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Division Power Rankings... Do You Agree?

Posted on: August 12, 2009 8:29 am
Edited on: August 14, 2009 8:50 am
Here is how I believe all the teams in every division will finish. Starting with the 

AFC North-

Ravens- Derrick Mason is back and Baltimore is stronger now than ever before. But they cannot slip AT ALL, or the Steelers win.

Steelers- I think they could take the division very easily if the Ravens make so much as a tiny slip, and with the Steelers in the division, that tiny slip may turn into a landslide.

Bengals- Bottom line is, Carson Palmer is healthy. Cedric Benson is ready to break out. Ocho-Cinco must go though.

BrownsBrady Quinn will have a fun time as a year round starter (assuming he wins the job, which he should) in the same division with the 1st and 2nd best defenses in the league respectively.

AFC South-

Colts- Manning throws, Anthoney Gonzalez, Dallas Clark, and Reggie Wayne catch. It's quite simple.

Texans- Matt Schaub is healthy now. As long as he, Andre Johnson, and Steve Slaton stay that way, then they should take 2nd.

Titans- The Titans could finish over theTexans very simply, but I don't think they will. My problem with this team is not losing Haynesworth or the receivers, it's about the QB situation. I realize Kerry Collins was running the offense efficently last year, but you have incredibly good talent on the bench with Vince Young. He is raw and needs to develop in the NFL more. So you throw him in this year, let your defense and running game take you, and drag him along. Then you have a younger team and smooth sailing for years to come.

Jaguars- Disappointing best describes this team. Everything is there this year, but Garrad needs to step his game up.

AFC East- 

Patriots- Must I even right anything?

Dolphins- They can easily take down the Bills and Jets. Tough schedule though and that will make 2nd hard to get but possible.

Bills- ....7-9.... Bye Dick Jauron. Terrell Owens is aging. Edwards isn't experienced enough to correctly use a target like Owens. Marshawn Lynch isn't there for the first games, but Jackson is a capable back-up.

Jets- Their defense could take this team and they could surprise and finish higher. I just don't think that will happen. Mark Sanchez is probably the starter, and rookie Shonn Greene will have a lot of carries and could lead the team in carries, yards, and touchdowns.

AFC West-

Chargers- They should finish with over 10 wins and easily take the division. Phillip Rivers is becoming elite, and LaDanian never stopped being elite (1,100 yard is a "bad" or "down" season).

Chiefs- Matt Cassel will take this team to great levels. L.J. is also getting good reports.

Raiders- As long as Jamarcus Russell can step up and play at the No. 1 overall pick level he should be, then they can beat out the lowly Broncos.

Broncos- Josh McDaniels, for you I have 1 thing... ???

NFC North- 

Vikings-Adrian Peterson is going strong as ever, and so is the defense. Percy Harvin adds explosiveness, and the only question is, who will be throwing to him? As long as one of the two QBs can become solid, then they should take the division.

BearsMatt Forte can run and catch like a younger Brian WestbrookJay Cutler can throw as we all know, he just needs someone to throw to. Jauqine Iglecias is a good addition, to a shallow receiving corps hosting a converted DB.

Packers- The transition to the 3-4 will help the defense immensely. Aaron Rogers has developed into a very good franchise QB, and Ryan Grant is running strong.

Lions- Just because they finish last in the division doesn't mean they aren't going to be a good team. I expect about 4-6 wins, but the reason they finish last is that they are in a really strong division.

NFC East-

Eagles- Brian Westbrook is healthy. Donavan McNabb is healthy. DeSean JacksonLeSean McCoy, and Jeremy Maclin are a young mix of talented, explosive players on offense. This year, they go all the way.

GiantsBrandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw andAndre Brown create a good trio of talented running backs. Eli Manning is an accomplished QB but has no accomplished receiver to throw to. Hakeem Nicks could develop, but that is not  rookie season thing.

Cowboys- No drama is a boost. But Terrell was a boost to the team stat wise, and the passing game will miss him. Roy E. Williams needs to step up and so does Jason Witten (if he can step up anymore). But this will be a run-oriented team with Felshardion (Felix JonesTashard ChoiceMarion Barber) plowing defenses. The should be good but the other teams are so strong in the division that its hard for them to go above 3rd.

Redskins- Jason Campbell needs to prove himself. Now or never for him and Jim Zorn.

