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Daily Picks: 3/6 AM (Elite 8)

Posted on: March 4, 2010 2:04 pm
Edited on: March 6, 2010 9:30 am

First game starts at noon Eastern time on Saturday.  Conference names do not need to be included with your picks.  They are displayed because these games are held at predetermined locations:

1-N. Arizona over MONTANA
2-Portland St. over MONTANA ST.
3-West Virginia over VILLANOVA
4-Northwestern over INDIANA
5-Florida St. over MIAMI (FLA.)
6-Albany over Stony Brook (AEAST)
7-Texas A&M over OKLAHOMA
8-Cincinnati over GEORGETOWN
9-Tulsa over MEMPHIS
10-Maryland over VIRGINIA
11-Auburn over ALABAMA
13-Richmond over CHARLOTTE
14-Kansas over MISSOURI
15-Syracuse over LOUISVILLE
16-South Carolina over VANDERBILT
17-Notre Dame over MARQUETTE
18-Connecticut over SOUTH FLORIDA
19-Boston U. over Hartford (AEAST)
20-Rider over St. Peter's (MAAC)
21-South Alabama over FAU (BELT)
22-Utah over COLORADO ST.
23-Virginia Tech over GEORGIA TECH
24-Texas over BAYLOR
25-Texas Tech over COLORADO

Again, I just wanted to get these games posted.  I will make my picks and submit them later.  The times for the first two games listed say "TBA".

Status After 3/5 Games:

Road to the Final Beer Status
Games played in Indianapolis:
1. gezemice: 227 points (18-7) 0.849 leads 10. kentucky0607: 187 points (17-8) 0.788
4. Fostsogg4UK: 167 points (16-9) 0.757 leads 5. hoosierguy1019: 153 points (16-5) 0.831

Games played in Kansas City:
2. GeoMapster: 233 points (19-6) 0.858 leads 7. Beer: 223 points (19-6) 0.843
6. BoilerBadger: 221 points (19-6) 0.840 leads 3. Lobofan2003: 141 points (16-9) 0.717

BIT Standings (1275 points possible)
1) chrisisbuck#2: 816 points (76-21) 0.847
2) LAOJoe: 791 points (69-30) 0.81
3) NCAABKJNKY81: 785 points (71-28) 0.808
4) Diabetic8025: 461 points (38-11) 0.874
5) bksballer89: 251 points (20-5) 0.886

GeoMapster: 1041 points (82-17) 0.908
gezemice: 1032 points (81-17) 0.925
BoilerBadger: 1001 points (78-21) 0.893
kentucky0607: 945 points (79-20) 0.871
Lobofan2003: 866 points (76-22) 0.857
Beer: 855 points (74-25) 0.835
Fostsogg4UK: 853 points (76-23) 0.835
hoosierguy1019: 810 points (76-18) 0.899


Since: Jan 17, 2008
Posted on: March 5, 2010 7:21 pm

Daily Picks: 3/6 AM (Elite 8)

25-Stony Brook over Albany
24-Richmond over CHARLOTTE
23-VANDERBILT over South Carolina
22-Boston U. over HARTFORD
21-Maryland over VIRGINIA
20-MARQUETTE over Notre Dame
19-GEORGETOWN over Cincinnati
18-MONTANA over N. Arizona
17-GEORGIA TECH over Virginia Tech
16-Texas A&M over OKLAHOMA
15-MEMPHIS over Tulsa
14-ALABAMA over Auburn
12-Kansas over MISSOURI
11-COLORADO over Texas Tech
10-VILLANOVA over West Virginia
9-Florida St. over MIAMI (FLA.)
8-FAU over South Alabama
7-Connecticut over SOUTH FLORIDA
6-MONTANA ST. over Portland St.
5-St. Peter’s over Rider
4-LOUISVILLE over Syracuse
3-Utah over COLORADO ST.
2-INDIANA over Northwestern
1-Texas over BAYLOR

Since: Aug 10, 2006
Posted on: March 5, 2010 7:04 pm

Daily Picks: 3/6 AM (Elite 8)

25-Stony Brook over Albany (AEAST)
24-VANDERBILT over South Carolina
23-GEORGETOWN over Cincinnati
22-MEMPHIS over Tulsa
21-Boston U. over Hartford (AEAST)
20-MARQUETTE over Notre Dame
19-VILLANOVA over West Virginia
18-MONTANA over N. Arizona
17-MONTANA ST. over Portland St.
16-ALABAMA over Auburn
15-GEORGIA TECH over Virginia Tech
14-Kansas over MISSOURI
13-Maryland over VIRGINIA
12-St. Peter's over Rider (MAAC)
11-BAYLOR over Texas
9-Texas A&M over OKLAHOMA
7-FAU over South Alabama (BELT)
6-MIAMI (FL) over Florida State
5-SOUTH FLORIDA over Connecticut
4-LOUISVILLE over Syracuse
3-CHARLOTTE over Richmond
2-INDIANA over Northwestern
1-COLORADO over Texas Tech

Since: Feb 28, 2007
Posted on: March 5, 2010 11:36 am

Daily Picks: 3/6 AM (Elite 8)

25-Boston U. over Hartford
24-MONTANA over N. Arizona
23-VANDERBILT over South Carolina
22-Stony Brook over Albany
21-GEORGETOWN over Cincinnati
20-GEORGIA TECH over Virginia Tech
19-ALABAMA over Auburn
18-BAYLOR over Texas
17-MARQUETTE over Notre Dame
16-Maryland over VIRGINIA
15-Syracuse over LOUISVILLE
14-MEMPHIS over Tulsa
12-COLORADO over Texas Tech
11-Richmond over CHARLOTTE
10-Texas A&M over OKLAHOMA
9-VILLANOVA over West Virginia
8-Northwestern over INDIANA
7-Florida St. over MIAMI (FLA.)
6-MONTANA ST. over Portland St.
5-FAU over South Alabama
4-Connecticut over SOUTH FLORIDA
3-COLORADO ST. over Utah
2-St. Peter's over Rider
1-Kansas over MISSOURI

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