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Cutler to Bears!

Posted on: April 2, 2009 6:30 pm
Edited on: April 2, 2009 6:34 pm

Jay Cutler was traded to the Chicago Bears today, disappointed? I am. Kyle Orton, really that's the best the Broncos could do. Granted they got 2 first round picks but it's the 18th pick this year and I'm guessing it will be in the 20's next year now that the Bears have Cutler. Out of all the deals the Broncos could've worked this is one of the worst ones. Here are 4 that WOULD BE BETTER.

1. Trade him to the Browns for Brady Quinn and Shaun Rogers. Get a young quality starting qb and a great defensive tackle to plug that new 3-4 defense. This was the best option.

2. Trade him to the Panthers for Jake Delhomme and Julius Peppers. The Panthers to my knowledge never agressively pursued this but we should've looked into it.

3. Trade him to the Lions for their 2 first round draft picks and a third rounder. Draft Matt Sanchez or Matthew Stafford and insert Simms for one year to tutor either Sanchez or Stafford. Also they could've used their own 12th pick and the other Lions first rounder to improve the defense. This would've set the Broncos back for next year but would've laid a foundation for the future.

4. Trade him to Washington like everyone thought would happen all day. Get Jason Campbell and the 13th pick in the draft. At least Jason Campbell is a proven starting qb in the nfl, tell me again how good Kyle Orton is...hmmm.

If the Broncos don't win more then 6 games this year it's bye bye McDaniels and Xanders. Tell me again why the Broncos are letting 2 guys with no experience on the inner-circle of head coaches and general managers call the shots. That was Pat Bowlen's mistake. Get ready for a long season Denver, unless they pull something else out of their you know what, for Mcdaniels you'd have to get his head out of their first to make room.




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Posted on: April 7, 2009 4:28 pm

Cutler to Bears!

 I think, and hope, Orton surprises you.    Before injuring the ankle, he had 11 TDs through 8 games, on pace for 22 TDs 3400 yards with a run-oriented Bears team that was nursing some leads, not really having to play catch up.  They also are desparately low on WR talent.   That's pretty solid in that system.  Bears at 9-7 were a well rounded team.

Denver was playing from behind, no RBs and constantly throwing downfield to preserve leads, or come back.  Cutler's numbers were inflated last year.  Look, I love the guy and remain a Cutler fan - he's a talent and I hope for the sake of the game he turns into another Elway, not another Jeff George.

I like the Bronco dela more then your four options.  Drafting is not a science, so the picks could pan out ... then its a loser deal.  But if Orton steps up, and the Broncos get some immediate help on Defence from the draft, the Broncs won this deal.

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