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T.O. Is A Pain, But WoW!

Posted on: March 5, 2009 1:53 am

As I woke up this morning and started to enjoy my first cup of coffee I was intrigued by the TO story and waitied till my second cup before starting my blog, maybe thats because I was shocked what I had read about more drama in Big D. Yes TO is a distraction and yes one could argue that Dallas needed to move him out, but release him. Wow!

Forgive me as I don't have the contract numbers in front of me as to what kind of hit Dallas will take if Owens is outright cut. Understanding that I am in no way judging the Cowboys or even saying they are wrong as I dont stand in that locker room but I would assume a few things. Wouldnt it of been better to atleast shop TO and see what they could get on the market as I am sure Al Davis would of chomped at the bit to put TO in Silver and Black, In fact I bet Owens will be in Oakland before Monday. If the Cowboys think Williams is there number one WR then they are sadly mistaken and it seems they forget the temper tandrums Williams was putting on in Detroit when he wasnt getting the rock and CJ was stealing William's thunder. The first mistake Jerry made this off season for not only the city of Dallas and the fans was not firing the coach and getting a fresh start in that locker room, fresh ideas and a more intimidating presence on the sidelines. Make no mistake TO has an attitude and is a distraction but the sad thing is some of the things Owens was complaing about were the truth, when he got the rock it was plain to see TO wasnt washed up and when Romo could actually get him the ball, 80% of the time it was a positive ending.

So on one hand I commend Dallas for taking a firm stance and saying enough is enough but I would of liked to of seen them get something in return instead of just eating the salary and the cap hit as I am sure alot of true Cowboy fans are saying the same thing. On the other hand Phillips is weak and has never been a winner as a head coach and I dont think that is going to change next year, with or without TO.


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