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Draft Strategies and the Power of Luck.

Posted on: February 18, 2009 7:17 am

I have noticed quite a difference in draft strategies this year now that I am involved in more pay and commissioner leagues. There are more risks taken in commish leagues obviously with the chance to keep players and it seems the more keepers you can hang onto the more risks you take. I noticed this most recently on Sunday where the keeper policy included 6 minor leaguers as well as the rest of the team including reserves. This was amazing to me as  I have never been involved in such a draft and the only way that I could strike a comparison to this would be to ask you to imagine running down the stairs with your brother or sister on Christmas and after opening everything just take what you want from the combined stash.

Basically I was the 10th pick and as the mid twenties players started to disappear I could see where this was going. BJ Upton, Grady Sizemore, Ryan Braun and other youngsters went in a flash and here came my pick...sitting there with a red bow was A Rod. On went the next 4 picks and here comes my next pick and who is sitting there but the ancient Ryan Howard? I can see drafting young but there is a point where you have to remember that there is a 2009 title sitting there...have we all given up already? Well, long story short I am writing this to warn new owners out there that just because the leagues keeper policy, scoring system or basis in general might seem lop sided it really  should not overbear your choices. It really can kill you in the short term and to be honest with you I have seen a lot of teams build for the future and it has been a very long, tedious and painful thing to watch. Because of the fact that none of us actually own any of these players there is always the chance that the "real" teams these guys play for will be terrible this year and this could really sway the value of any pick as well as any other number of variables. This only goes to show you that no matte what there is always going to be a top 5 on draft day and by the end of the year...chances are...they aren't anymore.

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