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Bull Pen Briefs

Posted on: May 5, 2009 5:14 pm
This is a special edition of the Bull Pen Briefs as it's late. Yeah I was supposed to post it Friday, but those plans didn't materialize. Instead I spent time with the girlfriend. I suppose I could have posted it on Saturday. But I was busy at the Blue Jays-Orioles game. Can you believe she got me tickets to the game. Amazing I know.

As for the game itself, the Blue Jays emerged victorious in 11 innings, but a few things were brought to my attention.
1- Adam Jones is a complete monster. No longer a third outfielder, moving nearer to the Nick Markakis tier with each passing day.
2- Aaron Hill is money. 20hr is so easily there.
3- Jason Frasor gets you a win in an inning of work. He will win 10 games this year.
4- Dany Baez is the best reliever the Orioles.

Of course since my last post a few things have changed, Joel Hanrahan lost his job in Washington. I'm not too overly concerned he's the only one on that club with the stuff to be a closer, he'll wind up back there soon enough. That is if Joe Beimel doesn't pitch as well as he did last season, and before his DL stint.
Brandon Morrow has found his way to the DL. Not surprising. Making David Aardsma the closer by default, and giving him instantly more value then premier set up man Carlos Marmol. I wouldn't be shocked if Morrow is on and off the DL this season. Something just isn't right in that shoulder.

So here's your quick run down.

Top Ten Saves Leaders-

1- Heath Bell- 8sv, 9k, 0.00era, 0.69whip
2- Frank Francisco- 8sv, 10k, 0.00era, 0.62whip
3- Jonathan Broxton- 7sv, 23k, .69era, 0.42whip
4- Francisco Cordero- 7sv, 11k, 2.70era, 1.40whip
5- Ryan Franklin- 7sv, 10k, 0.00era, 0.53whip
6- Jonathan Papelbon- 7sv, 13k, 1.50era, 1.42whip
7- Brian Fuentes- 6sv, 13k, 7.00era, 1.89whip
8- Bobby Jenks- 6sv, 8k, 2.00era, 1.11whip
9- Chad Qualls- 6sv, 14k, 1.80era, 1.00whip
10- Fernando ROdney- 6sv, 7k, 4.50era, 1.10whip

Surprise Save of the Week-

1- Micheal Wuertz- 1-1, 1sv, 13k, 1.98era, 0.88whip-  Hold your horses. Wuertz only got the save chance because current closer Brad Zeigler was sick. Of course that doesn't mean that he doesn't have any fantasy value. Those ratios are good, and the strike outs are nice too. If you're looking for a guy to help out the era and whip, (K/9) if you've got it. Then Wuertz is a player you should target.

Guys to Watch-

1- Huston Street-  0-1, 3sv, 12k, 5.56era, 1.32whip- Well it looks like Manny Corpas has lost the job...again. Street is back in the role after picking up two saves within the last week. So if you're struggling, then Huston may be right up your alley. Come I couldn't seriously put street again could I?

2- Jose Arredondo- 1-0, 18k, 5.68era, 1.42whip- Considering how poorly he's pitched, you may think I'd give up on him. Not likely. 18/3 K/BB ratio, no home runs surrendered, and a crazy .469 Babip. The kid is far to good to end up with numbers any where near these. He'll finish the year with the Scarlet C. It' s only a matter of time.

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Posted on: May 7, 2009 8:54 pm

Bull Pen Briefs

Thanks for the comments guys.

As for other speculative save guys I'd be looking at Washington once again. I know that they've gone with the new fad of closer by committee, but since his demotion from the ninth inning role Hanrahan has pitched well.

Another note of interest. If you take out just one of his 3 run outings his season era drops from 6.00 to 3.75. Another note I found extremely interesting was the fact that his era is still lower then other higher ranked closers.

You'll just have to check out to get the rest of the insight.

As for Penn. He's always been a guy with "the stuff" but he's never been able to harness it completely.

There are a few other guys available in a few of my leagues that have drawn my attention. Danys Baez, Juan Cruz, Ryan Madson, Mark DeFelice, and Manny Delcarmen just to name a few.

Thanks for commenting and make sure to check out friday's edition of Bull Pen Briefs,  as well as two new Player Spot Light blog entries on Saturday.

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Posted on: May 5, 2009 9:23 pm

Bull Pen Briefs

Last Bullpen Brief's I suggested Hayden Penn as a relief pitcher to watch. As I write this I'm watching the Marlin play the Reds and Penn is taking the mound. I love Penn's stuff, like Arredondo his strikeout rate is high and he can dominate for stretches. After watching him pitch an inning he got two outs, allowed a double to Hariston, intentionally walked Votto . . . ha ha and now has allowed a three run bomb to Brandon Phillips.  Considering how poorly he's pitched, you may think I'd give up on him.Your words seem to fit best here. I left of the "Not Likely" because my faith is not being rewarded with results. I'm dangling my feet off the bandwagon, but I still like Penn's stuff. He seems to leave his fastball up in the zone which is obviously a killer. But he does have a really good curve and what looks like a splitter, so I'll stay tuned before touting him any further.

Another name I'd like to drop on you is Felipe Paulino. He performed reasonably well in four starts, but has recently been assigned to the bullpen. Valverde however is banged up, and performing fairly poorly even when he's healthy, I believe Paulino might be groomed for a closers role later in the year. The Astros seem to love Paulino's arm, but he tends to lose steam during his starts. So my thinking is that they are on that same wave length and want to try him in the bullpen. Of course his first effort in relief was not what I might call a success, it will probably take a few outings to get used to the role after being a starter for pretty much his whole career. Now I realize after my Penn tout, my credibility is on shaky ground. But I will stick to my guns here on Paulino. I like his arm too, and think he's primed to succeed when the Astros hit their annual second half hot streak.

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Posted on: May 5, 2009 6:21 pm

Bull Pen Briefs

I was ridiculed for picking Bell and Franklin as my closers. To be honest, I knew Franklin would get his share of save opps, but Bell is a pleasant surprise. I'm still skeptical for the rest of the long season that he'll get many opps on the hapless Padres, but for now he's contributing huge.  Nice Blog.

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