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Returning Quarterbacks

Posted on: January 15, 2009 10:59 am
There has been a huge buzz surrounding the three Heisman Finalists and speculation as to whether or not they would enter the NFL Draft. The freshly annointed Tim Tebow made the announcement that he would return to Florida to lead his team on another crusade for a National Championship. Sam Bradford shocked many yesterday when it was announced that he too, would forgo the 2009 NFL Draft in order to lead the heathen Moors from OU into another epic battle with UF. The best overall quarterback of the three, Colt McCoy, announced waaaaay back in October that his horn was hooked for four years. That's all well and good, but I'm not here to talk about these guys as you can read about them in just about any media outlet these days. What I do want to talk about is NC State's returning quarterbacks.

First, we have Russell Wilson. He was named the 1st Team All-ACC Quarterback (the first freshman ever to accomplish this feat). He was also named the ACC Rookie of the Year. He compiled some fairly remarkable stats as well throwing for 1,955 Yards with a 54.5 Completion Percentage with only 1 INT and 17 TD's. He also ran the ball for 394 Yards on 116 Attempts, scored 4 Rushing TD's and didn't commit a fumble. He managed to do all of this while essentially missing 3 games with concussion and shoulder injury. He was single handedly dismantling the Rutgers Defense in the Bowl until sustaining a sprained knee at the end of the first half which forced him to miss the rest of the game and invariably changed the tide of the game.

Here is the kicker, and the reason why I love Tom O'Brien. He didn't say that the starting QB job was Russell's to lose. No, he said that Russell would have to win the job as redshirt Freshman and highly touted recruit, Mike Glennon is poised in the wings.

Mike Glennon has been compared to Matt Ryan and truly suits Coach O'Brien's ideal quarterback which is a tall, pocket passer with a great arm. During his senior year at Westfield High school in Centreville, VA, he passed for 2,548 yards and 32 touchdowns and was named the Virginia Gatorade Player of the Year. Scouting reports talk of his throwing motion as effortless and that he's able to zip the ball with a flick of the wrist. Of course, all of his ability is speculative and known only to the coaching staff but it has been said that the kid is a special athlete and will get his shot. He'll have to be nothing short of brilliant to dethrone Russell Wilson, but I expect a great battle during spring practice and I'm eagerly awaiting the annual Red White Scrimmage.

Incoming freshman Everett Proctor was recruited at the quarterback position and he really fits the mold of a Russell Wilson type as he is a mobile passer, but it has been said that he likely projects as a safety.

Finally, we have Harrison "Dunlop" Beck (his belly dunlopped over his belt). If this guy even puts on an NC State uniform following his nonchalant attitude displayed against Rutgers then I'd be really surprised. Give him a tray and some water and have him keep the rest of the team hydrated.

Anyways, you'll hear plenty of talk about Tebow vs Bradford vs McCoy, but the man that you really need to pay attention to is Russell Wilson.

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