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Week 3 Power Rankings.

Posted on: September 26, 2009 10:19 am
1. Giants- The only thing better then getting Plaxico out of town, was getting Mario Manningham in town. Steve Smith and Manningham are a deadly combination, and they have the QB to make it work. They go 3-0 this week against Tampa.
2. Ravens- Darren Sproles, meet Ray Lewis. And you thought he was done. The secondary is scaring me a little bit this year, but then again, Rivers is a top 5 QB (statistically speaking) and the Ravens face only 2 more top-flight passing attacks this season (New England, Green Bay). They go 3-0 this week against Cleveland.
3. Saints- What's the magic number? 60. That is the number of touchdowns Drew Brees will get this year to shatter Tom Brady's two year old record. Can anyone stop them?
4. Jets- It pains me to hand off the defensive title to Pittsburgh every week, so I'm glad I get to give it to the Jets. Darrel Revis WILL be defensive MVP. Sanchez, future Rookie of the Year, reminds me of Joe Flacco with Rex Ryan at the helm, and this team will go far. They go 3-0 this week against Tennessee.
5. Atlanta- The quietest top 5 team ever. They have not only been an offensive power house, but are playing strong defense too. Losing Peria Jerry will be a problem though, and thats why they stay at 5 and don't surpass the Jets. They go 3-0 this week against New England
6. Pittsburgh- Did that loss really just happen? They need to get back on track, but there is something missing, Troy Polamalu. Without Polamalu, the defense has lost its fluency and aggressiveness. Where is the run game, by the way? They go 2-1 this week against Cincinnati.
7. Vikings- Brad Childress made the right move looking to Favre. But the story in Minneapolis is if anyone will be able to stop future MVP Adrian Peterson. Percy Harvin will also win an award, for Offensive Rookie of the Year. They go 3-0 this week against San Francisco.
8. Chargers- It wasn't all bad against Baltimore, Philip Rivers had a career day. Losing Jamal Williams is a gigantic blow to the run defense though. L.T. is having another injury bitten year and the team can't stop now, or it will be a long year. They go 2-1 this week against Miami.
9. Indianapolis- Time is not a virtue here. Miami DOMINATED the clock. But Manning was Manning and the team pulled of a close 27-23 win. Was it to close though? They go 3-0 this week against Arizona.
10. Patriots- Will it be the Tom Brady in the last 5 minutes of the Buffalo game, or the other Brady showing up against Atlanta? The defense is looking very exposed and losing Mayo only worsens it. The talent is here, thats why they are at 10, but things need to be pulled together. They go 1-2 this week against Atlanta.
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Posted on: September 26, 2009 11:10 am

Week 3 Power Rankings.

I like these. Weird having teams like the Ravens and Jets in places you'd expect the Colts and Pats to be but that's the way it is apparently. Your point about us only having 2 more tough passing offenses left is excellent, the Chargers were probably the biggest threat that way with their army of tall WR's and with only 2 similar passing games left we should expect great things. Go Ravens!

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