went 10th overall in the draft. It’s been a very interesting summer hasn’t it Mike? And as your friend and fellow Bay Area resident, I thought I should let you know that moving into your new place and getting used to the fog are the least of your worries.

If you think you can just step into the league and dominate like you did in college, you are sadly mistaken. Nobody doubts your talent Mike. You were a beast in college, arguably one of the best collegiate receivers ever. But college success as a wide receiver doesn’t always translate into the NFL. For every Calvin Johnson, there’s a Mike Williams. For every Andre Johnson, there’s a Rashaun Woods. Who’s Rashaun Woods? Exactly Mike, exactly. So the fact that you were good in college means absolutely nothing now. And I know you have great physical tools, but the fact that you missed training camp is huge. I know you’ve most likely been training all summer in the weight room and on the track, but the fact of the matter is you haven’t been hit by a COLLEGE PLAYER in more than 9 months. So make sure your chinstrap is buckled nice and tight, because I’m sure this is no secret to you, but the boys in the NFL hit a whole lot harder than anyone who tackled you at Texas Tech.

The hardest part of your assimilation into a San Francisco 49er though won’t be on the football field, it’ll be winning over the many people who have written you off as a spoiled diva. You have become the face of greedy athletes in all of sports. Holdouts happen every year, but not like this. The fans will be the easiest. If you produce on the field, all the drama of the summer will be forgotten. Even the most cynical fans will be chanting your name once you start catching touchdowns. The media will be a little harder, but once you start producing they will also begin to sing your praises. The hardest guys to win over are going to be the guys in your own locker-room. These guys went through an entire training camp together, have been battling for the past month together, and now you roll in expecting to be one of the guys? These guys have had to answer questions about you all summer, so don’t be surprised is they are the happiest of people to see you. But if you do all the right things and be a good accountable teammate, you will eventually win them over as well.

Lets just call it like it is Mike, you basically drew a line in the sand and said “You pay me this or I’m not signing.” And the Niners said forget about it. So you ran away, you changed your cell phone so teammates couldn’t call you, and expected the 49ers to get off to such a bad start that they’d come crawling back to you offering you whatever you wanted. But a funny thing happened, the 49ers got off to a great start. They started winning games with great defense and an efficient offense. They created great team chemistry and realized they didn’t really need you as bad as they originally thought. So you came back down to earth realized that you should take the deal they were offering, cause going back into the draft isn’t going to make you any richer.

So welcome to the Bay Mike. I don’t think you’re a bad guy, just a guy who got some bad advice and didn’t know any better. I look forward to watching you catch Touchdowns for many years to come. If you and MC Hammer need help carrying boxes into your new place, gimme a call. And good luck, cause its going to be a long October.

Your Pal,

Niner Fan 

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Letter to Crabtree; Niner fan must read

Couldn't have said it better...

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