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Beer's Bracket - 02/07/10

Posted on: February 7, 2010 12:09 am

Auto bids are in CAPS.  Championship: St. Louis (M) / Syracuse (E) winner vs. Salt Lake City (W) / Houston (S) winner.

St. Louis (M)
(1M) KANSAS (21-1) vs. (16M) ARKANSAS STATE (11-9) @Oklahoma City
(8M) Xavier (16-6) vs. (9M) St. Mary's (19-3) @Oklahoma City
(5M) Georgia Tech (15-6) vs. (12M) Cincinnati (14-8) @Jacksonville
(4M) Tennessee (17-4) vs. (13M) KENT STATE (15-7) @Jacksonville
(6M) BUTLER (19-4) vs. (11M) Dayton (15-6) @Milwaukee
(3M) Wisconsin (17-5) vs. (14M) WESTERN CAROLINA (15-5) @Milwaukee
(7M) Florida State (16-6) vs. (10M) Oklahoma State (16-6) @Buffalo
(2M) West Virginia (18-3) vs. (15M) COASTAL CAROLINA (16-4) @Buffalo

Syracuse (E)
(1E) Villanova (20-1) vs. (16E) STONY BROOK (15-7) @Providence
(8E) Missouri (16-6) vs. (9E) Charlotte (17-5) @Providence
(5E) Vanderbilt (16-4) vs. (12E) OLD DOMINION (18-6) @Spokane
(4E) Ohio State (17-6) vs. (13E) LOUISIANA TECH (19-4) @Spokane
(6E) Pittsburgh (16-6) vs. (11E) Florida (16-6) @Oklahoma City
(3E) Kansas State (17-4) vs. (14E) SAM HOUSTON STATE (11-5) @Oklahoma City
(7E) UNLV (17-4) vs. (10E) UAB (18-4) @Jacksonville
(2E) DUKE (18-4) vs. (15E) MORGAN STATE (16-7) @Jacksonville

Salt Lake City (W)
(1W) SYRACUSE (22-1) vs. (16W) Play-In Game @Buffalo
(8W) Mississippi (16-6) vs. (9W) Maryland (14-6) @Buffalo
(5W) GONZAGA (17-4) vs. (12W) SIENA (20-4) @San Jose
(4W) Brigham Young (21-2) vs. (13W) MURRAY STATE (19-3) @San Jose
(6W) Wake Forest (15-5) vs. (11W) Louisville (14-8) @New Orleans
(3W) Texas (19-3) vs. (14W) OAKLAND (15-8) @New Orleans
(7W) Rhode Island (18-3) vs. (10W) CORNELL (17-3) @Milwaukee
(2W) Purdue (19-3) vs. (15W) PACIFIC (14-7) @Milwaukee

Houston (S)
(1S) KENTUCKY (21-1) vs. (16S) ROBERT MORRIS (15-8) @New Orleans
(8S) Texas A&M (15-6) vs. (9S) CALIFORNIA (14-8) @New Orleans
(5S) TEMPLE (19-4) vs. (12S) South Florida (15-7) @San Jose
(4S) NEW MEXICO (20-3) vs. (13S) TEXAS-EL PASO (16-5) @San Jose
(6S) Baylor (16-4) vs. (11S) Richmond (17-6) @Spokane
(3S) MICHIGAN STATE (19-4) vs. (14S) WEBER STATE (12-8) @Spokane
(7S) NORTHERN IOWA (20-2) vs. (10S) Clemson (16-6) @Providence
(2S) Georgetown (16-5) vs. (15S) JACKSONVILLE (13-9) @Providence

Play-In Game: (16W) Lehigh vs. Jackson State @Dayton

Last Six Pack: Florida (16-6), Louisville (14-8), Dayton (15-6), Richmond (17-6), South Florida (15-7), Cincinnati (14-8)

Added: South Florida (15-7), TEXAS-EL PASO (16-5)
Dropped: Seton Hall (12-8), Arizona (12-10)

