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Titans - Ravens observations

Posted on: January 10, 2009 9:04 pm
First of all, I've seen a lot of fans complaining about the expired play clock play, so I will address this. I've seen this happen in just about every week this season and previous ones. On the field, you do not have the benefit of seeing the play and clock simultaneously. So, as the CBS announcers (who I thought were really good today) pointed out, they look at the clock until it expires and then look down to see if the ball is snapped. To the fans that can see both at the same time on the TV screen, it is clear that it had expired. To the umpire, it is not so easy. Many times the ball is snapped just after the clock expires and not called. It is part of the human element of the game. This call was no different, but because it was at a critical juncture, it gets a lot of attention. Aside from this call, the refs officiated a very good game and were good about not flagging for the scrums after plays knowing the situation.

Next, there has been a lot going around that the incomplete pass from Flacco out of his endzone should have been a safety because Flacco stepped out of bounds. I thought when it happened live that he did as well, but Jeff Fisher obviously got some good info from above that he didn't since he didn't challenge it. After the game they showed that play from that endzone camera, which gave a great view that clearly showed that Flacco did not step out.

I also have to give some props to Justin Gage. He played an outstanding game. I have to wonder where he's been all season. The Titans have a very good, young receiver that they need to hang onto and get more involved next year. Also, I was impressed with Collins. He still has a lot left in the tank. The Titans front lines also played really well. The offensive line blocked well and handled Baltimore's blitz schemes. The Defensive line plugged the rushing gaps and got pressure a few times on Flacco (who handled the pressure very well). Chris Johnson's injury really hurt too.

On the Raven's side, Derrick Mason is a warrior. I've gained a whole new respect for him watching him play through his injuries this year and still be a huge contributer. The Dallas game in particular stands out as one of the guttiest performances by as Wide Receiver ever. Also, the most significant contribution he has made is one that most people won't recognize, but he's mentored Mark Clayton into an outstanding receiver. Clayton has made some of the best catches I've seen in a Raven's uniform the past few weeks.

Finally, Flacco is starting his 18 game tomorrow. Let's stop calling him a Rookie. He's played well enough to earn the removal of that label. He didn't do a lot in this game, but when he needed to, he made some big throws. 3 come to mind. 3rd and medium and Flacco drops in between the corner and Safety to the sure hands of Derrick Mason for a TD. HUGE. Throwing into double coverage to the hottest receiver in the league, Clayton and trusting him to get the ball was also huge. Finally, the play clock play. That was a big time throw to Todd Heap. Of course all the things that he didn't do, like turn the ball over or take a sack, were just as important.

This was a great game. Time to see what the rest of the weekend has to offer. 14-7 Cardinals... I'm intrigued.


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Posted on: January 31, 2009 2:28 pm

Titans - Ravens observations

Thats really a funny observation from a Refvin fan. Titans got hosed on the call. End of story so quit it with the 1 call doesn't lose the game crap. It doesn't and we all here ya but it simply can't be ignored. Changed the game so admit that much pal.

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Posted on: January 11, 2009 11:17 pm

Titans - Ravens observations

The bottom line is that one call does not determine a game and the fish story of the amount of time needs to be addressed. I've heard as high as 4 seconds, which is absurd. Also, I think it is important to point out that the clock on the TV us not a live shot of what is coming from the endzone play clock, so we'll never be sure exactly what the ref on the field saw, but if the Titans play better before this drive, we are not even having this discussion. Blaming the outcome of a game on one play is ridiculous and childish. The refs are human. They make mistakes in every game and you have to overcome them. I challenge you to get out on the field in the black and white and do as good a job as these guys do. They get a lot of attention when they miss something and no applause for all the good calls they make. I'll be th first to admit that I get frustrated when the bad call goes against my team, but you cannot dismiss the result on the account of one play. Ask Jeff Fisher. I'll promise you he'll tell you that that one play was not the reason they lost the game. He'll tell you that turnovers were the reason.

Also, did you even read the rest of the post? I complimented the Titans multiple times for their play. Entirely too much has been made of this play already, much like the premature whistle play in San Diego. Fans need something to hang on to since they have no control over what happens I guess which is why things like this stay hot for months after they happen.

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Posted on: January 11, 2009 2:52 pm

Titans - Ravens observations

"Many times the ball is snapped just after the clock expires and not called."  

This is an interesting statement, but it does not reflect what happened in the game.  Had such been the case, I don't think the complaining would hold much merit.  I also think you are glossing over the "much more than instant" time lag between the expired clock and the ball snap.  Anyone who watches pro sports knows that anything over a second is pretty substantial.  My point is not that the officials made a mistake, but that it was a much more blatant one than you are suggesting with the statement above.




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