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Your Favorite Major League Stadium?

Posted on: February 23, 2009 11:20 pm
Edited on: February 24, 2009 5:42 pm

Well, time for another entry. This time around I'm going to ask people which stadiums they have been to, and which is their favorite.

I'll kick it off; I've been to 3 stadiums myself, Busch Stadium II, Busch Stadium III, and Kauffman Stadium.

The old Busch was a decent stadium, but I think the new one blows it out of the water. Kauffman is a very nice stadium, it's too bad right now it looks like a mess with all the renovations going on. The newest Busch takes the cake in my book; I've been there several times, sat in several different areas, and came to the conclusion that there just isn't a bad seat in that place. Even with the worst spot I've had, the seats way up in left field foul territory near the Hardees stand, was great. I could see all the action just fine, had no problem seeing Chris Duncan's greatest catch in his outfield career, and had a great view of the arch as well. I can only imagine how beautiful it will be once the ballpark village finally gets completed. Go Cardinals!



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Posted on: February 25, 2009 3:28 pm

Your Favorite Major League Stadium?

I too have been going on a summer baseball trip with the guys.  Haven't been out west yet, but here's my list:

1. Fenway -- nothing comes close; you are right on top of the action, and the monster is just something majestic.

2. Wrigley -- great baseball atmosphere and the crowd REALLY gets into it.  The ivy on the brick outfield walls is another masterpiece.

3. Citizens Bank -- the line for Philly cheesesteak at the park is almost as long as the line at Geno's at 2 am!  But it is worth it whether you get it wit or witout.

4. Oriole Park at Camden Yards -- the first of the re-designed old school ballparks; and still the best. Great eats and drinks at Boog's in the outfield, good scene outside of the park with several bars and restaurants, and a short walk to the Inner Harbor.

5. Shea Stadium -- nice tradition, everyone loves the Mets!  Was there year after 9/11 and they recognized the first responders at the game. Classy touch.

6. Jacobs (i mean, Progressive) Field -- will always be the Jake.  Hometown ballpark in the style of Oriole Park.  Watched Tribe in several playoff games there, and was there in 1997 when Jim Thome caught the foul pop that won the game and sent the Indians to their first postseason appearance in 43 years!  Ahhh...memories.

7. Comerica -- been there several times, and had a great time with either the guys or the family.

8. Tiger Stadium -- I know it was a hole, but it was the last of a dying breed and I had a blast there.

9. New Busch Stadium -- is way better than ol' Tiger Stadium (even though I rank it lower from personal experience). The view of the skyline, including the Arch, is incredible.

10. PNC Park -- in the same tradition as Baltimore and Cleveland, but with a few twists -- literally. The circular ramp to the upper deck features memorabilia from Pirates history.  Another great view of the skyline.

11. Great American Ball Park -- liked the style of the park, but still a bowl that allows virtually no air in. Also, shouldn't your best player ever be recognized somewhere in the park.  Nothing on Pete Rose.  What a shame.

12.Milwaukee County Stadium -- reminded of the huge Municipal Stadium in Cleveland.  In fact, many scenes from Major League were shot at County Stadium.

13. Cleveland Municipal Stadium -- in the 80s and early 90s, this place sat 75,000 for baseball and drew 5-10k fans. Good thing is you could usually pay general admission and sit in field box seats, as long as the ushers were cool.

14. Washington RFK -- another football stadium used for baseball.  Just doesn't work anymore.

15. Minnesota -- Baseball was not meant to be played in a dome.  The big baggie will be gone but not forgotten.

16. Dolphin Stadium -- Plain and simple: Marlins need a baseball stadium. Love the cheerleaders though!

17. Tampa Bay -- the dome is just an awful place to watch a game.  We went a few years ago, before the Rays were winning, and I know the batters could hear fans from the outfield.  It was so quiet.

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Posted on: February 25, 2009 2:05 pm

Your Favorite Major League Stadium?

I've only been to four Major League stadiums.

Fenway Park: Real old time park loaded with history.  Got to see several good players from the late 60's to 1980 including Carl Yastrzemski patrol the Green Monster.

Jarry Park: The Montreal Expos original home stadium before they moved into Olympic Stadium.  It only held 28500 people but there wasn't a bad seat in the house.  Prior to a Pirates game I got Dave Parker's autograph out in the right field seats.

Mile High Stadium:  Not so much a baseball stadium as it was a football stadium that just happened to host baseball games.  The fans were into it and had the feel of attrending a Bronco game.

Coors Field:  Coors Field lost some of the Mile High luster but I have seen several memorable games there.  I was there when they clinched the wild card in an exciting 10-9 win over the Giants in 1995.  I was there during the exciting playoff run in 2007.  I was also there when they won a slugfest over the Marlins in the bottom of the 9th on July 4 last year.


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Posted on: February 25, 2009 1:39 pm

Your Favorite Major League Stadium?

I think without question the best stadium is Comerica Park

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Posted on: February 25, 2009 12:35 pm

Your Favorite Major League Stadium?

