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Cry Baby Lakers

Posted on: January 8, 2009 8:03 pm
I had the chance to see the entire game, my New Orleans Hornets and L.A. Lakers on Tuesday. I first have to say, the Hornets came out as if they wanted the Lakers to know they can be beat on there home floor. They press the ball, hit there shots, and played good defense, not great, but enough to keep the Lakers gunners off for the night. The thing that got to me was late in the first quarter, on a drive by D. Fisher, and he brick the lay up, he went after the ref looking for a foul when clearly he was not touched. And this started the repeat scene of the night, Laker players getting called for a foul and they are crying like little girls at the refs. Well clearly they was not going to win this game because the Hornets were out playing them, but they left the refs alone. So I just wanted to see if this was something Lakers do all the time, so I watched, as much as I could, of the game the Lakers and Golden State game, and when the Lakers were down, they were crying again. On top of these two games, one of the Lakers were called "You play like a little bitch" by Chris Paul on Tueday, and last night, you can see Kobe jawing it up with different players and crying for calls. Look Lakers players and fans, just play the damn game and worry about the game and not the fouls you make. And if you get called out, or call a little bitch, suck it up and don't cry to your agent.
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Posted on: January 16, 2009 3:08 am

Cry Baby Lakers

I totally agree, and by the way, I love the game first, and then I am a Hornets fan. Most players today are like your name, all for show, these are player who really are more athletic than skillful. Back in the day, you had pure shooters, power forwards who would night after night, clean up the boards, centers who would control the middle, everyone knew there place on the team and in the game, these guys act like somebody owes them something, and bitch about everything and really there game is not that great? And what most of these guys today forget to do, is play as a team. So when I saw the Hornets Lakers game, I just notice an extra amount of bitching going on and it really take away from the game. Like I said, I love the GAME, its some players that what is bring the game down. And I do think the Hornets will knock the Lakers out the playoffs this year, that game was a good example why........

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 1:25 am

Cry Baby Lakers

You are obviously anti-everyone who doesn't wear a Hornets jersey. Most players in the NBA bitch about every call and it gets old. I too wish the refs and players would just let the game be played. I'm a Lakers fan so obviously I'm going to disagree with you about the bitching on the Lakers behalf but yes, sometime it gets old watching Kobe jawing off to the refs. But if you watch a lot of other games besides the Hornets, all players bitch. From AI to KG to Lebron. I think the better teams like the Lakers, San Antonio and Boston expect to always get the calls in there favor and they bitch if they don't. It's almost like all good players expect to get a foul called when they drive into the lane and they bitch when they don't get there "and one".

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