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I'm feeling lucky this year...

Posted on: October 17, 2010 3:57 am
I was born in Seattle. I root for both the Huskies and the Cougars equally. When the Apple Cup rolls around, I root for whoever has the better shot at a bowl game.

This year, I want both to lose to the Oregon Ducks, and I want it badly.

Now, before my local readers stop reading and/or send hateful private messages, let me explain myself.

The #1 Ohio State Buckeyes have just lost to Wisconsin. The Ducks, at #2, are the logical choice to take their place at the top of the polls. As we all know, as a result of the BCS system, the polls have a great influence on who plays for the National Title.

If the Oregon Ducks win out, they could be in that national title game. In fact, I believe that if they win out, they deserve to be in the title game. The Pac-10 is the hardest division to go undefeated in. Before the SEC fans dismiss me as crazy, I'm not saying the teams in the Pac-10 are better (although you might want to look at the Sagarin ratings...), but I am saying that as a result of the round-robin style of scheduling the Pac-10 currently employs, every team has to play every other team. That's something the SEC simply cannot compete with.

But there's more to my excitement than just the Ducks.

Sure, having a Pac-10 team play for the national title is always a treat. With the East coast teams so often dominating in the polls, it's nice to see the teams I love to watch get a chance at the top prize. And that's exactly why I want the Boise State Broncos to win out, as well.

Imagine that, two West coast teams playing for a national championship. On top of that, two Pacific North west teams. Wouldn't that be something?

Since two-thirds of the BCS ratings are decided by computers, if both teams win out, there will be no East coast bias to save the rest of the nation from a national title game dominated by us Pacific Northwest folks. I would be tickled pink. I probably wouldn't even care who scored during the game, or who won, because the game in and of itself would be a major victory. For mid-majors, for the West Coast, for the Pacific Northwest, and for the Pac-10. All the things I love in college football.

So please, Huskies, lose to Oregon. Cougars, thanks for your cooperation earlier. Think of it as not a loss to Oregon, but a victory for the conference.

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