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Retooling the lineup

Posted on: January 16, 2009 10:55 am
After a up and down 2008 season, and blown 2009 playoff run, there is still promise. The 2009 Chargers have found one thing that most teams lack, and that is tenacity and mettle. With this becoming part of this team of never say never, I see with the correct personnel changes or additions, that the 2010 Super Bowl is not out of reach. In the past two seasons, LT, Gates, Rivers and few others have been plagued with injuries in which hampered the Chargers from full potential of the Super Bowl. If LT in the off season goes and gets corrective surgery and rehabs slowly, he and the Chargers will benifit next season. And with Shawn Merriman coming back in full health, and possible FA pickups on defense, I can see that horrible Charger defense stepping up to make the run that much easier. We are aware of the key players coming close to their end of contracts. I say let the contracts stay as is until the next season ends because this usually works out for the best for team and players. By not giving these key players early contract offers, it has the players produce more to make their value go up in stock. In all, the 2009 Chargers are going to make some more noise next season, but it will depend on how the front office makes its moves. Let's hope the move is in the right direction.

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Posted on: March 2, 2009 12:33 pm

Retooling the lineup

I like the optimism! I agree, the team from last season was mediocre on defense to say the least, and still made it to the second round of the playoffs. There is absolutely no reason to think the Chargers can't make a decent run at the SB next year.

First and foremost: I believe (and have believed for a coupel seasons now) that the Chargers' most pressing issue is their inside linebackers. Game in and game out, I am forced to watch Wilhelm, Cooper, and Dobbings run around the field like chickens with their heads cut off, take thrmselves totally out of position, and/or completely blow coverages. I don't blame them, they are simply special teams standouts who somehow got put into the starting defense. Our coaches need to realize this, and go out in FA or the draft and pick up some decent inside linebackers.

Second: Merriman coming back cannot be quantified. Tucker just couldn't cut it on that side, which left the offense the opportunity to double Phillips on the other side, and/or double down on Williams in the middle. With Merriman back, the offensive line can't cheat over, and the defensive front will be balanced again so that our inept pass rush will be back to its true form. Or should be at least.

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