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There Isn't an App for That

Posted on: June 15, 2009 5:10 pm
Edited on: June 16, 2009 8:37 am
With the iPhone and all of its applications being all the rage right now, I started to wonder what all of the fuss was about.  Our company email is apparently not supported on an iPhone, so they are not an option for us to have here at work.  Larry Rubio our product manager for mobile products gets to have one and he helped to develop the current iphone app we have. Lucky for me (definitely not for him) he sits across from me and I get to play with his iPhone from time to time and check it out. 

The best applications I've seen so far are the applications that help you when you are out and about.  Something that has value in the real world.  Sure, there are a bunch of apps that are fun to look at and fun to play with, but we could probably get by without having a pretend fish tank on our phones.  I'm trying to apply this to figure out is what would make a great application on your fantasy site, not your phone.  What are you going outside the league for?  What do you need to open multiple pages for?  What would make your experience within your league that much better? 

I think of the 'Set Lineup' feature as an application.  From that page, I can quickly see my year to date, last 7, 14, or 21 days worth of stats.  I can see who the upcoming opponents are.  I can view matchup data for each of my players.  And using the scout team functionality, I can see all of that data for any player I'm watching as well.  I can click on the icon for any player and get news about that player on the page. In football I can even see the weather for the matchup.  To me, the set lineup page is a robust application. But could it be better? 

The trade feature is one that gets missed sometimes.  We have some cool functionality when evaluating a trade called 'Show Lineup Analysis' which basically shows you what each team will look like before and after the trade.  It also shows whether the trade is a benefit to your team or not.  Again, I think of this like an application. 

What other areas of the site are missing this type of functionality?  Which applications on the site need to be more robust in order for you to accomplish what you need to accomplish? 

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Posted on: May 7, 2010 3:59 pm

Not more - just get the basics working first!

I love apps.  I love my blackberry.  Yes...blackberry.  I know there is no app for CBS Baseball for blackberry, but if you want to get the business folks involved....many whom cannot invoke their fantasy team through their work PC's....get the mobile site and/or app fully functional.
1.  Scoring for head to head leagues does not work on mobile can't even see the real time stats anymore which you could see in 2009 and 2008....this needs to be fixed.
2. Reviewing trades including unlisted players - the unlisted players do not show up on a review trade through the mobile web
3. Making trades - there is no area to include a comment like in the real system....hard to "sell" a deal if you have to send a seperate email
4.  Reviewing trades - no ability to look up player statistics from a trade offer and review it in one shot, you must leave the offer and seach for each individual player to get their stats
Otherwise the basics are generally covered.....but the basics above limit the enjoyment, functionality and playability of the league, ultimately impacting the engagement of the players.

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Posted on: February 7, 2010 1:03 pm

There Isn't an App for That

speaking of mobile access to our pools...i have emailed cbs 3 times asking to include hockey on mobile,you only offer for football and baseball,whats really maddening is that YOU HAVENT REPLIED TO ANY OF MY EMAILS,DONT BE SURPRISED WHEN MY LEAGUE CANCELS YOUR SERVICE NEXT YEAR DUE TO YOUR LOUSY CUSTOMER SUPPORT,theres a country north of the border and hockey is king here,if you insist on ignoring us then stop taking our money,i imagine this will be a 4th message ignored

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Posted on: January 19, 2010 5:38 pm

FAAB and in-season salary caps

Please can someone answer this question for me regarding how manages the FAAB process?

I have an auction league subject to an in-season salary cap.  We have configured the site to assign a salary of $5 to players who are not drafted at the auction.

Assume that Ream A drafts Strawberry at the auction for $25.  Team A then drops Strawberry.  Subsequently, Team B picks up Strawberry via FAAB with a winning bid of $15.

For the purposes of determining Team B's total salary for the purposes of the in-season salary cap, will the site use $25, $15 or $5.

Hopefully the site will automatically use $25.  We want to keep the player's original salary throughout the season, even though the player may be picked up in-season via FAAB.


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Posted on: September 4, 2009 2:35 pm

There Isn't an App for That

OK, so CBS now has an app for the iphone, Great!, but..... NO FANTASY FOOTBALL yet????? Come on guys, whats with the wait?

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Posted on: July 7, 2009 4:56 pm

There Isn't an App for That

Oh man, it's easily the message board.  Our league has over a thousand messages a season and the current message board is cumbersome.  Some thoughts:

1. Number one is easily speed.  The loading of the message board is multiple times slower than all the other pages on Sportsline.
2. I'd like to see the message board operate more like forum.  Some of the options below may be related to this.  As a note, I find the compact view the most useful and the one I use the most.
3. Ability to reply to messages.
4. Better notification of private messages.  Currently it's almost impossible to distinguish between public and private messages.  Also, replying to private messages would keep them private and you don't have to worry about posting something sensitive to the public board.
5. The message board randomly lets you navigate to multiple pages on sometimes...and other times not.  Right now...not.
6. Threaded conversations.
7. Text formatting.

