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It's old, overused and cliche...but-Yankees SUCK

Posted on: December 28, 2008 4:44 pm
Yup...first post...but it has to be said.

I am usually pretty reasonable when it comes to my natural dislike for the Yankees. I can speak civillily to Yankee rubes and actually have informed, rational conversations.

I respect what they've accomplished; one cannot argue with 26 rings. They run a profitable, successful enterprise and one can't really fault them for that.

But ***....Tiexeria was supposed to be a Red Sox, and Dominican news sources (how reliable those are, I don't know) are saying that Manny is preparing to be a Yankee.

God, I *** hate the goddamn Yankees. They can go suck a big fat one.

I am impressed that some Sox fans can think rationally.

I know, in my heart, that the Yankees are doing what they've done the past 5-6 years and filling holes with over-priced talent and that hasn't really worked for them. The Yankees do have a decent farm system, what with what they haven't traded away. The Sox and Rays in the division both have superior farm systems. Hughes and Kennedy are going to be asked to step up again where they failed last year and it seems no one can agree on what to do with Joba.

I know all of this is true.

I still hate the Mother *** Yankees right now.

Cashmoney and Hal can go jump off a *** pier.

Scott Boras is a mother *** too, but in a general sense. All agents are evil. Granted, he's not a part of the Yankees and therefore I didn't choose to bitch speficially here.  But yeah, he can piss off anytime too.

*** them all. I hate hot-stove baseball.

I'd give my left arm right now to shoot ahead a year and see if this experiment fails....see the Yankees get post-season CC who doesn't show up and gains 50 pounds while visiting Village eateries...see Tiexeria get hooked up with Madonna and A-rod in some messed-up love triangle that ultimately screws up his swing...see Jeter have another sub-par year like he did last year and get traded to the Pirates for some Big League Chew.... and see Manny get lost on the 6 Train and miss half the home games.

That will make me feel better.

I'm sure Max Kellerman would blow Hank Steinbrenner right now if he could. Asshat. Stephen A Smith, Michael Kay, all those NYC radio freaks are gonna have some wild orgy with each other over the next few months. I'm not gonna watch ESPN for the next several months. Thank god for NESN.

I swear, I'm working this out. I'll be fine tomorrow.
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