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Musing on Draft Day Possibilities

Posted on: April 21, 2009 10:59 am

There are rumors aplenty around Berea and the NFL. But what will it all mean for the 2009 Cleveland Browns. We'll all know for sure in a few months, but here are my two cents.

To trade or not to trade:

Contestant #1: Braylon Edwards

I think this is a done deal. The only question is when it's consummated on Saturday. Waiting until then gives Mangini and Kokinis more real-time options to ensure they get the player they want. I like Edwards and will cheer him on if he stays, but I have concerns.

1. What if the drops weren't a one-year wonder?

2. If the drops were because he lacked sufficient motivation, can Mangini afford that presence in his locker room?

3. If Brady Quinn is the quarterback, is he the right #1 receiver for this offense?

Contestant #2: Brady Quinn

Too early to tell. Anyone that's read my posts, knows that I'm not neutral in the DA vs. BQ debate. I like Quinn for the intangibles and think that the offense's performance in his two starts merits the opportunity to see how that translates for an entire season. But the funny thing is neither Mangini or Kokinis has called me to ask my opinion. I think that most personnel decisions have some psychological component. I think Mangini wants a clear-cut #1 going into camp. If they've spent as much time evaluating Sanchez as is reported, than they obviously like Sanchez. But is #5 too high of a price?

Ah, that to me, is where the real intrigue lies. If he's still available at a spot where the Browns see a value, then I think they pull the trigger. Then they could go to camp with DA as the starter with Sanchez as the clear heir apparent, not the co-starter. An arrangement like that would never work with Quinn.

Otherwise, I think they keep Quinn and either keep DA or move him later in camp. But one way or another, I see one of them gone. As much as I think we will regret trading Quinn, I know that a team is better served with a clear #1.

Aside from the QB issue, I think the bulk of the draft should be defense, defense, defense. We've got enough on offense to be OK, but we need to get a defense that gets to the quarterback and helps us flip field position.

I anticipate a busy draft day for the Browns.

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