Living on the West Coast I've had the pleasure of mainly visiting the stadiums out here.   However, I have to say my one visit to Fenway last year has got to be the highlight of my baseball watching life.  Amazing atmosphere, amazing experience.  So  here is my list in order.

1.  Fenway Park

2.  Safeco Field (home turf for me)

3.  AT&T Park (I went there in the inauguaral season when it was Pac Bell)

4.  Angel Stadium (post remodel- pretty cool park)

5.  Dodger Stadium (seriously needs a remodel)

6.  Candelstick Park (the wind was phenomonal)

7.  Kingdome  (although the Kingdome was truly ugly, the cavernous qualcomm really sucked as a baseball venue more).

8.  Qualcomm (defunct Padres Park - YIKES! and good riddance)



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Posted on: February 25, 2009 11:52 am

Your Favorite Major League Stadium?

As a Kansas City Royals fan, I enjoy the pastoral setting of Kauffman Stadium.  The way it is contructed, it can be extremely loud with 40,000 seats.  Maybe this is the year we have a better team and actually fill a few seats in a totally remodeled park.  The scoreboard is awesome.

I do enjoy the new Busch in St. Louis too.  Love the urban setting as a change from home.  Nicely done retro park.  Haven't had a bad seat there yet.  Plus got to see the Cardinals beat the Giants, Dodgers, and Cubs in my three visits there.

I did get to see the old Comiskey Park in Chicago in the late 70's.  It was old but had its charms.  Also went to the Kingdome once, It was good for football from watching games on TV, but lousy for baseball in person.

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Posted on: February 25, 2009 9:36 am

Your Favorite Major League Stadium?

Good to hear that from the previous post because I was an employee at Coors Field for 3 years. Saying that, Coors Field is a very nice stadium and your probably right, there is not a bad seat in the house. However, other than the playoff run 2 years ago, they are awful baseball fans. They draw under 20,000 on a given summer day. I would have to go with Wrigley Field, amazing atmosphere and classic ballpark. You can't beat it.

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Posted on: February 25, 2009 3:21 am

Your Favorite Major League Stadium?

I have been fortunate to have seen games at several stadiums. I can't say that any of them were horrible. Some had a better atmosphere, some had better design, and some had some sentimental value. My top three are:

1. Fenway Park- While an old stadium with less frills than some of the newer ones, it was tops based on the atmosphere alone. The "Green Monster", the hand driven score board and the fans who knew when to cheer and why without the aid of a scoreboard saying make noise made for an incredible experience.

2. Coors Field- Having been there several times, it is my favorite of the newer ballparks. Not a bad seat in the place. Although sometimes a bit chilly in April, the weather is usually very nice.  Some of the best employees in the league, they are always very friendly and helpful.

3. Oriole Park at Camden Yards- I got to go a few times when it was newer and always a sell out.  Fans were always into the game. I love the way they built it into the warehouse area.

Others I have been to in no particular order:

Kaufmann Stadium

PNC Park

Shea Stadium

The Ballpark at Arlington

Angels Stadium


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Posted on: February 25, 2009 2:31 am

Your Favorite Major League Stadium?

I have to say, being a Cards fan , that I do like the new Busch. However I do think the seats in  Pavilion Box and reserved 368 and 369  are bad seats. My first game at the new facility was in this area and I have to say I wish I would have had standing room only.



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Posted on: February 25, 2009 2:03 am

Your Favorite Major League Stadium?

i have been to Safeco Field, Angels Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Petco Park, Coors far the best one is Safeco Field...its a very beautiful stadium, though then again, anything is better the the Kingdome.

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Posted on: February 25, 2009 12:58 am

Fenway by a mile!

I've been to 16 major league stadiums and Fenway is the best by far (and I'm not even a Red Sox fan... I'm a Mariners fan).  Wrigley is really cool as well.  McAfee Coliseum in Oakland is higher on my list than you might expect because they have some crazy fans that really add to the atmosphere (not a great building, but a fun atmosphere).  Miller Park was surprisingly good as well.  While Montreal was terrible, the city is really cool.  Here's my list (with what the stadiums were called when I visited them.  While all these stadiums were great, one of the greatest places that I've seen a game is in Dogertown in Vero Beach, Florida for Dogers spring training.  It's a shame that they moved their facility to Arizona, as Dogertown had a fabulous atmosphere.

1.  Fenway Park (Boston)

2.  Wrigley Field (Chicago)

3.  Doger Stadium (LA)

4.  Jacobs Field (Cleveland)

5.  Miller Park (Milwaukee)

6.  Safeco Field (Seattle)

7.  McAfee Coliseum (Oakland)

8.  Yankee Stadium (New York)

9.  Shea Stadium (New York)

10.  Pac Bell Park (San Francisco)

11.  Edison Field (Anaheim)

12.  Candlestick Park (San Francisco)

13.  Jack Murphy Stadium (San Diego)

14.  The Kingdome (Seattle)

15.  Skydome (Toronto)

16.  Olympic Stadium (Montreal)


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