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Smart Dodgers Not So Smart Redskins!

Posted on: February 27, 2009 7:37 am

Well now as we wake up this morning we get the tail of two tapes, of course all of this is my opinion so you can take it for what it's worth. Lets get rollin with what I consider to be a smart move.

It is nice to see the Dodgers waking up, smelling the coffee and realizing they are bidding against themselves in the make beleive Manny sweepstakes put on by Borass. As I have said before I am not a Dodger, Manny or Borass fan but I am a fan of MLB. I truly don't understand what the infatuation with Manny is as to me the negative truly out weighs the positive and eventhough I mentioned the Braves should go after him to save face, that thought was not in favor of 25 Mil a yr. I hope the Dodgers lower their offer from here on out as truly we are now talking about greed from Manny and Borass with the latest decling of 2 yrs and 45 Mil, no way this guy is worth 75 million over 3 yrs at his age with that attitude. It is time for teams to take a stance and stop giving into Borass and overpaying for talent that buries a team in the long run and players from the DR are immortal's. We all know the 3 yr contract Manny is after is not because he is worth it but rather so he can take 2 yrs off and play hard in the 3rd yr for what, Another large contract. Teams know the trend as they have seen it on center stage in Boston and in the end I wonder why the Dodgers even stay interested as truly no one else is going to get in the ballpark at 25 Mil a yr and frankly anybody that offers anyhting more then a 1 yr contract is a fool. I for one could careless if Manny ever steps on a MLB field again and would love to see him and Borass take it on the chin.

Turning my attention to the NFL Free Agency madness we see it didn't take long for what alot of people perceived to be the Gem and the number one Free Agent to come off the board with Mr Albert Haynesworth. I have not seen the makeup of the Contract yet but 7 yrs 100 Mil is the early line, WoW. As someone who follows the Titans and has watched Haynesworth play through out his career in person. I hope the Redskins protected themselves with a heavy incentive and performance based contract, because if they didnt I can assure you they just got burnt. Only a fool who has not looked at the NFL career path of Albert or the on and off yrs would give this guy 7 yrs of guarenteed money as in my opinion you just gave into the Manny Ramirez of Baseball.   





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Posted on: March 4, 2009 4:41 pm

Smart Dodgers Not So Smart Redskins!

The Dodgers held the line with Manny Ramirez and Scott Boras, who foolishly continued trying to create phantom competition to drive the price up. The Dodgers would not compete against themselves when they had put the best offer on the table that Manny was going to see. Also, while some people have criticized LA for making the second year a player option, I believe that works in their favor. With the chance to get back out on the market next year, Manny will be highly motivated to continue his good citizen behavior on top of playing hard. That is a good thing for the Dodgers this season.

I doubt the economy will be radically improved after one year. I hope it will be recovering, but it won't be all the way back and Manny will be another year older, so I don't see other teams rushing to give him a big-money, long-term deal after next season either, which brings him back to the Dodgers for year two. By that point, LA's young core of Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Russell Martin and James Loney will be in their prime and carrying more of the load.

Now grab a dreadlocks wig and party like its 99 at the plate (with apologies to Prince).

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