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Conference realignment

Posted on: June 12, 2010 1:58 pm
I am definitely not happy with the current state the the Big 12 is in.  Nebraska and Colorado are gone, Texas is likely to go, along with the rest of the South.  I don't know what to think  I'm pretty mad about the prospect of playing a role in the breaking up of the Big 12, and feel bad for the teams that will inevitably be left out.  Dammit Nebraska!  You had to go and get your feelings hurt, and of course Texas had to eg you on!  Texas and Nebraska sure have created a mess with their little feud.  There's not much anyone can do aboyt it either, because Texas is going to do what Texas wants to do, and everyone else will just have to play the cards they have been dealt.  So that's to be it....the fate of an entire conference hinges on a silly little feud with a disgruntled old timer and a cocky, self important sob who will only be happy if they are in control!?  Too bad...
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