NFC South-

Cardinals- Not much has changed last year player wise. The front office saw the offensive coordinator Todd Haley leave as a head coach of the Chiefs, and Ken Wisenhut left as well. But they should be playoff contenders again with the strong trio of WRs and QB, with new gem Beanie Wells running the ball.

Seahawks- I have no doubt that Matt Hasselback will return to his 2005 form with T.J. Houshmanzadeh downfield. Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett should run over opponents and the defense has a nice new shiny toy with Aaron Curry.

49ersShaun Hill should win the QB battle but Michael Crabtreehas been a hold-out and may just not play this year and be re-drafted in 2010. Josh Morgan is a very good quality receiver though, and coupled with Issac Bruce, Hill or Smith should have targets. Defense will be strong under Singletary and Gore will continue to cruise over opponents.

Rams- They will be the WORST team in the league, which is to bad for Steven Jackson because he is a  star. 

NFC South-

Falcons- Matt Ryan isn't a rookie and Michael Turner is just blossoming. Add in a very nice receiving core with Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, and Tony Gonzalez, and you have a recipe for success.

Saints- They have Malcom Jenkins signed, and Marques Colston and Reggie Bush finally healthy. They will be hot on Atlanta's tail trying to steal the division, and with Drew Brees, thats certainly possible.

Panthers- Jake Delhomme is what worries me about the team. He wasn't as consistent as usual last year and he needs to be. "Double Trouble" will be a force again, and Julius Peppers is back with a formidable defense.

Buccaneers- If it weren't for the Rams, they would be the worst team in the league because of a bad QB situation. Josh Freeman should start but is no Joe Flacco or Matt Ryan. Defense should be OK and the running game sufficent, but not anything great.
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Posted on: August 21, 2009 1:16 am

Division Power Rankings... Do You Agree?

The Steelers will win their division...The 49ers (in the NFC WEST) will not do too bad this year, maybe an 8-8 year, with a chance at winning the division...and i disagree with others but do not feel like I need to say it...they have already been stated below....

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Posted on: August 20, 2009 9:48 pm

Division Power Rankings... Do You Agree?

Never said he was top accuracy, just that it was his ROOKIE season. Give him a chance when it isn't his ROOKIE season.

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Posted on: August 16, 2009 12:43 am

Division Power Rankings... Do You Agree?

First, Ravenfan.  Are you seriously saying that Flacco is a Top accuracy QB in the League?  Do you think they can win 11 games with him throwing two picks and a horrible QB rating?  That D is getting old and won't carry them forever.  Once again, I am from Delaware so I've been watching Flacco since he transferred here, and root for him on the Ravens, but he has to make plays this year.

DEMANN55...The Bengals are not that bad a team with a healthy Carson Palmer.  Kid took them to one of the best records in the league before getting hurt.  I don't see it being a long shot that they finish ahead of BMore.  And you are saying the Texans will finish 10-6.  That won't win the division??  I can tell you are not an NFC East fan, but Dallas will win 11 games this yearPERIOD and the Panthers have talent but they never seem to put it all together like they should.

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Posted on: August 14, 2009 10:22 pm

Division Power Rankings... Do You Agree?

The Bengals over the Ravens?... Seriously! --- I think, Bengals 6-10, maybe 7-9 with luck..

Texans conference winners?... Seriously! --- I think,  Texans 9-7 maybe 10-6

 O.M.G.  Cowboys conference winners?... Seriously! --- I think, Cowgirls 9-7 (kidding...sorry) Cowboys... Maybe 10-6
;     &nbs
p;    But I hope the Cowboys do win the conference, I can't stand the other 3...

Panthers in 3rd?... Seriously???--- I think, Panthers  10-6 maybe 11-5

But, who knows?

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Posted on: August 14, 2009 10:05 pm

Division Power Rankings... Do You Agree?

I was HONESTLY NOT PUTTING A HOMETOWN PICK HERE. Clearly look what I put. THEY CANNOT SLIP!!! And DirrtyBrains, Flacco's accuracy is not a problem at all. He was, A ROOKIE, who at this point last year, thought he was a third string QB. Again, I wouldn't have a problem with you questioning Flacco if it wasn't based on his ROOKIE year. He made a big jump. In 4 months he went from Blue Hen, to NFL starter in the division with the toughest defense. I respect your opinion nevertheless, just don't agree with it because of the support behind it.