NIT 1 Seeds: Marquette (14-8), Virginia Tech (17-4), Wichita State (18-5), San Diego State (14-6)
NIT 2 Seeds: Seton Hall (12-8), Utah State (16-6), Northwestern (15-7), Connecticut (13-9)
NIT 3 Seeds: Notre Dame (16-7), Texas Tech (14-7), Virginia Commonwealth (16-5), Minnesota (13-8)
NIT 4 Seeds: Mississippi State (16-6), Tulsa (17-4), Virginia (14-6), North Carolina (13-9)

Moving Up: West Virginia (18-3), NEW MEXICO (20-3), UNLV (17-4), Texas A&M (15-6), St. Mary's (19-3), Maryland (14-6), Louisville (14-8), Richmond (17-6), SIENA (20-4), WEBER STATE (12-8),
Moving Down: MICHIGAN STATE (19-4), TEMPLE (19-4), Xavier (16-6), Oklahoma State (16-6), Clemson (16-6), UAB (18-4), Cincinnati (14-8), OLD DOMINION (18-6), PACIFIC (14-7)

Top 5 First Round Individual Matchups
Game 1: (8M) Xavier vs. (9M) St. Mary's @ Oklahoma City: Jordan Crawford (19.5 PPG) / Omar Samhan (21.6 PPG)
Game 2: (2E) Duke vs. (15E) Morgan State @ Jacksonville: Jon Scheyer (18.8 PPG) / Reggie Holmes (22.8 PPG)
Game 3: (8S) Texas A&M vs. (9S) California @ New Orleans: Donald Sloan (18.4 PPG) / Jerome Randle (19.3 PPG)
Game 4: (6S) Baylor vs. (11S) Richmond @ Spokane: LaceDarius Dunn (18.5 PPG) / Kevin Anderson (17.2 PPG)
Game 5: (3W) Texas vs. (14W) Oakland @ New Orleans: Damion James (18 PPG) / Keith Benson (17 PPG)

Top 5 Potential Second Round Individual Matchups (Assumes Seeds 12 or Better Advance)
Game 1: (10M) Oklahoma State vs. (2M) West Virginia @ Buffalo: James Anderson (22.8 PPG) / Da'Sean Butler (16.6 PPG)
Game 2: (7E) UNLV vs. (2E) Duke @ Jacksonville: Tre'Von Willis (17.2 PPG) / Jon Scheyer (18.8 PPG)
Game 3: (5W) Gonzaga vs. (4W) Brigham Young @ San Jose: Matt Bouldin (16.6 PPG) / Jimmer Fredette (21.5 PPG)
Game 4: (1S) Kentucky vs. (9S) California @ New Orleans: John Wall (16.9 PPG) / Jerome Randle (19.3 PPG)
Game 5: (1E) Villanova vs. (9E) Charlotte @ Providence: Scottie Reynolds (18.5 PPG) / Shamari Spears (16.7 PPG)

My First & Second Round Ticket For Thursday & Saturday Games
New Orleans: Jerome Randle (19.3 PPG), Donald Sloan (18.4 PPG), Damion James (18 PPG), Keith Benson (17 PPG), John Wall (16.9 PPG)

My First & Second Round Ticket For Friday & Sunday Games
Buffalo: James Anderson (22.8 PPG), Greivis Vasquez (17.7 PPG), Wesley Johnson (16.7 PPG), Da'Sean Butler (16.6 PPG), Chris Warren (16.6 PPG)

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Posted on: February 8, 2010 12:28 am

Beer's Bracket - 02/07/10

My Favorite Matchups from Beer's Bracket 2/7/10
The first two are so good I even have them in my bracketTongue out

(5W) GONZAGA (17-4) vs. (12W) SIENA (20-4) @San Jose
- Battle of the "mid-major" powerhouses, Siena is quickly becoming the new Gonzaga, springing some big upsets the last 2 years of the Tournament. Really impressed by Gonzaga's balance from both the inside and outside.

