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May the Schwartz be with you

Posted on: January 16, 2009 10:13 am

As the Titans' ex-defensive coordinator, Jim Schwartz, steps on to Ford Field for the first time as the Detroit Lions' new head coach you have to be wondering what is going through his mind.

Taking over the worst team in NFL history after comming off their worst season in NFL history, 0-16, is a monumental task. Schwartz has very little talent to work with, but he does have a relitively good chance to turn it all around. Schwartz will be inheriting one of the best young WR in the game in Calvin Johnson, a young running back that has show potential in Kevin Smith and his best defensive player on the team in Ernie Sims.

He is also inheriting the 24th ranked passing attack and 30th ranked rushing attack (83.2 YPG) on the offensive side;  along with the 27th ranked passing defense and the NFL's worst ranked rushing defense (172.1 YPG).  Under the reign of Matt Millen, Detroit has manage to botch almost every draft in a decade. This draft promises to be first in a brighter future.

With the No. 1 overall pick in the draft and the No. 20 overall pick from the Dallas Cowboys, Schwartz will have a good place to start. A franchise quarterback looks to be in the cards in the name of Mathew Stafford followed quickly by someone to protect their future quarterback in OT Eben Brittan from Arizona.

This task seemingly much like the 1989 Dallas Cowboys comming off of their 1-15 season and hiring first time head coach Jimmy Johnson. The only major differences would be Dallas' history of excellence versus Detroits' history of ineptitude and Jerry Jones' win at all cost attitude versus the don't break the back but try to win if you can attitude of William Ford.

A daunting task, none the less.

My heart goes out to Jim Schwartz. I hope this position does not become the death of his career as it has to so many other coaches before him. May the Schwartz be with you all in Detroit.

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