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Posted on: August 14, 2009 6:51 pm

Division Power Rankings... Do You Agree?

Great hometown pick with the Ravens my man.  But no way Flacco leads them to more than 11 wins, which is what the Steelers will do.  Here are my predictions

AFC East
If Brady can stay healthy, this division is a no brainer as in years past.  They won 11 games without him last year, so I think they will win at least 12.  Buffalo should be tough this year.  T.O always does a great job in his first year with a new team and Edwards is no slouch.  Miami had a cake schedule last year and did what they were supposed to do.  I think they win 9 games though.  The Jets will throw Sanchez in there and get eaten alive.  If they run run run they have a shot to win 8 games.

AFC North
Steelers have the best organization in the League, and enough talent to win this division.  Their defense is ridiculous.  You might be suprised at my Bengels pick, but this is because I believe that Palmer will return to form.  Remember he was a Top 3 QB two years ago, and may have went to the Super Bowl had he not gotten hurt in the Playoffs.  OchoCinco is hungry and determined to shed last years nightmare.  Their defense has to step up in that tough division.  I think they are a playoff team.  The Ravens have a Top 3 Defense and if they can still play they will be tough of that side of the ball.  The big question is Flacco, now I know you guys will say he played good last year, but his numbers beg to differ.  He can manage the team, and if he limits his turnovers they have a shot.  I'm from Delaware so I've been watching Flacco for some time and he has a cannon for an arm but his accuracy is a question.  The Browns are the Browns and will probably win 5 games.  Quinn has to start playing to get them prepared for the future.

AFC South
Ok bring on the hate.  I love Schaub and Andre.  Slaton is going to run heavy and catch a lot of balls out of the backfield.  Their defense is forever improving (Mario Willams, Ryans are beasts) and it's about time they get over the 8-8 hump and have a winning season.  This is probably the second toughest division in the league, and 10 wins could win the division. but I'll give them 11.  The Colts are losing there coach, Marivin Harrison on top of Manning being a year older.  I think this franchise is on the decline, and big questions at RB don't help.  Can Gonzalez fill the #2 WR role?  Can the defese continue to play big?  Many questions in Indy.  Titans have one of the best defenses and last years run was remarkable.  Collins is a year older but can manage a team with the best of them.  Losing Haynesworrth hurts on D, and Nate Washington is a great addition @ WR.  Will Vince Young's number be called on?  Running game is still great will Johnson and Petron free White should take a lot of carries.  They should win 8 games.  The Jags are as tough a 4th seed in their division as any.  Garrad is great and Defense is older, but still good, but don't  have much talent on the offensive side of the ball.  Fred Taylor's loss will be big, because I don't think MJD can carry the load.

AFC West
Simply the second worst division in the League.   Chargers should win easily with LT returning to form for a year and Rivers throwing all over the place.  If Gates statys healthy it will open up things for up and coming Vincent Jackson.  Chargers won win 8 like last year and get in, I give them an easy 10.  Yes, the Raiders.  They are young, mobile, with a good defense.  McFadden will run for over 1500yds and solidfy himself the the number 1 man in the backfield. The Lorenzo Neal addition helps tremendously as he has helped LT become who he is.  Watch out for them over the next couple of years.  The Chiefs look good with Cassel but he doesn't have the talent like he did in New England.  The loss of Gonzalez will hurt a lot, and Bowe doesn't seem to be turning into the superstar the team thought he would.  They will struggle to get 6 wins.  The Broncos have to be the laughing stock of the League right now,giving up a Top 5 QB and McDaniels not making friends with Marshall.  I don't know what else to say about them.  They have a horrible year.

NFC East
Cowboys lose T.O, which is crazy to me.  He was a very good weapon and helped Romo a lot.  There are a lot of questions.  Can Roy live up to the hype?  I think he will, and Crayton has great hands.  They have Witten and Bennet to throw to over the middle.  That is very scary.  The run game will carry them this season (Barber, Felix and Choice) and Romo will mange the game really well.  The defense must shy away from the mental mistakes that have dug holes for them over the years.  They are in good shape to go a long way.  Philly is always a favorite with McNabb and the addition of Mccoy and Maclin as well as TE Ingram.  Philly is scary on offense and juse got Michael Vick.  We could have a whole segment on him, but he is a great backup and should see action alongside McNabb.  Losing Dawkins and Hobbs, and Westbrooks health is always a high factor.  The Redskins inproved on defense tremendously with the addtion of Haynesworth and drafting Orakpo.  Campbell needs a good year to remain the Redskins QB.  If Portis can stay healthy they can challenge any team in this division.  The Giants losing Burress is huge I think bigger than the loss of T.O, because Eli is a question mark to me.  Just signed a huge contract, and he has a ring that he didn't think he could get, LOL.  The defense is big for them as usual, but can they stay healthy as Osi was lost for the whole year.  I think they will struggle a lot but could be third in the division.  They are a hit or miss with me.  They could win 10 games or just 6.  This is the toughes division is sports!!

