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Vote for Death by Dunk and Florkansas Gatorbacks

Posted on: July 31, 2009 3:41 pm
Fat Lever will guard Pistol PeteWell Pistol's gonna score no matter what you do but you are choosing to limit his penetration which is a nice move because that should also help with his setting up the offense because Pistol was great at driving and kicking it out nice move. He'll still score but you should make his a jump shooter.
Dumars is going to take Dominique Wilkins.Okay so Buc has Nique on the wing looking to drive but will take the 3 if wide open. You are playing somewhat lose looking to give him the J. Nice move here for DD, Nique was not nearly as dangerous when he was being played though becuase Howard is coming out of the paint to PnR and Mikan won't be in the deep post Wilkins should get some easy layups if he gets by Dumars.
Dantley will defend EnglishI understand that this is your only option and you would rather have English scoring than Nique or Psitol but with an open lane and you playing him tight i think that English is going to have a nice night.
Bob Pettit will defend MikanWell it sounds like Mikan will mostly be in the high post which is lucky for you because down low i think he could over power Pettit but out on the high post i think that Pettit will do okay, Mikan has an okay night. Also the rebounding battle should be pretty close.
Parish will take Dwight HowardOkay good move, Howard won't be doing a ton of scoring with Parish on him but he is coming out of the paint which will take Parish out of your paint, and open it up for Pistol, English and Nique they will all get some easy buckets because of this but not much you could do about that.
When Nash is in the ballgame we will run n gun for most of his minutes. When Lever is at PG, we will slow things down and go into the half court set which will be the followingGot it run 17 minutes, half court for 31. 
Lever will bring the ball up the court an donce he has dished it off he will be on the perimeter, either on the weakside corner or at the top of the key. He will come in for rebounding oppurutunities however. 
Okay well it doesn't sound like hes a huge part of your scoring offesne just set up the offense and go for rebounds and take easy shots. He should do well in this role, especially the robounds when Parrish leaves the paint and he can rebound better than anyone else on the court in the backcourt.
Dumars will also be operating on the perimeter,
Okay good move here Dumars should have a nice game against English, they are playing him tight but you are running some PnR's so he should get some easy open jumpers.
Adrian Dantley will be on the opposite side to Pettit, in the elbow.Good move Dantley should get some easy buckets on Nique especially when Dwight gets draged out of the paint.

When Nash comes in, we'll pick up the pace and look to challenge the defense in every way possible.Okay i like Nash as a change of pace point guard he should be fine on offense and if FG is running at the same time that could be a very fun few minutes to watch.OK, to start the game, we'll be running similar sets to what Ripnu Ginobiliton used against them.
Ok i think that this should work pretty well.
That set is going to be mixed with the 1-3-1 that we used against CC. Maravich/Parker at the top. Mikan/O'Neal setting the screen or setting up at the elbow. Nique/English/Battier on the wings. And Howard or O'Neal in the low post. Hooefully y'all remember the options of the offense.
Again not gonna break this down a ton but i think it should work pretty well, the wings should do some damage in this.
 Ok, this game, we're going 10 minutes of the "HELL" set.This should work okay on offense but on defense im still not sold. I know you put Battier in there but i don't like him on Pettit or Heinshon at all. He is going to get tourched by Heinshon in the post and Pettit was just too good of a scorer to be stoped.
 Lever will be guarded by whomever is at PG.Okay well he isn't a huge part of there offense so i don't think he'll give you a ton of trouble.
Dumars will be guarded by the SG. We're gonna stay in his face and dont let him get clean shots off.
They're coming up and setting some picks for him so he should get some open shots.
Dantley will be guarded by whomever is at SF except in the run n gun lineup where he'll be guarded by Nique.Don't like this much either i think Dantleys going to tourch Nuque.
Petit will be guarded by Mikan to start. Hand in face, and stay in front. Don't try and block his shots. Hand in face. During the HELL said, Battier will be on him. We expect Petit to be at the high post instead of the post so Battier should slow him down. I think Pettit should have a nice game i don't think Mikan is quick enough to keep up with Pettit, and Battier i don't like either. He does fine against other wing players but i don't like him on a power forward i don't care where that forward is playing they will win that battle everytime. (Lucas over ArtestTongue out).
 Parish will be guarded by Howard. We want to keep him off the boards and other than that, we arent too worried. If he starts hitting some jumpers, we'll adjustParrish will score some but he'll have a pretty average overal.

Overall- Ok for DD i think that Dumars, Dantley and Pettit should have a nice game, for FG English and Mikan should have nice games, and Nique and Pistol will get there points as should Parrish for DD. I think the starters are all pretty even and i think it should be a close game but i think that DD pulls away a little bit when Battier is on Pettit/Heinsohn, i really don't like that matchup and i think thats the difference in this game.

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Posted on: August 1, 2009 5:08 am

Vote for Death by Dunk and Florkansas Gatorbacks

Ok so im typing this vote on the laptop I just got for school so haven"t figured out the whole copy and paste thing yet so i wont be quoting gameplans (im computer challenged). So I'll try to explain as much as i can of what I like and dont like from each gameplan. As if Im quoting I'll just comment as I go putting a (-) if I don't like something and a (+) if I do.

