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Morehead State & Richmond, Really?

Posted on: March 18, 2011 11:20 am
Edited on: March 18, 2011 11:23 am
Right about now Rick Pitino is saying to himself, "Self, how did my team lose to a college that sounds more like a porno movie than a school?"  The answer is quite simple Rick,  your team understimated their opponent.  Morehead State came out of the gate and played aggressive and weren't intimidated by the name of Louisville on their opponents jersey; that's how upsets happen, along with poor foul shooting, which is always a battle that if you win, you win, plain and simple.

Louisville only shot 43.8% (7-16) from the line.  That's not going to win games unless you out rebound and shoot out of your mind from three-point range, by the way, these were both battles that Morehead State won.  This game was a typical NCAA Tournament game that was filled with roller coaster rides for both teams, only to come to a screeching halt for Louisville by a Demonte Harper three-point shot at the end, which left Louisville fans and those who picked Louisville on their office pool to go deep in the tournament, stunned....very stunned.

I'll give Louisville some credit they did battle back from a thirteen point deficit in the first half and actually were up by as many as eight points in the second half, but they couldn't hold off a determined bunch  of Eagles from Morehead State.  Morehead State could land themselves in the Sweet Sixteen with another victory on Saturday versus Richmond, who also pulled of an upset over Vanderbilt, which not to brag, but I had Richmond winning that game and the losing to Louisville, but now that that part of my bracket is in shambles, there sits a number 12 seed and a number 13 seed.

Whoever wins the game between Morehead State and Richmond will more than likely play Kansas in the Sweet Sixteen, unless if Kansas manages to lose early, which will definitely make a lot of people very angry, but also many very happy all at the same time, escpecially Rick Pitino, because this will take the negative attention off of him and his Louisville Cardinals.  However, the chances of Kansas losing to either Boston University, Illinois or UNLV is extremely unlikely, much like the chances of a mouse defeating a Python, but when Kansas has to face either Morehead State or Richmond all bets are off, because momentum, aggresiveness, and confidence are powerful things, especially when you have nothing to lose and have already won two NCAA Tournament games when most people thought you'd be home watching the remaining rounds from your dorm room already.   

If Kansas loses to Morehead State or Richmond it will be the biggest upset of all time.   I'm not predicting that will happen and I'm 99.999999% sure that it won't, because Kansas is no Louisville and Kansas is just too big and hungry to have a let down like that happen.  However, there may be a moment or two during that game where either Morehead State or Richmond make you think that anything is possible and may even have you crumpling your bracket in your hand a little bit, at the ready to throw the biggest hissy fit of your entire NCAA Tournament watching career, and maybe shopping for a new TV the next morning.  That's what the Madness is all about. 

If Kansas does lose to Morehead State or Richmond somewhere in Louisville Rick Pitino will be saying to himself, "Self, it's not all bad, I'm still good looking, I still where fancy suits, I'm still a good coach, and I still think Morehead State sounds like a porno movie". 

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