NFC North
The Pack have the best QB in the division, and have the cold on their side LOL.  They have a strong Defense and Ryan Grant should be huge for them this season.  I think they will end up with an identical record as the Vikes, but win the tie breaker.  Vikings have the best RB in the league in Peterson and he should run all over this division, but questions at QB are the reason they will finish 2nd and maybe out of the playoffs.  That D-Line is great as well.  The Bears upgrade at QB but Cutler won't have the weapons he did in Denver.  Olsen and Forte will have big years thanks to his arrival.  If Hester can become an every down receiver they could challenge in this division.  The Lions will win a couple of games with Stafford gettin broken into this cold, cold division.  He will find Megatron for over 12 scores.

NFC South
He who finishes last, finishes first.  This has been the creed of this division for the most part over the last 10 years.  I love the Saints offense and if their defense can at least hold teams to 27 a game, then Brees will do the rest.  Pierre Thomas will be huge this year and Colston should bounce back from his injured thumb.  Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Roddy White, and o yea Tony Gonzalez make the Falcons Super Bowl picks.  I look for Ryan to have the sophomore slump though.  Turner will lose carries, because they will throw more for some reason.  I would ride that horse all the way to the NFC Championship, but I'm sitting in front of this computer at my 9-5.  Falcons will be tought and this year is dependant on Matt Ryans' arm.  The Panthers have been hanging on for years, but they can't get over the hump.  Steve Smith is pound for pound the best player in the league.  I would love to see him at RB.  Peppers is back for the D-Line so they will be tough and their secondary is exceptionally good.  Delhomme is getting old and I can't forget that 5int playoff game.  the Buccs don't know who their QB will be.  Leftwich has a year left in him I think, but the Buccs are looking toward the future with Freeman getting drafted so early.  Their defense will keep them in most games, but the offense is a big question

NFC West
The worst, I repeat, THE WORST division in sports right now.  Cardinals swept this division last year but struggles with the remainder of the league.  They will win this one easy.  The Seahawks still have Hassleback and added a new toy in TJ Houszyamomma.  The running game is a question, but their offense can put up points.  The 49ers will improve.  Shaun Hill or Smith will control the reigns.  Frank Gore is a horse and they should ride him all year as they've been doing for the past few. And the Rams, well they have Steven Jackson.

That's it guys.  Let me know what you think.  Did I rate your team too low or just right?

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Posted on: August 13, 2009 6:41 pm

Division Power Rankings... Do You Agree?

A bit of a homerism, but look at our schedule.  Dom Capers will turn things around.  The only other person I think I would have wanted to retool our D would be the late great Jim Johnson, 3-4 or not.  Losing those close games last year can be taken out of the equation and I still like GB to win the division this year.  

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Posted on: August 13, 2009 5:56 pm

Division Power Rankings... Do You Agree?

that was to reggie bush by the way. 

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Posted on: August 13, 2009 5:54 pm

Division Power Rankings... Do You Agree?

wow. youre an idiot. nfc east? redskins in front of the eagles and cowboys?  thats the easiest pick in the entire league. and the patriots and colts not winning their divisions. come on man. think before you post next time. plus the saints won't get by the falcons or panthers.  

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Posted on: August 13, 2009 4:34 pm

Division Power Rankings... Do You Agree?


I understand your homerism, we all have it. But don't go on here and say you lost 7 games by 21 points as your arguement that you will win the division hands down. Your defense still has to get the 3-4 down and maybe they will. Your team always has injuries. I hope no one gets injured this year

I admit your team is way better than 6-10. But to say hands down is ridiculous. IMO It will be a three team race and it will depend on how we each do against non divisional teams, because most teams in the North will split there series'

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