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The Dismantling of the Phoenix Suns.

Posted on: February 7, 2009 8:18 am

What on earth is Steve Kerr doing? That's the question I'm asking myself right now as a basketball fan. He's made some questionable decisions over his years with the Suns and the guy likes to live "dangerously" so here's a short overview on what decisions have been made and where they are now. I'll highlight the moves that I think were questionable.

-So firstly they draft Amare Stoudemire in the 2002..he becomes the guy that the Suns would build around.

-Newly appointed coach Mike D'Antoni trades Penny Hardaway and Stephon Marbury to New York to free up cap space.

-Joe Johnson traded to Atlanta for Boris Diaw and a 2 1st round picks.

-Suns sign free agent Raja Bell

-Suns trade Quentin Richardson to New York for Kurt Thomas

-Suns draft Rudy Fernandez in the 2007 Draft only to later trade him to Portland for Alondo Tucker and cash

-Suns new GM Steve Kerr signs veteran Grant Hill from the Orlando Magic.

Suns trade Kurt Thomas to Seattle along with 2 1st rounders for a 2nd round draft choice and an $8 million trade exception.

-Suns trade Shawn Marion,Marcus Banks for Heat center Shaquille O'Neal.

Mike D'Antoni leaves Phoenix to coach with the Knicks.

-Suns draft Robin Lopez and Gordan Grigec(?) in the 2008 NBA Draft.

-Suns sign Matt Barnes.

-Suns trade Boris Diaw, Sean Singletary, Raja Bell for Jason Richardson, a 2010 2nd round pick and Jared Dudley.

And now we come to the Amar'e Stoudemire trade rumours. It's only a matter of time until he's gone so what will the Suns be left with...?

 Shaq has said that he will retire in 2010,

 Grant Hill will be 37 this year so he will probably retire either this year or the next,

Steve Nash is 35...I would expect him to be traded, there's not really any point in keeping him.

So that's really the whole team gone...It's clear that the Phoenix Suns will be heading in a drastically different direction maybe sooner then they anticipated due to moves by GM Steve Kerr that didn't really pay off...

If I was the GM of the Suns...I'd be drafting very carefully because they're gonna need some new talent on this basketball team.


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Posted on: February 7, 2009 3:22 pm

The Dismantling of the Phoenix Suns.

It all started with Sarver's ownership, the reluctance to pay the luxury tax and pinch pennies led to the selling of multiple draft picks including Luol Deng (which would have been Andre Iguadola if they kept the pick), Nate Robinson, Rajon Rondo, Sergio Rodriquez and Rudy Fernandez (which you mentioned).  Instead they chose to sign other fringe players, which would end up riding the bench: Eric Piatkowski (why?), Jumaine Jones, Jim Jackson, Dijon Thompson (again why?) and some other worthless names.  Thus ruining any chance of building young depth or riding towards future success.  By the way, it was Goran Dragic that was drafted in 2008, and yes worthless. 

I don't have an issue with the Grant Hill move, but the other moves are extremely questionable.  The bottom line is that they already wasted their draft for the past 6 years.  And now they have to live with the aftermath with rebuilding the team. 

Nash is getting older, and without D'Antoni, he just doesn't fit.  He is now hit and miss, and a turnover machine.

The Shaq trade got rid of the one player that was the identity of the team.  Is it any wonder that Marion is struggling elsewhere?  He was another great fit for D'Antoni's system. 

They messed up with trying to change the team to much every year of success.  Instead they should have tried to build and improve through the draft and add players to augment the existing core.  Instead they almost overhauled the bench every year. 

The Suns' window of success is long over.  Every move going forward needs to circle around the future.  The longer they believe there is a chance this year at success, the longer they will be missing the playoffs after this season.

And yes, I am a Suns fan.

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