(4S) NEW MEXICO (20-3) vs. (13S) TEXAS-EL PASO (16-5) @San Jose
- An old school WAC rivalry even though neither team is in the WAC any more. UTEP struggled in the beginning of the year but have greatly improved since Derrick Character (sp?) became eligible. Lobos may not have an answer for him down low, but do the Miners have an answer for Darrington Hobson?

(7S) NORTHERN IOWA (20-2) vs. (10S) Clemson (16-6) @Providence
- Clemson has joked in the 1st Round the last two years. Northern Iowa doesn't have any real stars, but they do play fantastic defense, 3rd in the nation in scoring defense. Wouldn't be surprised to see Clemson bow out early for the 3rd year in a row.

(8S) Texas A&M (15-6) vs. (9S) CALIFORNIA (14-8) @New Orleans
- Beer's already highlighted the individual matchup between Sloan and Randle, but I thought I'd highlight the contrast in styles. Texas A&M likes to play pressure half-court defense while Cal likes to get out and run and shoot the 3-point shot. We saw what happened to A&M when they played another team that likes to shoot the 3 and run (New Mexico) and the final score was not indicitative of how much the Lobos dominated that game.

(5E) Vanderbilt (16-4) vs. (12E) OLD DOMINION (18-6) @Spokane
- Watch out for Old Dominion, they have wins over Charlotte and Georgetown. Their strong non-conference schedule may pay dividends for them come tournament time. Vanderbilt's loss to Georgia proves they are vulnerable to getting upset by lesser teams.

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Posted on: February 7, 2010 10:18 am

Beer's Bracket - 02/07/10

davfreitag – Thank you so much for taking the time to post your thoughts here.  More importantly, thank you for defending this great country.  I actually mentioned the Illinois situation in the “Thread” I created to go along with this bracket.

“I didn't forget about Illinois.  Actually, I guess I did since I had them as a #7 seed in the NIT prior to tonight's win.  They will definitely be moving up "bubble" lists after tonight:”

I’m sure that you were aware that Illinois had an RPI in the high 70’s prior to last night’s game (77) and it only stands at 69 right now.  That’s definitely not tournament worthy although I think they will play their way in.  For the record, I do not use RPI as primary selection criteria to put teams in but I may use it to keep them out.  Quick comparison of those teams prior to last night’s results:

Minnesota (RPI: 61, SOS: 27, Top 25: 1-4, 25-50: 1-1, 50-75: 1-0)
Northwestern (RPI: 63, SOS: 64, Top 25: 1-4, 25-50: 0-1, 50-75: 2-2)
Illinois (RPI: 77, SOS: 84, Top 25: 1-3, 25-50: 1-1, 50-75: 1-1)

Now, as of this morning:

Minnesota (RPI: 60, SOS: 45, Top 25: 1-4, 25-50: 1-1, 50-75: 1-0)
Northwestern (RPI: 65, SOS: 64, Top 25: 1-4, 25-50: 0-1, 50-75: 2-2)
Illinois (RPI: 69, SOS: 79, Top 25: 1-3, 25-50: 1-1, 50-75: 1-1)

Of course, I will reevaluate all of their profiles and adjust accordingly when I do my next update.  None of them have tournament quality profiles but Illinois will get there…

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Posted on: February 7, 2010 2:55 am

Beer's Bracket(No Illinois in NCAA or NIT?)

I would like to hear your take as to why you don't have Illinois who is tied for 2nd with Wisconsin in the Big Ten in your NCAA tourny much less in the top 16 in the NIT.  You have Minnesota and Northwestern higher than them and they have worse Overall and Conference records?  Just a question I'm definately not juding you, these are awesome projections and they help me do mine for my Battalion here in Iraq.  Just want to see why we have on major discrepancy that is all.

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