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Kobe Bryant does not trust his team(mates)

Posted on: February 4, 2010 4:03 pm
Kobe Bryant futher injured himself last night in a 99-97 victory against the Charlotte Bobcats. He has flared up an ankle sprain he suffered the previous week against the 76ers in a collision with Elton Brand. In the 2nd quarter of last nights game Lamar Odom landed on it making it worse prompting Kobe to go to the locker room before half time to get treatment. My question is, why not sit out the entire game to rest? Or two or three?  

The answer is simple, Kobe just doesn't trust his team to win without him. Even though he witnessed them win last night agains a hot Charlotte team while he was basically non-existant. (He shot 2 for 12 and had 5 points.) Easily his worst game of the year. Phil Jackson made a smart decision and took him out in the fourth quarter, but was it too late?

Kobe has a fractured finger, bad back and now a sprained ankle yet he continues to try and play.


He is scared of giving up ground for the number 1 seed in the West. Now he won't come out and admit this, but what other reason could you have? The gap isn't that small, Denver trails by 4.5 games, Dallas 6.5 and Utah 7. So a few losses certainly wouldn't put them out of position to maintain their number 1 seed but it could tighten it up just a bit. Both Bryant and Jackson know Denver can give them fits. We know they don't have the frontcourt to compete in another 7 game series with the Lakers but without Kobe, that's an entirely different story. Perfect example, Denver held Bryant scoreless in the second half of their only meeting this year, the result, Denver blew them out 106-78.

What I would like to ask Phil Jackson is why risk the health of the best player on this side of the Mississippi for playoff positioning. Last time I checked the number 1 seed doesn't always get you where you want to be, especially if your star player is playing at 50% because he (or his coach) was too stubborn to be smart about it.

Carmelo Anthony has missed 11 games this year for the Nuggets with a sprained ankle and a knee contusion. The result: Denver is 7-4, beating the Spurs on the road and the Cavaliers at home. Side note, they did not lose their spot in the standings. In fact, they passed Dallas for the number 2 seed.

The memo of the story is, quit being hot-headed, rest your injuries so you can recover or find yourself at home in June disappointed that you weren't smart about a simple ankle sprain or broken finger.

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Posted on: February 9, 2010 4:43 pm

Kobe Bryant does not trust his team(mates)

I know it has absolutely nothing to do with me or this article, BUT how funny is it that he decided to sit out the game after I wrote this article and now has missed 2 games in a row and is talking of possibly missing the all star game. PRICELESS!!!!!

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Posted on: February 6, 2010 10:26 pm

Kobe Bryant does not trust his team(mates)

yeah, it all changes in the playoffs. For the guy above you, I never said Kobe Bryant was a bad player, in fact I think he's the best player in the NBA, and one of the best of all time. But right now he is being stubborn, why does he have to prove so much by not sitting out. That's all I'm saying. It's ok to take a few games off to rest injuries, then he'd be more refreshed in the playoffs.

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Posted on: February 6, 2010 4:40 pm

Kobe Bryant does not trust his team(mates)

Well Denver anything.  You got me on that. Clearly the Lakers did not act worried at all after being smoked at home by the Nuggets. The Nuggets came to play and win and the Lakers folded.  If the Lakers had been worried. I am sure they would have been more pscyhed up to play defense against the Nuggets.  Of course what counts is the playoffs. The Lakers should have homefield advantage and know that Denver feels they can beat them. They will be worried about it come playoff time and will be ready.  This is of course assuming Denver and the Lakers meet in the Western Conference finals.

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Posted on: February 6, 2010 2:36 pm

Kobe Bryant does not trust his team(mates)

It's truly the same old rhetoric from the same old Kobe haters.  The fact is: if Kobe Bryant wasn't playing injured you would gripe about how he is selfish and only cares about his individual statistics (which many people have claimed that is why Carmelo Anthony has sit out this year and why Dwayne Wade sat out last year). 

