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October and April easily the best sports months

Posted on: October 14, 2009 1:10 pm

As I was sitting around the TV with some friends last Sunday watching the Broncos- Patriots game, we got into an interesting debate on what we think the best all around month for sports is. After going through all of them we came up with two that were the key months to argue over. April and October. I said April was the best month while some of my freinds respectfully disagreed and said it was October. Then the debate began, below I'll list why each month is special for the sports world.

April:   I chose April because there are a lot of events in April with significant meaning and entertainment in the sports world. So many events happen in that month that are must see or to say the least, intruiging.

   In April you get spoiled with a variety of different sports events that are very important to their respective sports. First off, you have March Madness coming to an end with the start of the Final Four, some fans would argue this event alone makes April better then any other month. But on top of that, you get the end of the regular season and start of the playoffs for both the NBA and the NHL. It's when many teams seasons are saved or lost for the year. You also get the start of the regular season for Baseball as well as the NFL Draft. There's so much on TV you don't know what to watch.
Even after you get past all of that excitement you still get to watch Tiger Woods try to win another Masters. What a great month right?!

Now for October: 
October is also a grand month for the sports entertainment world. Opposite of April, you get the end of the regular season for Baseball and the start of the post season. Baseball's postseason is filled with emotion and excitement. Even if you're not a true baseball fan, most can enjoy it with the roars of the crowds and wild celebrations by teams after winning a series.
In addition to that, the NFL season is in weeks 4-8 or so and it starts to really shape up who will be the teams to beat for the remainder of the year. Football is responsible for stealing fans of other sports attention as it seems to be 'Americas Sport' these days with more and more people playing Fantasy football. Fantasy is a great way to become a fan of the game as a whole. Most fans only watch their respective teams, yet with Fantasy it gives you a reason to watch other teams to check on your players, thus making the game in it's entirety much more entertaining.
We follow that up with the start of the NBA and NHL seasons. Granted there's not too much that's exciting for some about the first 20 games in either sport, nonetheless people still will watch their teams and check the standings in the sports page every day, even if all of their focus is on football.

   If you compare the two months they're pretty much opposite, April brings the close of some seasons and starts others while October does the same thing. What better way to spend your weekends then rooting for your hometown team or the team you follow. As I said April is my favorite but below is a list of some key events in both months so I'll let you be the judge of which one you like better.

April:                                                   October:
-NCAA Final Four                       -End of Baseball regular season/ Playoffs begin
-the Masters                            -NFL gets into full swing
-start of Baseball                      - NBA season begins
-NBA Playoffs begin                   -NHL season begins.
-NHL Playoffs begin                   -College Football BCS picture starts to shape up  
-NFL Draft                                - End of PGA season

I may have left a few events out from each month, but you see there are many to choose from. You decide which one you enjoy the most, for me it's the month of April!



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Posted on: October 15, 2009 6:50 pm

October and April easily the best sports months

I have to agree with Kevin, well somewhat. I agree that April and October are the two best months of the year for true sports fans. In my opinion October is the superior month. At the beginning of the month this year, you had the baseball playoff picture shaped into only a few good races, but they were good. Watching Minnesota edge out Detroit for the American League Central was unbelievable. Then you have the FED EX Cup finishing up, and I'm sorry if you don't enjoy watching Tiger Woods win then there is something wrong with you.

As those two sports seasons move into their playoffs there are at least four other major sports getting into the swing of things. The NFL is moving ahead with their season and it has been a lot of fun watching some teams grow right before our eyes. Anyone have the Broncos at 5-0? I diidn't think so. Then the NCAA and the BCS try to make friends once more. I really believe College Football is more important to the guys playing then the NFL. Each game can make or break a season. One loss and it's probably all over. There are huge games every weekend that are played with extreme passion and dedication. Don't get me wrong though, I love the NFL.

The NHL also starts up at the beginning of October, giving us die hard fans an early glace of hope or desperation depending on what jersey you are wearing. Then at the end of the month the NBA will be back on and playing semi-meaningful games. So by the end of October you have baseball playoffs, big time NFL games, more important NCAA football games then your DVR can keep up with, and the NHL and NBA starting their seasons. You can't beat it!!

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Posted on: October 15, 2009 5:52 pm

October and April easily the best sports months

October is awful in my opinion, this whole week so far has been just nhl and like a college football game or two, it makes the week days so boring, I would just go for March and April.  First weekend of March Maddness is godly.

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Posted on: October 15, 2009 11:09 am

October and April easily the best sports months

your pretty close! but i must say that for me it is march. i know you included march madness in your article but that is the end of it. the conference tournaments and the first  weekend of the big dance are the best in my eyes! so for me were close to being on the same page, but i will choose march.   good article  keep them coming 

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