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Posted on: June 23, 2009 2:50 pm

There Isn't an App for That

I currently run a comissioner baseball site that utilizes a salary cap. Since this is an auction, keeper league, we don't have draft picks to trade. We trade next year's salary cap as bonus incentives for a trade. We also fine owners part of their current year salary cap if they do something illegal (like go over the cap and don't correct their roster before first pitch. Right now we have to police and keep track of this on our forum. It would nice to be able to use sportsline to do this type of stuff.

Also, we use the FAAB system to assign actual player salaries to free agents in our salary system. So, you bid $15 on player X on the waiver wire and win him, $15 is now his current salary. It would be cool to be able to make the FAAB assign the winning bid value to their player salary value. It would save a couple hours of administrative work for the league a week as we have to manually correct FAAB player salaries every FAAB period.

Thanks and keep  up the good work. Sportsline gets better and better every year! :)

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Posted on: June 23, 2009 10:58 am

There Isn't an App for That

One thing:
It would be nice if, under notification alerts, there could be an option to receive all messages sent by the Commissioner.  Presently, if I'm Joe Owner, I don't want or need to have every message written in the league to be emailed to me.  That can be overwhelming.  In fact, most owners (including me) turn that off.  However, as Joe Owner, I DO want to receive IMPORTANT messages and I wish that could be filtered by being able to select to receive ALL messages from a particular owner.  Along those same lines, I'd like to be able to receive all private messages sent to me, while avoiding all public messages (save for the Commish).

What do ya think?  Simple, but good for communication.

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Posted on: June 20, 2009 11:54 am

There Isn't an App for That

Oh, boy, if this isn't the question I've been waiting for.  One note first, the Sportsline App was really screwing up some of my owner's rosters.  They would make a change and it would throw every player they had on the DL/ML into reserve status.  You can imagine the chaos this caused.  Anyway, thoughts:

1.  I mentioned this before, but it would be just grand if there were a way to send trade proposals to another owner that weren't actual offers.  In other words, when making a trade, it is so much more easy to talk about the trade if it is actually posted and the other owner can see it visibly.  But having to post "THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL OFFER" in the comments field and then having the other person accidently click on accept is a problem.

2.  When you do want to offer a trade, if you want to change an aspect of it, you have to start all over.  In other words, if I press "back" to add or remove a player from the deal, everything is reset and I have to click the players I want anew.  Really annoying.

7 (I moved this up because it was really important even though I thought of it towards the end).  As commissioner it KILLS me that for positional eligibility you have to use absolute numbers instead of percentages.  If a player gets called up in July, and I only want players with, say, 20% of there games played at a position to be eligible there, I have to keep the minimum-games-played-at-a-position number at somewhere around 18.  But this stinks.  A new player will take 2/3 of a month to reach that so I have to change it manually.  Why oh why can't the minimum-games-played-at-a-position number be a percentage.  And using default position is not an answer.  Those things can be dead wrong, and in my opinion, are unhelpful.

3.  It would be nice, as commissioner, to have way to notify owners of important news other than just using the commissioner's message, which I don't know gets read all the time.  A popup or something when owners sign in, or a notification that something new is on the message would really help.  Further, why not add some more features to the message board/commissioner's message.  You have bold, itallics, smileys in the box into which I am typing right now.  Why can't those be on our message board.  I know you can use some HTML code for the commissioner's message, but that's is a real pain.

4.  A small point--but it would be nice if the message board separated out personal messages from messages sent to the whole league.

5.  We use power rankings to decide our league champion.  It would be nice to be able to set this as the default so it appears in the "at a glance" box on the homepage.

6.  You used to have it so that in the add/drop menu, if you wanted to add a player and put another on the DL simultaneously, you could do so by using the drop box under "drop."  This box is still there but no longer has the DL or ML option.  Could you bring this back?

8.  As mentioned before, when a news story says a guy is on the DL, he should be eligible to be put on the DL in the roster menu.

I had a few more, but I don't want to overload anyone and I am forgetting them right now.  Maybe I'll post again if I remember them. 

Please know, you guys at Sportsline do AN AMAZING JOB running and setting up these leagues.  You are infinitely better than any site on the web (though, I still think you misled us about the higher league price and the ads, but I'm getting over it).  This blog is fantastic and I try and convert every league I am in to Sportsline even though the others are free.  That's how good you are.  But a few things need work and anything you can do to improve them would be great.

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Posted on: June 19, 2009 2:34 pm

There Isn't an App for That

Thanks Guys.  I love these ideas.  I've always thought the defensive team stats were a little too hidden.  And your idea about a popup listing the other RBs that have gone against that Defense is a great concept. 

As for the trading in the future stuff, again, I love the ideas.  But that is harder to pull off in our current infrastructure.  Not an excuse, but just trying to manage your expectations with regards that idea. 

Keep 'em coming everyone. 

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Posted on: June 18, 2009 12:59 pm

There Isn't an App for That

One thing I love about the lineup "app" is the ability to mouse-over the opponent and see their respective defense rankings. I think that this sort of feature could be improved and have a pop-up show how other players (from the position you are mousing over from, i.e. WR) scored against that team so far this year.

Example, I want to see how Matt Forte will fair against the Browns defense. By turning this setting on I could mouse over the "@CLE" link and a pop-up would list the other RBs who had played the Browns and how many fantasy pts (in my league's scoring system) they had scored.

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