Kobe Bryant plays with injuries because of his will to win.  He is a proven winner and has played with injuries in the past and WON while playing with injuries (Gold metal in the 2008 olympics and NBA Championship in 2009).  The injuries that he plays with at such a high level of play, is unprecedented in the NBA.  He should be praised for this leadership and old-school mentality.

It is really easy for a Denver Nugget fan to talk smack about Kobe after he scores only 5 pts.  Kick a man while he's down is very typical for negative people.  But, you fail to show examples of how he has helped his team while battling injuries also.

Kobe has 4 rings, and the Nuggets have 0 EVER!  Kobe, nor the Lakers would expect you to understand why he plays injured, they will just continue to win, and you will just continue to bash Kobe with the predictability of the Nuggets losing in the playoffs.

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Posted on: February 6, 2010 1:27 pm

Kobe Bryant does not trust his team(mates)

Yeah you're right, he's not worried.. Even after that game last night. He's not worried, Denver now has the biggest margin of victory against the Lakers this year, and last night, they beat them in LA, scoring more points then any other team has this year, WITHOUT Carmelo Anthony, but you're right, he's not worried.

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Posted on: February 5, 2010 5:34 pm

Kobe Bryant does not trust his team(mates)

Kobe Bryant is absolutely the LA Lakers franchise. Lamar Odom cannot run a team, he is a solid all around player and one of the best 6-man in the league. Pau feeds off of Kobe and the system, but was squandering on a miserable team in Memphis and was going nowhere. Bynum is the future, but is certainly not ready to lead and Artest is also a solid player but has never been on a winning team.

With Kobe, best team in the West and possibly the league (certainly Celtics and Cavs are in the discussion). Without Kobe they are a playoff team in the West, probably top of their Division and have no chance at a championship run.

He is absolutely as, if not more valuable than Magic, because Magic had Hall of Famers. Worth, Kareem.... No one on the current Laker squad is a lock for the Hall. Pau needs to raise his game another lever for that honor and Bynum has a long way to go. Shaq has won with at least one hall of famer at his side in Kobe and D-Wade. Kobe did it with a solid center and solid cast. If Shaq gets another ring, he can thank another hall of famer in Lebron.

Phil pushes Kobe to play through injuries and he will be just fine in the long run.

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Posted on: February 5, 2010 2:56 pm

Kobe Bryant does not trust his team(mates)

I agree with you. Kobe will never be the classy player magic was. He is selfious, and vain-glorious. That is the big reason he did'nt want to play with shaq. Shaq was getting too much attention. Kobe cant handle not being the center of attention at all times. Big ego!!

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Posted on: February 5, 2010 12:22 pm

Kobe Bryant does not trust his team(mates)

You are right on the money despite having some of the best NBA players in the league. Phil Jackson and Dr. Jerry Buss have no faith in their Lakers. I know Kobe Bryant is a great grand stander and he puts butts in the seats. But the Lakers have Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom just to name 2.Kobe believes he is the laker's franchise but he is not. Not to the tune of Magic Johnson who by the way played all 5 positions on the court can Kobe say that no! Magic led his team to how many back to back NBA championships. Kobe plays like no one else had better shoot the ball. Phil Jackson enables him. I want the Lakers to have to play the Portland trailblazers for 7 games Brandon Roy eats Kobe up then play the Denver Nuggets. Kobe's selfishness will show through.

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Posted on: February 5, 2010 8:50 am

Kobe Bryant does not trust his team(mates)

Kobe plays hurt all the time.  I cant believe because a player plays injured they are suddenly not trusting of their teammates. That premise is recockulous. Phil Jackson decides who sits and who plays.  Guess who Phil Jackson is. The winningest coach in the NBA.  You really want to question him?
As for Kobe Bryant he wants top seed and home court against the Cavaliers. That requires the best record in the NBA. It has nothing to do with being the #1 seed in the Western confernence.   Do you think the Lakers are worried about the Denver Nuggets as much as Cleveland?  Seriously?  Carmelo Anthony has to sit, because his injury requires it.

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