Death by Dunk Gameplan

Understand Lever on Pistol. Really the one guy he's able to cover. Im not gonna say its a good matchup because I think he struggles to slow Maravich in this game but turning him into a jumpshooter is your best bet. Still tough assignment for him.

(+) Like the move of Dumars on Nique'. Between English and Nique' you had a tiugh choice of who to put Dumars on. I like Nique' as a complete offensive force moreso than English and think if ones going to have a big game I'd rather have it be English. Good decision.

Dantley will struggle to slow English. Like I said, can't rip the move because he had to guard someone but English should get a fair share of points.

Frontcourt defensive matchups are pretty much what I expected. Mikan should have a better game than Howard but neither should harm the opposition too much. I think the FG backcourt is really going to have to shoulder the load in this game.

(-) I can understand maybe wanting to slow it down to limit the other team's opportunities but Lever was a very similar PG to Nash with slightly better D. Neither is a halfcourt PG so im not a big man of slowing the game down with Lever in.

(+) I like that your trying to work Dumars into the offense. Although he's mainly a spot shooter, English isn't the world's best defender and Dumars may be able to chip in some off the PNR offense.

(+) Love the focus on Dantley. His starting backcourt really doesn't have anyone capable of slowing him (much like English against Dantley) and with the focus Pettit will receive Dantley will be a nice relief to him when DBD needs scoring.

I don't know that Pettit will dominate in this game. Mikan has the ability to step out and defend him as well as play him around the hoop. Still, I expect him to get some opportunities. 22-25 I would expect with 10-12 rebounds.

(+) I like that you have a few different ways to play The Chief. He's a very versatile player and you recognized that with how you'll play him depending on his defender. We'll see who FG has on him and that should give me an idea of how he'll perform.

(-) This may just be the homer talking but I like Pierce in this game. I think coming off the bench he could perform well against any of his reserves and even against most of his starting backcourt. Would have liked to see you explain how you would involve him a little more. Like the idea of pushing tempo with Nash. Obviously his bread and butter. Also for once dont mind the zone you run with Nash in. They don't have a ton of perimeter shooting. Rip and Battier could be zone busters but we'll see how much they play and how they're used.

Florarkansas Gatorbacks Gameplan

(+) I like the offensive set your running with the starters. I think their D is good enough and quick enough to not get burnt by you spreading the floor but it still requires a lot of switching and quickness. They want to play off Pistol so not sure the drive will always be there but it should get English and Nique' some good chances while also opening the court for your bigs who should fine more success than had u just dumped the ball into them and asked them to work a post game against their frontcourt.

(+) I do like the hell offense. I think it can work in short spurts which appears to be how your using it. For the record though, Battier is NOT the game's best defender right now. But anyways, Nique' presents an intersting dilemma at PF. Pettit does not want to have to defend him in the open court nor would Heinson/Gasol if they were in. Yes, he would struggle to defend that position at the other end but Nique', Maravich, and Howard in the open court is a tough assignment for the opposition.

(-) Not a huge fan of the 4 around 1 offense. Howard hasn't developed a post game yet and gets stripped more than any big man I can remember. Nique' and Parker aren't much of 3 point shooters and Battier needs to be open. Unlike guys like Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Kobe, etc., you aren't going to see him come off a screen catch the ball and shoot in motion. He's a spot shooter. With little post presence and not many shooters in that lineup I could see it becoming stagnant and relying too much on Nique' Iso's or forced shots inside from Dwight.

So I'll assume by your lineup that Pistol will be the primary defender on Lever. I think he fares much better defending him in the halfcourt than if they were running so thats why Im stunned they went to a halfcourt O with him. Lever will still run the O and get some shots for his players but really wish they had run.

English on Dumars is fine. What I expected. Slight edge to Dumars.

(-) Dantley will hurt Nique' in both the regular and hell lineup. Too polished of an offensive game to be stopped by the Highlight Reel. Not really sure how it matters in the hell set. Pettit would have abused him too. Like I said good offense for this game but he doesn't have any weak offensive players you can "stick" Nique' on so your getting hurt no matter what.

(-) I mean DBD didn't expect it but I dont see any reason why they wouldn't post Battier in the hell set on Pettit. Mikan should do alright on him. No huge advantage either way. But Pettit may get goign against the undersized PF Battier defensively in that lineup.

Pretty good game. Like I said, DBD is more balanced 1-5 in their starting lineup. I don't see any player who can't contribute for them in this game. On the other side I said the backcourt of FG would have to carry them and giving the sets they run and their defenders I expect them to play well. Nique' will be slowed somewhat by Dumars tough D but should pick it up in the hell set making up for some lost production. he bench play favors DBD who have some weapons at their disposal. I think FG missed some chances with their bench and will be asking a lot from their starters. To me, as well as I expect them to play I think DBD misses a lot of punch when they go halfcourt with Lever. While, Pettit and Dantley will produce I just keep seeing the numbers I project Nique', Maravich, and English combining for and I think they can carry FG on their backs for a close win.

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